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    Dr Michael Hatzifotis?

    CBear how did you go?
  2. Sav.02

    people like this make all us fatties look bad

    Not only has this woman failed herself but once again the government thinking they are helping by providing welfare payments have failed her. STOP THE FREE HANDOUTS - this kinds of people will never change. All they have done is made her a tax payer problem and she will, sadly enough, end up in an early grave.
  3. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Hi Angel My appointment went well. I was down 1.8kg since the last time I saw him and even though I knew that number could be higher, he was happy and said most people coming in had picked up 2-3kgs over the festive season. He did give me another 0.6ml fill which has been great - I eat half what I use to and then feel like I have had half a cow! I really am just loving my band. Bring on the 70's!!
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    I am also in Birkdale - wanna meet up for coffee some time?
  5. Sav.02

    Any recommendations for surgeon in North Brisbane?

    Not North but I had Dr Michael Hatzifotis and he is awesome. He is based at the Greenslopes Hospital.
  6. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Hi to all the April 2014 Bandits Man I cant believe we have had Christmas come and go, what a blur! Angel congrats on hitting your 30kg mark that is super awesome. But you deserve it because you have certainly done all the right things and you have your exercise routine. Gasmama you are doing just as well, I was reading through the thread again and had such a giggle at your ice cream mishap at the cinema (I know its not funny when it happens, but in hindsight I could just picture it) I have had a couple of close calls in public but *touch wood* I have always managed to make it to a loo on time. The first thing I do now when I go out is locate the nearest toilet! Rumplebear how are you doing? You are so amazing, you have the right attitude to fight the cancer. Hope you are doing well. As for me, considering I have done NO exercising (really bad I know but I just hate exercise) I am happy to have lost 23.6kgs so far. Looks like my surgeon's goal of 75 is more realistic than mine of 70! I have lost the weight really slowly but I know its because I have not done any exercise and I still am able to eat pretty much anything I want - just less. This is the first Christmas in my life probably that I have not picked up weight but in fact lost a kilo. My friends are hating me LOL The journey so far has been great, I cant complain. I have had a couple of stuck moments, I have had lots of PBing but all in all I would do it again in a heart beat. This is the easiest and best thing I have ever done. I am sure my results would be better if I put in more effort but I am happy with the way I am going. I have a relatively normal life and my weight is going down - slowly but its still down and not up. people are finally noticing I am losing weight and commenting on it LOL Considering I have gone from a size 22/20 to a size 16 - but hey whatever. I am just soooo happy I did this. I have another appointment with my surgeon on Monday 09/02 and I am hoping to convince him to put a little fill in as I feel my portion sizes have increased again - I am super worried about either developing or possibly already having a pouch.... I hope you are all well, and I apologise for not staying in touch. Chat soon Savanna
  7. Sav.02

    April 2014

    So got my 3rd fill Wednesday 0.6ml and I have lost 1.2kg since then but struggling... I have been having a lot of PBing, cant eat before lunch and suffering with serious heartburn. Heartburn mostly ar night when I go to bed... I think I will need to get some fill removed....
  8. I got a letter from DHS to say I have been approved (only asked for $6k) so sent withdrawal form to super fund and now just waiting for them to pay the money over. This after they (DHS) told me I wouldnt be able to get the money as I didnt apply before the surgery... Me being my usual stubborn self I completed the forms and sent them in anyway lol
  9. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Go April Bandits! Sorry I have been so quiet but things have been hectic (and still are) with EOFY at work and having my newly built house finally handed over on Saturday I haven't had time for much. Now for the big pack and move. I have still not started exercising (bad I know...) I just feel too tired and sore by the time I get home. My RA is in full flare up mode and the cold just wont leave my joints... Weight loss is slow but continuous. I seem to ping pong up and down between each kg... I am currently on 87.5 which is 17.2kg down since 1/04 Had a couple of stuck moments since my last fill but lately feel like I can eat more than I use to - not a good thing. I am still able to eat anything and everything so long as I take small bites and chew well. I see the surgeon again on Wednesday and hope to get my third fill *fingers crossed* Angel thank you for checking up on me and for the concern and sorry about being so quiet. Hope all the bandits are doing well. I am still convinced this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I havent bought much in the line of new clothes but my clothes are definitely sitting very baggy on me Take care everyone!
  10. Sav.02


    I have been banded 7 weeks now. About 2 weeks ago I got a pimple break out on my face. I have never been one to have pimples before and just wondering if any body else has experienced this or perhaps its just me and I should have it checked out. Thanks
  11. 9.2kg in 8 weeks.... But weight loss has slowed right down now... As long as the scales are not going up I suppose I should be happy. I know if I just could get myself motivated to exercise it would be so much better....
  12. Sav.02

    Weigh In Wednesday

    89 yesterday... Down 400g from last week but same as my weigh in from Friday...
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    Thanks Satellites
  14. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Thanks Nermbat, will have to get it checked out
  15. Sav.02

    April 2014

    Hey April bandits why so quiet? Hope you are all doing well. I am bouncing between 88 and 89 but just glad I have not seen the 90's again. I have gone from buying 20-22 size shirts to buying an 18 which is sitting pretty loose! I have taken to eating chocolates!! This is not helping the pimple problem lol I have a personal question and this may be TMI for some... Its that time of the month and though I usually feel bloated and uncomfortable, I have a weird feeling when I stand up, it feels like my insides are going to fall out (for lack of a better description). I feel like I have to hold my lower stomach/abdomen and its really weird. Anyone had this?
  16. Sav.02

    Weigh In Wednesday

    89.4 ggrrrrr 😒
  17. Sav.02

    June 2014

    Jesse this is very normal. Once you start eating again your body holds fluid. Dont stress, it will start going down again. Keep doing what you are doing and make sure you drinking enough water.
  18. Sav.02

    April 2014

    YoungNewbie I was told that I should not do any strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks post op as the insides would still be healing. I am sure your surgeon would be the best person to say yay or nay on a higher intensity work out.
  19. Sav.02

    The Men Who Made Us Thin

    I started watching but fell asleep, lucky I had the sense to record it so will watch it some time over the weekend
  20. Sav.02

    April 2014

    With the cooler weather I am struggling with water and some days just manage about 500ml ðŸ˜
  21. Sav.02

    June Challenge 2014

    Started June on 89.9 so only 400g down so far for June... Challenge not going so well
  22. Got a letter yesterday requesting further information so at least it wasnt a straight out NO....
  23. Sav.02

    Early Release of Super

    I emailed my application in on 22/05/14 and received a letter in the mail yesterday requesting information. They want confirmation from my PHI of what they cover and what my excess is.
  24. Sav.02

    Weigh In Wednesday

    89.5 down 1kg What a difference a fill makes
  25. Got a letter today requesting further information. They need the proper name and abn of my superfund and also details from PHI to say what they covered. At least it isnt a NO yet, which is what I was expecting...