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  1. Gasmama

    october 2018

    HEYA MUM2THREE! So you got sleeved in the end. Well done, mumma. I just had my bypass on Tuesday: scary scary bypass. (Ugh- anaesthetic- they used Desflurane: I HATE that sh*t...). Looking forward to our next meet up in real life when we will be as gorgeous as we both were in, what was it, 1994?? XXXXXX-"Sir"J
  2. So: I haven't been here for a long, LONG while. Long story short: I was a runaway success with the band - lost over my goal weight, I ran a half marathon, wore all the clothes, got all the compliments. BUUUT but then I got greedy, got over-filled (basically lied about getting stuck and reflux), got a pouch, had to be unfilled, tried refills... lost all the sensation in my IGLES (lower oesophageal nerves which signal satiety with the band), so never got any satiety again. I could eat until I was bloated with zero satiety. Surgeon gave me the options of re-siting the band, a sleeve or a single-anastomosis bypass. I thought with my blown-out lower oesophagus that the sleeve wouldn't be ideal as my reflux would probably be out of control. And for many reasons I didn't want to re-band. So here I am, post op SAGB. TBH I had been looking forward to this surgery so much- to get back to the happy, healthy place I was before I started abusing the band- that I just wanted it DONE. But I had been rushing towards it so much that now I'm a bit like: WTH have I done?? I'm sore and tired and I know there is no easy going back from this one... I know it will improve from here, but now I'm just spoiled worried because less is known about the long term effects of the SAGB vs. Roux-en-Y, but the risks with ReY are just so much bigger... Anyone?
  3. Gasmama

    Medibank v BUPA

    Medibank have been my PHI for over 20 years. NO MORE. Since it was sold off it has gone from being a not-for-profit fund run for members to a for-profit fund run for shareholders. Recently they announced they no longer would be covering your hospital stay if you had what they called a 'preventable complication'. This includes wound infection, blood clots, even death. That means if you end up with a wound infection they won't cover your hospital stay so you could be out of pocket by THOUSANDS.
  4. Gasmama

    Newbie bandit

    Hi Bec, I've found people to be mixed. I didn't tell anyone initially at work as I work in healthcare and have heard all the judge-y comments about people with obesity. My family have been really supportive, though. If anyone asks directly, I make a judgement call: how much do I know this person? How much do I like them? If the answer to both is 'not much' I just give them a non-sequiteur or some other bland reply. The exception is people who are also obese, because I know that they may be considering WLS, and I want to encourage them to explore it. Incidentally, I was slurping down pre-op Optifast one lunchtime and noticed someone else doing the same: she confided she was pre-op for a sleeve! We've since become good friends (she has lost an absolute bucketload of weight) and shared our journey!
  5. Gasmama

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    So this happened... and I felt absolutely FANTASTIC. I originally went out to do a 18km run, but got to the 17.5km mark and thought "what the hell, it's only another 2km"... Bucket list... *tick*!!
  6. I'm 13 months out and have lost all of my initial goal weight: start 115kg, goal 81kg. I'm now on track to get to 'healthy' as per my body fat estimates for my age, at about 70kg. But I'm abnormal. My surgeon says it normally takes 18 months to 2 years to get to goal so I'm ahead of average, but I have done a heaping amount of exercise (I'm training for a half marathon) so that may have helped. You lose quite quickly at the start but then it tapers off. I'm not expecting to hit my new goal for another year. But you'll feel the benefits pretty soon: expect compliments at about 20kg down! Everyone is different. If you follow 'the rules' it will happen. Good luck!
  7. I've been hovering around 5.4, 5.5, back down to 5.4, up again, down again, up again, down, up, up.... Each fill feels different, and when I have a refill after an unfill it's because I've been hungry. When I re-fill the hunger goes but I'm not as tight anymore, even though it's the same volume (go figure). Weird
  8. Gasmama

    Band as bad as what they are making out these days?

    ...if the big hammer doesn't knock you out you could always sniff some glue to get your anaesthetic: smells about as good as the real stuff!
  9. DONE IT! now BMI<30- I'm 'just' overweight, not obese anymore Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  10. Gasmama

    Band as bad as what they are making out these days?

    The CBS people have 20 years of follow-up experience with WLS. The sleeve is relatively newer, ALTHOUGH the sleeve proponents will say that there is a long history of sleeve gastrectomies for other reasons (namely peptic ulcer disease) that well pre-dates its use in WLS, and they say there is little risk of diminution over time. However, the weight loss effect in these people sleeved for non-weight loss reasons biases that assumption: yes, there have been sleeve gastrectomies for as long as there has been effective anaesthetics (so, coming up on 100 years) but the follow-up for gastrectomies for weight loss is well in its infancy. As others have said: if it is working for you, then don't worry about it. These people are there to spruik a product, and as someone who works in a doctor's surgery they will actually TARGET you to try and change the clinic's practice and referral preferences: this is why drug companies are so angry at the crackdown on their advertising practices to medical practitioners: if it hadn't worked in the past to change doctor's prescribing practices why would it bother them so much to change the rules (see Dr David Henry's writing on this). As was said above, a sleeve has less follow-up for the practitioner or practice who performs it, so the cost benefit per procedure is much higher. The evidence is not conclusive on either method at the moment, BUT if the band works for you, don't put yourself through unnecessary surgery and anaesthetic risk!
  11. (Oh and I stopped by the Ashburton Salvation Army store - (curiosity and I needed an old picture frame for a craft project) after my last fill and got a pair of Laura Ashley pure wool pants for $7 and also saw a heap of other 'label' clothes there- like Scanlan and Theodore, Sass and Bide, Zimmerman etc, so it's true what they say about op-shops in more affluent suburbs!)
  12. I go to CBS as well; banded by Wendy last April. I see Dr Lloyd for follow-up in Glen Iris even though I live closer to Preston! The clinic is fantastic, they are very supportive. Chris the nurse is good for a laugh, she will get to know you by sight and ask your news. The receptionist is excellent and always very professional.
  13. Gasmama

    50kg down (well 700g short....)

    awesome job!
  14. For this amount of weight loss you will inevitably get some loose skin. Weight until you get closer to goal and then you can get a referral to see a plastic surgeon about the skin. I think if it causes some problems (chafing, rashes etc) you can claim as it is not purely cosmetic. If chafing is an issue I can HIGHLY recommend "Body Glide" which is the stuff that marathon runners use to stop chafing (google 'marathon bleeding nipples'- eek). My biggest problem is the loose skin under my arms and back that gets caught between my sports bra and my arms when I run, and the Glide sorts it right out (better than 3B cream!). Available at Rebel Sport.
  15. Gasmama

    Will I Know When I Am Full?

    "Full" is not the same as 'satisfied'. Full is a horrible feeling where it hurts or you PB. Done that a few times and you don't wanna go there! Satisfied is different. It 'can' be hard to pick initially, but it is much easier on solids. I wasn't sure I'd get it either, after not having felt 'satisfied' for so SO many years. Here is my experience. For me, what I had to do was actually time my bites: I went out and bought a little (cute) stopwatch thingy (Daiso do an awesome strawberry kitchen timer- for $2.80) and would only have one bite (chew chew chew chew chew repeat ad nauseum swallow) and not have anything else until the next minute popped up. This had two effects: it made sure I wasn't going too fast and risking getting 'stuck' (or PB-ing) and also lengthened out my meal times to the point of boredom. (Seriously). I'd get to the 20-minute or so mark and look down and find a little more food on my plate. And feel like "oh GAWD I still have more to eat". THAT's when I knew I was satisfied: when it felt like I didn't have to eat any more because there was no point- I was 'bored' with dinner. The next thing to do feels totally weird. You scoop off the rest of the dinner into the compost bin. Because you don't need it. Seriously. It feels 'wrong' to be 'wasting' food, but it is better than 'waisting' it, if you get my pun point. So if you don't know what 'satisfied' feels like, also look for 'bored with'. It is a fairly subtle sensation, or at least it is for me! Finally you may need a little more fill before you start to 'get' it.