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  1. thesweetestsin8


    Weirdest sensation is that after all that pain everything has just stopped... My stomach was swollen before and now it's all fine. Not sure whether I should still go to hospital or hold off until something happens again or until I organise to see my doctor.
  2. thesweetestsin8


    Tried tried to see how I got on last night but still not any better. If not a lot worse.. Will be getting my partner to take me to hospital. =(
  3. thesweetestsin8


    Just wondering if anyone has any advice. For the past 24 hours I've been getting unbearable cramps in my stomach which seem to get worse after I've had something to eat. I've not been able to eat properly since Thursday night and finding it difficult to move without pain. Ive been 5 years banded. 3 years since I had a fill (was too scared to go back because I felt embarrassed I hadn't achieved the results I should have). I called my surgeon today who is unfortunately interstate. He advised me to go to flinders if possible this weekend to get fluid removed and organise an appointment to see them on Monday. Anyone have this experience before? And if so what happened/what caused it? I don't know if it is the band but I'm highly suspicious that it is.
  4. thesweetestsin8

    Getting back on the bandwagon

    Thinking of going back to shakes but i had a bad experience with them previously. Looks like i might have to give them another shot.
  5. thesweetestsin8

    Getting back on the bandwagon

    so the last time I was here i wrote a similar post in which I discussed feeling like I've failed after I was banded 3 years ago and being nearly back at my pre op weight. over the past 6 months I've managed to change quite a bit in my exercise habits and can feel myself toning up quite well and clothes getting a bit looser. I can still see a problem here though with my food intake. Finding it too easy to resort to take out on my lunch break (we have no fridge or microwave) and the past few weeks have skipped out on the gym due to moving in with my in laws and still trying to get into routine. im welcoming myself back to the forum to try get myself some guidance and keep focused on my long term goal.. I refuse to start planning my wedding until I'm comfortable enough in my body to go looking for wedding dresses. Any advice on the food issue would be extremely helpful!
  6. thesweetestsin8

    Foods at work

    Thanks. Tried the whole canned tuna and salmon stuff.. cant say I'm a fan which frustrates me because I wish I was able to enjoy them. part of me just thinks i should force it down and eventually I'll start liking it haha
  7. thesweetestsin8

    Foods at work

    Hey Guys, Really struggling to find a working meal plan for my workplace lunches. My main issue here is that work refuses to invest in either a bar fridge or a bloody microwave so I'm stuck with either having to buy food at work or take foods that aren't easily perishable. This leaves my choices of healthy foods to be very limited and I've found myself cheating so much because it's too difficult to organise anything to take with me that's going to taste reasonable and enjoyable. Anyone have any food/recipe ideas? Thanks!
  8. Wanted to suss out with everyone here what each of you prefer with your work out sessions. I tend to enjoy doing classes more so and I know that it's such a personal preference but I'd like to suss out what everyone thinks and why?
  9. thesweetestsin8

    fell off the wagon.. help =(

    I'd also like to know. It's been 2 years since I've been back at the docs for a fill. Kind of embarrassed to go back but I have a feeling I'm not going to have a choice but to suck it up and face it and move forward. Dr. Justin Bessel was my surgeon. I cant even remember how much each visit costed for a consult and a fill. Can anyone give me a a figure?
  10. thesweetestsin8

    Relieving Stuck Moments in Public

    Good Friday.. lunch with my partners family. We're all eating a lovely lunch of spinach and feta ravioli and calamari. Everyone's talking and all of a sudden... my saliva glands start working overtime. My throat feels blocked and my stomach starts hurting.. then the hiccups start... I try stretching out.. Nope gotta go now. Pity the toilet is right next to the dining room.. future sister in law watched very judgingly as I returned back to my seat. Usually I've found walking around a bit and stretching my back will do either 1 of 2 things; help the food go down, or make me need to barf ASAP. Usually don't need to help it along though, it just happens.
  11. thesweetestsin8

    fell off the wagon.. help =(

    Thanks guys. Guess I felt really embarrassed that I didn't get far enough. I returned to the gym this week. Wrote myself a meal plan and cooked a weeks worth of my meals today with smaller portion sizing etc. Anyone have any advice on how to ignore cravings?
  12. thesweetestsin8

    fell off the wagon.. help =(

    Depressed to say that nearly 3 years on I am still just below my pre-op weight. I stopped going back after about a year for fills because I just lost any confidence and hope that this would actually work. I kept making excuses, "final year of uni is too stressful", "i have no time", "I've been sick", "work is taking up too much time", "I'll go to the gym tomorrow".... I felt defeated and disappointed that I didn't have the willpower to make the change that i both wanted and needed. But enough is enough. I've had enough of feeling sorry for myself and kicking myself because I wasn't strong enough to keep with it. The only way to fix it is to move forward and work harder then I ever have before. Question is, I don't know how. I seriously have no idea where to start. My plans for the next few weeks are as follows - Set up a gym schedule - draw up a meal plan - Begin taking photo diaries to motivate myself and push myself harder (mainly because I hate looking at my own photos, works as a constant reminder as to what I have to work for) Does anyone have any advice?