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  1. BlueGirl

    New port

    Staples came undone and it turned over. Couldn't get it back so surgery. Doing OK though. Moral to that story is don't clean out cupboards three weeks after surgery because you feel good. Need to wait a little longer.
  2. BlueGirl

    New port

    Had my new port fitted on Wednesday. Also had 2 ml put in. On 4 now. Big difference. Must relearn drinking now. Slow, slow, slow. This time the port is stitched firmly in place. Sore but Ok.
  3. Ashwee is dead right. Slowly and steadily. I still cannot drink masses at week 10 but try to drink small amounts regularly. Good luck, you won't regret it.
  4. BlueGirl

    has my band slipped... or something else?

    Dr unable to reposition my port today, so, back into hospital for it to be stitched into place correctly. The staples didn't anchor. He said he will do a fill while I am under. Three weeks.
  5. BlueGirl

    has my band slipped... or something else?

    Feel OK today. Dreading Monday. Really need a fill as weight hasn't changed for two weeks. Stuck on -17kgs. Hoping Kevin can perform miracles. Would like to catch up, but need to wait until after Monday. I will let you know how it goes.
  6. Flipped port.

    1. BlueGirl


      Has any one had to have another op to replace the port after it flipped? Doctor cannot flip it back.

    2. dondon


      I have a flipped port, because I was in the zone to begin with I haven't had to have a fill (they hoped to be able to manipulate it for the fill) or had it fixed yet, I 've been banded for 2 years and am at goal but am now hungry all the time!

  7. BlueGirl

    has my band slipped... or something else?

    In for my first fill today. Couldn't be done. The port has flipped (remember an occasion two weeks ago - intense pain after bending over) and the doctor could not turn it. Back to see the specialist in two weeks to see if he can turn it. If he cannot back into surgery. GREAT!!!! Still in pain. Not a terrific experience.
  8. BlueGirl


    Day 28. 10cm of the waist 13 kgs off Two days with no pain. Now I feel like I am supposed to feel. Much better. Can start soft foods. Yay!!!!!!!! Have 2ml in the band. Go back in three weeks and if I am still well will have some more. Doctor stopped the blood pressure meds today as sitting BP is low and standing drops even further. Very good news. Change to arthritis meds as the pain is so much less now. More good news. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and IT IS NOT A TRAIN!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have had some unrelated to the band issues which have been dreadful,but I do not in any way regret the banding. Today husband and I went out to lunch. He had a coffee and I had a water, the whole meal cost $13.00. We did not even finish it all. Talk about a cheap date. Becoming very inventive while out. Go and enjoy your banding. You will not regret it.
  10. BlueGirl


    Looking forward to seeing you again. Barnaby is almost beside himself with joy.
  11. BlueGirl

    Referral to Dr Kevin Dolan

    Dr Dolan's rooms do a phone consult for the dietician as well. This may be helpful for after your op.
  12. BlueGirl


    Phoned Natalie at Dr Dolan's rooms as I had another attack while visiting with Angel Butterfly. Thank you for your help AB, you were a Godsend. Apparently some people pass the gas that is pumped into the stomach quickly and some do not. I didn't. So, heat pack, pain killers, gas pills and pray. Today only a small attack. Please God, tomorrow will be even better. But!!! 12 kgs down now. Yippeeeee!!!!
  13. BlueGirl


    For the first time in my life I am farting and thankfully feeling much better. Had a kidney stone three months ago. Hells bells. But everyday is a little better.
  14. BlueGirl


    Day 6. Yesterday I had the worst attack of pain - even worse than kidney stone. I couldn't walk, thought I was going to die. Anyone got any suggestions. Still uncomfortable today.