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  1. Xena

    April 2014

    Oh Gasmama, I feel so sorry for you....but thanks for sharing, it's good to be armed with this information. Is anyone feeling like their fill has done nothing at all? I apparently had 2ml in during the op and now have another 2ml in a 10 ml band and.....nothing....I feel no restriction at all!
  2. Xena

    April 2014

    Hi April Banders, I haven't been checking you out for a month and it's great to see your progress. Unfortunately it's been two months since my op and I only got my first fill Friday. Life has happened and four weeks after my band, two days before I was supposed to have my first fill, I had a little accident jumping on a kids jumping pillow. Everyone thought I'd just blown my knee but two MRI later a tumour was discovered in my knee and within 7 days my whole world was turned upside down and it was removed. All the tests show I'm the luckiest lady in the world. It was huge but completely harmless....besides the fact that inside my knee cap was completely shredded. So this week is the Wednesday was my first day being able to walk unaided. I can just bend my knee a little but improving with physio. My first fill doesn't seem to have done anything? It's only 2ml so maybe if I can get another in 3-4 weeks it will help me? How did everyone else's first 2ml go. I am 108kg which is still 7kg lower than when I started this journey. But I've had a month of immobility and sometimes comfort eating from panicking about the growth and if I will ever be able to walk the same again. That's my story...I'm back in board (slowly) and you guys are inspiring me. Great to see you all moving forward!! xx
  3. Xena

    Please help

    I think we are all hanging out for our first fill. I was banded 10th April and as I have mentioned in the April-Introductions forum, I managed to eat a roast meal on Sunday night. All I thought about all night was how much money I have wasted on my latest weight loss fad. But then I think, I have to put faith in this...the tool is in place and it will be able to work when the filling has started. I have to use my un-banded brain together with my banded stomach. Just need some self control to manage and continue slow weight loss until I can get my band working for me. Good luck!
  4. Xena

    April 2014

    Ha!ha! Sav.02 you always give me a good laugh. Doesn't sound like you work with real accountants...where I am we have to do all the work too, we don't get any fancy assistants! Sounds like you are truly a luxury. I'm booked in for some fill on the 20th May. Not sure how I'm going to last that long, but it's the only time I could line up leave at work, flights and accommodation out of this little town and my husbands work calendar. I haven't had the same success as everyone else seems to be having...especially if I keep on eating roast meals!!! I think I'm going to try to start some exercise, just walking. Might go to bed so I can get up at a decent time. Night night my fellow April banders.
  5. Xena

    April 2014

    Sav.02 are you an accountant too?? We'll I blew everything tonight.....so much for mushies...I was banded on the 10th April don't have any fill yet but managed to have a roast meal without feeling anything! Don't know why I did it and I'm hoping like mad I haven't done any damage. Can't wait to talk to my surgeon and dietician this week, God knows I need something to whack me into gear. The only chemist here ran out of optifast on Saturday so I can't even fall back on that! Oh we'll, it's easier when I'm at work...don't seem to think about food then. Good luck for the next week everyone!
  6. Xena

    April 2014

    Hi back to the future...I am only managing about 1.5 litres a day but I'm not the best compliance bander. I can't wait to get some fill before I go a bit nuts!
  7. Xena

    April 2014

    Hi sav.02, I'm from Weipa up on the far north west coast of Queensland. I think there is a few banners and sleeves here because my surgeon is now flying here 3 times a year to see patients. But I don't actually know of many others. I'm keeping my surgery under wraps because I've heard people, some very close to me, say very negative things about banding. I have fantastic support from my hubby so that's great.
  8. Xena

    More questions...

    Hi sav.02, me again. My surgeon said he would fill at 4 weeks. I am three weeks now and feel like I'm starving to death. I'm having a lot of problems trying to keep my head away from food. Today I have realised just how much of my life I have built around food and food preparation. I. can't wait for my surgeon to come back from holidays so I can ring up and find out when I can have a fill. Originally i was going to wait for him to fly here, I live remotely, but that will be 8 weeks and I'm not going to survive that. I have to fly to him I think, so it's going to take some logistical work to get there ASAP but I'm ready for the fill. Like you everything is going down very easily and I'm really looking for food.... Good luck I hope you can get your fill at 3.5 weeks.
  9. Xena


    I have to go to a working lunch on the 1st May and I'll still be on purée at that stage (4 weeks since op). I've decided to keep my banding a secret so I thought I would take a thermos of soup so I'm not tempted to eat the platters and just tell everyone that I have had a tummy bug and am not up to facing food yet. First of all I was even thinking I might take something along and say I'm on a detox diet after a big Easter with far too much chocolate and alcohol. Good luck!
  10. Xena

    April 2014

    Thank you sav.02 good to know I'm not the only one with every bit of food I see. I laughed when I read your comments about being a food addict....let's face it...we all wouldn't be banded up if we could control these urges easily.
  11. Xena

    April 2014

    Hi everyone, I'm a new comer. I have been banded three weeks today. After a very easy post op time today has been very hard. I'm so glad I found this site tonight. I have real sharp pain in between my cuts on my left hand side and my belly button. It's not my actual wound but it must be where all the instruments were moving around. I have been back at work three days and am having trouble not lifting my little ones or bending over to fix shoes and the like for them. I'm really hoping I haven't hurt something. I live remotely and it's a 10 hour drive to my doctor...and they are closed until Monday. I'm going to have to take care of myself over the weekend. How is everyone going complying with the diet? Easter was tough...I melted some of the kids choc down in my mouth and swallowed it. I feel like a complete failure. Couldn't even make it three weeks : I got some meat off the kids plates and chewed and chewed to get the juices out and then spat the meat out...how pathetic... Hope you are all going better than me :/