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  1. nathan

    Dr Caska

    Your first visit is free, but after that you are charged a fee, which I think is $100 for the fill, 80 for the visit, most of which you get back.
  2. nathan

    Weighing in, scales etc

    So true. Tips: - Only weigh in of a morning (Generally weigh less than at night) - Keep weigh-in time consistent. Don't weigh-in one morning then do it at night the next week. - Don't stress the small stuff. If weighing in daily, your weight does fluctuate. Only record your weight weekly.
  3. nathan

    Support groups- face 2 face

    I've also seen the sign at Caska's surgery. I get to go and see him in a month's time. Visiting him is such a great motivator for me!
  4. nathan

    Choosing your weight loss goal

    What an amazing effort! If you don't mind, could I ask what problems you had with the band? How did you lose so much so quickly? Dieting? Exercise? So incredible, well done!
  5. Good luck with everything!
  6. Low fat block cheese. Pumpkin + Feta salad. Garlic prawns. OH MY! GARLIC PRAWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. nathan

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Going places and not having to worry about breaking/fitting on a seat!
  8. nathan

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I was helping my dad move bags of sand on the weekend. I carried them one at a time, as they were SO heavy! I asked Dad how much they weighed and he said they were 20kg bags. I'VE LOST OVER THAT! How on Earth did I carry an extra sand bag around with me all day, EVERY day?!
  9. nathan

    August Challenge!

    Will weigh in in the next day or so. I'm pretty disappointed with my effort so far, but we will see!
  10. This is fantastic. Great post!
  11. nathan

    July Challenge

    So AngelButterfly, it means you've lost 10 blocks of Cadbury chocolate. Pretty impressive if you ask me!
  12. nathan

    August Challenge!

    Went to see my Dr yesterday, and I got another 1.5mL of fill. Looking forward to seeing what this does to my weight loss efforts! I certainly can't eat as much as I could, and I'm not craving snacks nearly as often
  13. nathan

    August Challenge!

    Let's go! Target for me is 4kg, with a starting weight of 122.5kg. REALLY want to crack 120!
  14. nathan

    July Challenge

    Hi everyone, I didn't make my goal for this month of 7.5kg loss, but boy I have it a fair crack. 5kg for July! Wooooh If you set the bar high, and don't make it over it, you can still be very happy with your results How did everyone else go?