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  1. Summer body wanting


    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has taken Duromine or has any information/thoughts on it? Cheers
  2. Summer body wanting

    Longest time someone's had a band?

    Hi, As I'm researching and considering a band for myself, I'm interested to know the longest time someone has had (or knows someone has had) a band for with no or minimal complications/hassles?? Also, how successful were you/them at loosing and maintaining your weight??
  3. Summer body wanting

    success for smaller weighloss

    Hi MollyRotten (great name!) Hope you don't mind me asking, but just wondering how you got on at the GP? Did you get your referral? I'm a little nervous (silly I know).. Everything I've read says BMI should be over 35 or 40. Mine is 32, so not sure if they will give me one... I'm similar size to you, but dont have the health issues (except self esteem and general unhappiness)... Would be interested in your thought/advice! Thanks
  4. Summer body wanting

    ABUT ME!

    Hi there, I noticed no one replied to your post and I am wondering how you are going now. Firstly, I must say I have no experience with banding... I am just beginning to look into whether it's an option for me. But I can completely sympathize with how your feeling both before the band and maybe even now, I'm about where you were (163cm, 82kg) I think one thing you need to remember is that even though you've put weight on lately and the band is causing you some problems.... Remember where you've come from! At the time of your post, you're still 22kgs less than you were! That's amazing.... If you're anything like me, your mind is probably your biggest enemy, feeling down May lead to bad food choices which then leads to feeling even worse about yourself! Stay positive... Be grateful and proud of the success you've already had this is but a bump in the road and with some more hard work you'll get back to feeling fantastic! Would love to hear how you're going...
  5. Summer body wanting

    success for smaller weighloss

    Do you mind if I ask if you've had any problems? Also, how long did it take for you to loose the weight? Congrats by the way, I'm sure you feel and look fantastic! (FYI I'm 5,3 and 82kgs, so similar to your starting statistics.... Would love to get to where you are now!)
  6. Summer body wanting

    Will banding help me?

    Thanks Eggzy, I do have private health, so will ring them at some stage just to check I'm covered because that will be one big factor... Congrats of your pregnancy! Kids are amazing....
  7. Summer body wanting

    please help me decide

    Hi, I've just been reading your post and was wondering if you'd be willing to share how it all went! I've just started to investigate this as an option for me. I'm 163cm and 82kg, so quite similar to your starting stats! Hope it's all gone well
  8. Summer body wanting

    Will banding help me?

    Thanks Kazbo... Great to know you have had successful friends with similar BMI to mine. Best of luck with your journey!
  9. Summer body wanting

    Will banding help me?

    Hi, I'm 34yrs old, 163cm and 82kg. BMI 31-32 I haven't been in my healthy weight range since before pubity and have always struggled with my weight. I've tried 100s of diets and fads spending literally tens of thousands of dollars over the years. I've had short term, small successes with some of them, but have never been close to my goal weight of 60-65kg. Although I do have a few bad habits, I can be disciplined and do exercise. I have had 2 kids, putting on almost 20kgs with them both. But I've now been back at my pre pregnancy weight for over a year. I know a few people who have had the sleeve procedure with great results, although they did have more to loose than me.... Which is what has got me interested in looking into this a little more. Any comments, advice, suggestions welcomed!! Thanks in advance!