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  1. I have just finished reading all the post I have to say befor login in the forum, I felt very ashamed because I to have gone backwards,I had to have all my fills taken out because I had surgery,and now I have lost the plot, I go and see my surgeon tomorrow to see if all went well,if not I go in for another operation,I can honesty say I'm not copying without Any fills, and can't wait to have my fills in again,I have gain weight not happy at all.it does make me feel little better when you read that your not alone.
  2. Blackrose

    3 months post-op, 50% to goal

    Well done you look great keep it going
  3. Blackrose

    What you doin for exercise / fun today?

    One hour a day it takes me for my walk just around our local park Love my walks
  4. Blackrose

    What No One Told Me About Losing a Tonne of Weight

    Wow great job
  5. Blackrose

    Where has everyone gone!?

    Still floating around
  6. Blackrose

    Setback Update

    Hello Angel so glad your having a good run X all fingers & toes that the run keeps Running all the best angel big hugs xx
  7. Blackrose


    I was talking to a friend who also told me to keep up with my intake of water I have had six glasses of water Already and I still have the dang thing I' trying not to take pills I want it to go away by it self if it's still with me in the next hour I take something for the headache Thanks guys xxx
  8. I didn't write it down so I'm not sure
  9. Blackrose

    Ruptured Port ?

    Hi Tishtish Hope all works out for you if there was to be that you had to go in and have your band fixed do you have to pay again or would it be covered I mean out of pocket that's what I'm scared about if I had to go into hospital again next time I go to get a fill I will ask the question gook luck tishtish
  10. Blackrose

    Day Two - Post Op Pain

    Hi Jo I was just like you I thought I did something wrong when I came home from hospital went for little walks rest is the key hot packs & pain killers I was right within the week walk if you can but take it slow I had to sleep up right with about 4 pillows behind me it wasn't at all comfy for me it was the pain in my shoulder and the main cut and 4 weeks & 4 days later doing ok all the best Jo & good luck
  11. Blackrose


    you good be right no you are right there eggzy82 just thought about it and I haven't had much water today, I just didn't want to drink water today I really don't no why because I always have a bottle of water in my hand ,would it be because of the fill I wonder thank you I better get my bottle out of the fridge xx
  12. Blackrose


    Hi it was my first fill yesterday is it normal to wake up the next day with a splitting headache is this what I have to look forward to every time I get a fill or is it just me I just can't seem to get rid of it
  13. Blackrose

    So over food

    why don't you make some tuna patti's made with mashed potatoes very easy to make or hamburgers do you have a slow cooker they are the best you can make a lamb, chicken or beef casserole very easy hope this has helped a little
  14. Blackrose

    Surgery Done & Dusted!!!

    Good luck on your new Journey
  15. Blackrose

    35kg ... feel awesome

    good job & well done gazzbear