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  1. KelB

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Hi Rlar. Thanks and yes I agree...a very informative and encouraging site. I am doing well so far, but a bit sick of fluids already. It's a bit of shock to the system! lol Best wishes with the next phase (first fill). I hope it goes smoothly for you! I'm off to make the Curried Sweet Potato Soup.....
  2. KelB

    May 2014

    Hi, thanks for the tips, and the recipes look really yummy! Off to the supermarket I go!
  3. KelB

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Hi, I was banded by Dr P on May 6th.
  4. KelB

    May 2014

    Hi. My op was on May 6th. Still doing the liquid thing...ugh! It's day 5 and I guess I'm going ok. I am getting a little tired of V8 juice and soup as savoury options though My surgeon hasn't mentioned anything about Optifast, so I'm not sure what that's about. I'm 144kg (pre-op). This forum was suggested by a friend, and I'm so glad she did. The posts I have read so far have been so helpful! Thanks so much!!!