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  1. NicoleEA

    Port pain

    Is your port near your belly button or off go the side? Mine is off to the side and I get it as well sometimes. Especially after I play netball. But all the girls at work who had the surgery have it near their belly button and never have those issues. So I just assumed it was to do with placement. But mine was never sharp pains. It kind of felt like a bit of muscle ache.
  2. NicoleEA

    FitBit...who has one and are they worth it?

    My mum got one for Christmas and my sister got one for her birthday in 2013 and neither of them used it after the first month. There isn't much it does that you're phone can't already do anyway. You can get apps that do everything but the heart monitor. Then again, my sister and I probably only see it that way because we're both highly dependant on our phones.
  3. What foods that are moderately healthy/not too bad for you do you eat when you're craving something sweet or salty? I've found kale chips to be great for salty cravings but they still aren't totally good for you. Much better than chips though and I can make my own mixtures of flavour. For sweet cravings its hard for me. I was always a huge chocolate eater. So now if im craving chocolate I tend to buy the bags of freddo frogs and have one and give the rest to my family (because I know if I keep the rest for "later" I will probably end up eating them all in one sitting.) There are some really good dessert recipes out there though that are incredibly low in fat/sugar but they tend to require weird health food items that cost a lot.