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  1. ilikewinter


    compression clothing has been my godsend. I'll pop on a Skins singlet top or normal T-shirt top in a size medium and it takes care of the small amount of excess skin that I have, particularly around the chest area.
  2. ilikewinter

    It's not going to solve all your problems

    I'm lucky in that my arms have been fine and doing some serious bicep and tricep curls five times a week has filled out the small amount of loose skin with muscle. What I am finding hard almost two and a half years post-op is keeping the weight off. I got down to 85kg but always said I would be perfectly fine anywhere from 90kg and under. I'm around 92kg now and just can't get motivated to lose those couple of kegs. it's a never ending battle for us. A lifelong one, regardless of the tools we have.
  3. ilikewinter

    What a day.

    Geez I'm glad you're OK. And yeah, that episode 4 was epic.
  4. It's a very common and unfortunate side effect of the gastric sleeve. I didn't experience it. In fact mine disappeared with the sleeve, but it is very, very common.
  5. ilikewinter


    It happens because when you move from liquids to purees, the body stores it in the hope that you don't go back to liquids. It's perfectly normal, although I didn't happen to me.
  6. ilikewinter

    Surgery Tomorrow - Scared

    I was in tears on the prep table on the day of mine. This was a combination of my band going so horribly wrong 12 months earlier and my dad dying only a few weeks before. It's perfectly normal to feel scared.
  7. ilikewinter


    It's easy to do isn't it? I popped on 3kg without even trying. Lifelong battle for us sleevers.
  8. ilikewinter

    Does Optifast make you Fart!

    I can't help you because I don't fart.
  9. ilikewinter

    Post-op Progress

    It's sensational progress.
  10. ilikewinter

    My updates

    Target and K-Mart are your friends while transitioning.
  11. ilikewinter

    The post-surgery fears of a fat foodie

    Yes. I still look forward to eating. Having said that, two years on, I can eat a lot more than I could at six months. The sleeve certainly didn't diminish my love of food. I'm 100% certain others will say otherwise, but for me, I still like to eat. I just excercise a lot now.
  12. ilikewinter

    TMI - post op poop

    Normal, normal, normal. You will be fine.
  13. ilikewinter


    When I say not sustainable, I mean psychologically. I have been 135kg and I have been 72kg. So I have been every weight in between as well. My body eventually settles on around the high 80s where it is most happy being itself without absolute rigid maintenance. I don't want to go through the rest of my life being totally obsessed (and quit frankly anorexic) like I was when I was in the low 70s.\ I have come to realise that at my age I know my body. I know it wants to settle at around anything between 87kg and 92kg and that it simply won't allow me to be anything different for a lengthy period of time. I've come to accept this. It's taken a while and I am actually happy I have come to accept this. To deny it at this stage of my life, I would need to be supremely dedicated to that and nothing else, therefore ignoring all the things in between. It's hard to explain in writing. And of course I don't think you are a bitch or a troll. I believe you. But I believe my body more. We'll all keep fighting the good fight in between.
  14. ilikewinter


    Accountability. I'm 88.3kg. Up 3.1kg from my lowest weight. I am two years post sleeve on the 25th. Now, to put it into context, I am happy when I am under 90kg. I would ideally love to be 85kg, but at 47 years of age, it's simply not sustainable I think. I am VERY happy at 87kg or 87.5kg. So I'm not going too badly. Forever a battle, though.
  15. ilikewinter

    Public wait list Perth

    How ridiculous is that? We have the sleeve because we can't control our weight regardless of whether it's losing or gaining. If we could all stabilise our weight within 2kg over 12 months, we probably wouldn't need the sleeve in the first place.