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  1. I always think it is good to follow the advice of your Dr. That rule is promoted by Dr O'Brien in 8 simple rules. I asked my Dietician about it and she said that you will be malnourished not eating breakfast and eating so little. I am not inclined to eat breakfast generally but she suggested that you need food within 4 hours of rising. Honestly if you consider how much maybe 1 1/2 cups of food is it just isn't giving you what you need. I honestly think that is starvation and not sustainable or healthy.
  2. Bridgey

    Help, advice, please!

    I agree. Don't mess around and try to see someone. Just a suggestion but I would try a glass of wine as it may help you relax.
  3. Bridgey

    Day 6 post op and hungry

    That sounds really positive. Your body is healing and wants food. Keep the protein up as it is great for healing and assisting hunger. But make sure your servings are always small. I lived on homemade soups blended in the bullet. These early days are important it trains you to eat smaller portions.
  4. Bridgey

    Newbie Introductions :)

    Goodluck. This site is fantastic.
  5. Bridgey

    Optifast question.

    The trick that worked for me with the soups was increase the water another 1/2. It was revolting really thick. Then I cooked on the stove top and included some crunchy carrot or beans, coriander, chilli and curry powder. It wasn't all bad. I didn't mind the choc dessert done like a thick shake with loads of ice through the blender. And I didn't mind the choc bars and coffee bars. Just remember it is worth it.
  6. Bridgey

    I'm back

    That seems pretty extreme. Go back in if it doesn't agree with you. Just remember you don't need to feel sick and if you do it means there is toooo much restriction.
  7. 4 kgs in 12 days - no cheating and I was allowed 1 meal per day - protein and veg with no carbs
  8. Bridgey

    Alcohol post banding

    I have had a small amount of fill - 2 fills and now at 3.5ml and I have no restriction and nothing is off limits for now anyway. But my progress is very slow and around 250grams per week which suits me - I can drink the occasional soft drink, mineral water or champagne with no negatives.
  9. Bridgey

    Alcohol post banding

    Now that I have had surgery I can drink anything but I need to remember there is not as much food buffering the alcohol so I need to be a little careful. I also need to be mindful of the calories it I still love my bubbles and wine.
  10. Bridgey

    First Appointment is Tomorrow- Finally!!

    Welcome. I am a happy new bander. It was been fantastic. Not a miracle pill, not a quick fix. My progress has been slow and steady which I think helps your brain to catch up with your body. I was obsessed with this site but afterwards it eased off and you forget that you have it. Congrats. It is the best thing I have ever done.
  11. Bridgey

    Old band V new band!!

    Great post. You have been so patient and you deserve to do amazingly well with your pretty new band. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
  12. It is such a personal choice and we are all so lucky to have so many options available to us - but you asked what was the decider for us as individuals - please don't get all huffy sleevers - for me I chose the band because it was reversible, and also because my surgeon told me it was the lower risk option - so given my experience which has been a positive one I am obviously pro band. This site is fantastic and you can really see the pro's and cons of all options - banding with the negative and positive stories - the same goes with sleeving - my advice is just do your research and find a good surgeon who has a lot of experience - everyone has their own journey and experience. Whatever you decide will be right for you - but remember you need to be patient and don't expect either option to be a magic wand - success it based on doing what is recommended, being willing to change, seeing a dietician and looking at the psychology of it as well. Goodluck!!
  13. Good to remember that everyone is different and try not to compare. I had no fill at surgery and 2.5 at 6 weeks post and later another 1 taking me to 3.5ml. I am in the green zone and it is all coming together slowly. I have no restriction and no foods are off limits as long as I have small portions and eat slowly. I have satiety and I feel great. I think this is the best way to do it but you need to be okay with slow progress.
  14. The dietician suggested I take photos of every meal and snack that I had over a 3 days period. It really helped me and I noticed a real shift mentally. I had to be honest and I would look at my food and think about the portion before I ate while mentally telling myself that it was more than enough food. I have hit the green zone. I don't have restriction at all and I can eat absolutely anything but I am satisfied. I plan on doing this every week.