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  1. shell285

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    OMG so very well done BandedJules - i started boot camp to learn to run but at the moment i am jogging more than running - cant wait to run
  2. shell285

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    went to a Jewelers with my daughter today and tried on a standard size ring and it fitted haven't been able to do that since I was a teen - lol my finger is as standard size
  3. shell285

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I started boot camp 3 weeks ago and last week i actually "ran" not far and not fast and not for long but I did it!!!
  4. shell285

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    new Blood pressure is 120/60 down from 130/80 fasting blood sugars are 3.7 and my cholesterol is a tiny 3.6 resting heart rate is 77/min - makes me fit enough for boot camp
  5. Love fetta cheese with a new found wild abandonment i am eating it daily and sneaking it into recipes as a salt substitute - have also had a bit if a breakfast moment with Chia seeds - mix them with any fruit on hand the night before and pop in fridge with a bit of apple juice to plump them up
  6. shell285

    Date is set! give me the strength to survive optifast!

    blend them with ice and make a frappe - use your free veg to bulk up the soup
  7. shell285

    Silly me - the food addiction has reared its ugly head, again!!

    I think we all know that feeling - its the same as " I am sure i can sip this water with my dinner" or this coffee with my breakfast!!!! LOL your tummy says HELL NO even if your brain goes yyuuuummmmmm
  8. shell285

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    i got a grip on my PTSD yesterday - put on the boyfriend wet suit and went for a dive of the boat!!!!! more if a mental health victory than a weight loss victory but wearing his XXL wet suit rather than my custom made XXXXL wetsuit was pretty cool - also dropped 4kg lead weights off my tank weights and took a further 2kg of my dive vest if i keep this up it will need to reassess the intigrated weights in my vest
  9. shell285

    Type 1 diabetics

    my son is diabetic ans we used to use glucose gel, it is a semi liquid and easy to access- you should also have a glucogon injection close at hand for a hypo - but talk to your diabetes educator over taking advice from here, and talk to your Surgeon as well so every one is on the same page - the hospital will know you are diabetic and probably leave your fluids drip running for a bit longer with glucose for healing energy
  10. shell285

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    stole my boyfriends XXL wetsuit!!!!! no more needing to special order wetsuits from America
  11. try the my fitness pal ap. it works the same sort of way but gives you the protein fats and calories - you only cheat yourself by not being truthful with it
  12. shell285

    Thoughts of the new FITBITS!

    i have had my fitbit flex for a year and wear it every day and night - it measures you sleep quality as well as steps and activity through the day - i love that it interacts with myfitnesspal on my phone and both apps interact with each other. my GP has one and we compare the end of month steps, activity and calorie intake when i go in. it also has a silent alarm for early morning wake ups or reminders that you need but dont need every one to hear - mine is set for 3pm to remind me to take my caltrate
  13. shell285

    Bread and I had a fall out!!

    i was sleeved and not banded but i still have issues with bread and pasta. I don't get stuck but I do get full very quickly and if I cant digest before the next meal I feel as though there isn't enough room for the next meal - the only things that I cant seem to digest are bread and pasta............not such a big problem at the moment as I am chasing protein with every meal but when I get my menu sorted it would be nice to eat toast and vegemite
  14. same question are you getting banded or sleeved? with a sleeve they take away the part of your stomach that produced the "hungry" hormone and food becomes a second thought rather than a priority. The only time that food becomes important to me now is when I am having a panic attack or a moment of anxiety.... other than that the fluids part of the post op is really easy - its only for 2-3 weeks out of the rest of your life and an amazing time of weight loss, just please remember to take your vitamins and iron tablets as recommended by your dietician
  15. shell285

    I'm on the sleeved side!

    you will do fabulously and be surprised at how well you change in such a short time - take it slowly and sip all day - remember that milo is nutritious when made with milk and can be a bit yummy as a treat - but also look out for a bit of a sugar dump that can follow