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  1. Jwelcome90

    Having some trouble

    Hello, I was banded in June 2014 and recently had my second fill. At my first fill my doctor added 2ml and on the 2nd of october he added 1.8 taking my band to 5.3 ml as some was added during surgery. I finally feel like I have a band as I am extremely restricted as to when and what I can eat but I am really unsure of what is considered "normal" for the band. since my second fill I cannot eat solids, if I do I get this really bad pain in my chest, strange noises and what feels like a air bubble going up from my stomach to my throat. I can very rarley eat something solid but 99.9% of the time it ends in me having to make myself throw up. I have no issues with fluids tho I can have soup,yoghurt, upandgo etc but nothing solid. Is my band 2 tight or is this how the band works in order to loose the weight. I started at 94kg before surgery and currently sitting on 83.5kg-84, it weird tho because since my first fill I have sat steady on 84kg and since the second fill even tho I am eating practically nothing I have only lost a very little amount of weight. Anyone with some input of the would be great. Thank you in advanced. Cheers
  2. Jwelcome90

    Band not working???

    Thank you ALL for your comments I absolutely love this Page it's such a great support system for me. I have just signed up to a 6 week gym membership and hopefully that will help drop the Kgs. I am going to see my surgeon in two weeks for my next fill even though he wanted me to wait 8 weeks I will only wait 4 and maybe just ask for 1ml to see if it makes a difference. I appreciate your comments thank you
  3. Jwelcome90

    Band not working???

    I only feel it isn't working as I haven't lost any weight for 3 weeks even after first fill it's really frustrating. Overcoming overeating or binge eat has become more of a challenge then i originally thought
  4. Jwelcome90

    Band not working???

    Eat all types of food***
  5. Jwelcome90

    Band not working???

    Hello I have had my Lapband for coming up to 8 weeks. I have had 1 fill and just over 3mls in a 10ml band I think? I know it's the smaller band. My issue is I don't actually even feel like I have a Lapband I get full pretty quickly but that doesn't necessarily stop me from eating, I have never thrown up or felt stuck and have only lost 7-8kg Is this normal? I can every all types of food including bread and red meats. This is really starting to depress me as It took me so long to make the decision to have this operation and now I feel like it's going no where. Please help