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  1. Willowgirl

    Fibre Gummies

    My husband is a nurse and they use Pear Juice to stop constipation in patients. I used it after my hysterectomy and it is fantastic, keeps you regular and tastes delicious.
  2. Willowgirl

    Sleeve, your choice..resistance from Dr

    Thanks ladies, I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow and I am more nervous about asking for a referral..lol...felt the same when I had my hysterectomy though.
  3. I am just wondering if you chose the sleeve straight up and went in there asking for it or whether you had a consultation and led to the conclusion. After all the reading I am leaning more towards the sleeve for permanence but wonder if I will meet with resistance from Doctor. I would be really interested to hear from anyone in the Gippsland/Latrobe Valley area about who they saw and how they are going.
  4. Willowgirl


    My husband is a nurse and they give their patients Pear juice (easily available) for constipation. I can highly recommend it as I used it after my hysterectomy...lovely and effective.
  5. Willowgirl

    June 2014

    Hi I am just dropping in to say hello. After reading almost every post on this site, watching You Tube and chatting to banded and sleeved friends I have decided that I am going to have this operation 'for me'..I have had two other 'for me' surgeries in my life, one being a breast reduction 20 years ago and the other a full hysterectomy 3 years ago. Both were life changing and I hope this final surgery will end my lifelong struggle with being overweight and give me my zest for life back. I went to the Doctor last week and chickened out asking for a referral, got some great blood tests done though..lol..Tuesday I am back to the Doc. for results so I am putting my big girl panties on (literally) and asking for one. So fingers crossed Tuesday afternoon I have my appointment booked with the surgeon for a first consult. Thanks everyone for sharing your journies.