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  1. Hey ladies!!! I just needed to share that I am halfway to my weightless goal, I have lost 35kgs!!!! My family doesn't known I have lap and and my immediate does but their comments are "well you have to keep going." I do not find that encouraging at all. So thought I'd share it all with you and hopefully have some more encouraging responses. I have not been this weight for about 4 years, so I am stoked. How are you all going?
  2. taaamy

    Melbourne Group

    I'm in Melbourne and I would be so keen for a catch up! Is there a private Facebook group or something we could create to make it easier?
  3. I go for my fill on Friday. I last got filled on the 18/12 and was pretty good over the holiday period. I have almost lost 30kgs! I am 1kg away!! Hooray which is my halfway point to my goal weight! Although I have to admit, there are days where I wish I could have a burger or a steak or even some soft drink butttt that's what put me here in the first place. I am finally eating bread since my surgery and I am finally getting the hang of eating the correct way. Which is such a relief. I am loving feeling like this and I cannot wait to loose some more and hopefully be at my goal weight for July-going on holidays and would love to show my bod off in possibly a bikini! What an achievement that would be. Hope you're all well and staying motivated! You all motivate me by reading how well you are all doing.
  4. I hope you have all had an amazing and wonderful Xmas! I gave myself a massive present by loosing 26kg as of Christmas Day. I feel amazing and happy! How did everyone go with food at Christmas? I couldn't eat at all on Christmas Day for some strange reason. No matter what I ate, how small I chewed it, it would get stuck. When I get stuck, it puts me off food completely. I still had a a amazing time though and I am hoping to loose 35-40kg in 6 months. I don't know if I can do it, but I will do everything in power to get close to it. Merry christmas banders!
  5. 18.5kg difference. I can't feel much difference but I can see some of it in my face when side by side. Long way to go still, but getting there!
  6. taaamy

    Super release!!!

    Oh and they also requested a statement from my PHI to state they there is a gap and that they don't cover the cost of the surgery and that it is up t the patient to pay for it.
  7. taaamy

    Super release!!!

    When I did my super release it took them a month. This was back in July/August. They clearly have not caught up with their demand. Just ensure you have enough in your super including tax for the surgery or you'll be declined. I had a miserable time getting mine but the rest was easy once I had it. Get your forms ready and whatever else your superfund needs for the release. So when you get the approval all you have to do is print and send the approval letter to your super. Goodluck and and I hope it's quick!
  8. My fills are up to me. I was recommended every fortnight so that's what I've got for now. However I did have two fills in one week good luck!!!
  9. I found my second fill worked a treat! I eat a small handful of food, very very slowly and I get full and for longer too. I learnt my lesson of eating to quick or something to solid, the pain is too excruciating. So far soo good.
  10. I've had two fills this week!! After my first fill I felt no restriction so I made another appointment. Had my second fill yesterday and feeling this one. I have fortnightly appointments until the end of the year! Also joining a gym this week! Whats everyone food intake like? I need some healthy ideas!
  11. i was banded almost a month ago and moved my fill three week forward, so tomorrow I am getting my first fill! i can have anything! I've lost weight, but not a whole lot since being banded. I even had some steak yesterday with ease! Feeling guilty that I can eat anything and also that I get hungry. I am definitely not eating as much as I used to and trying to make healthier choices but finding it difficult. I am really looking forward to utilising my band and cannot wait for this restriction....I never thought I'd say that!!
  12. I was banded on the 22/9. So far I have found no restriction. I definitely eat less, but I have to wait another three weeks for my first fill! I had a horrible shoulder tip pain for a week and I now still get some chest pain and horrible hunger pains. Im hoping it'll get better once in filled.
  13. taaamy

    Getting banded, TODAY!

    Well with all this shoulder tip pain, I haven't really had an appetite. So I've been going well. I've been having tablets left right and centre for this pain. Considering ringing my surgeon today about this pain. How are you going with it all Bette?
  14. taaamy

    Getting banded, TODAY!

    I'm itchy too but I think is more of the healing that itches me. Did you get horrible shoulder tip pain from the gas? I'm onto day 3 and still with these pains!
  15. taaamy

    Getting banded, TODAY!

    It's all done. First night in hospital was shocking. So happy to be going home. One things I didn't know was that excruciating shoulder pain from all the gas that you get. Oh, and syrup Panadol is horrid. It's worse than the incision pain. All ive been having is water and apple juice. I don't feel any different, just a loss of appetite.