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  1. JessWelcome90

    what is considered normal for lapband

    Thanks I know its different for everyone, I haven't experienced much paid just some tenderness in the belly and the bad shoulder pain from the gas. I was having really uncomfortable chest pain but that has gone now but when I drink fluids I burp and its pretty painful with all the swelling going on around the band, 5 days post op and feeling better everyday.
  2. JessWelcome90

    New bandit with a few problems

    Thanks for your reply I can keep down fluids no problems just alot of uncomfortable pains and burps i will go back in tomorrow and see if this is normal the random burping is really quite painful
  3. Hey guys so post lap band pain? What is considered normal what did you experience and and did you deal with it or treat it.
  4. JessWelcome90

    New bandit with a few problems

    Yeah I planned to call them on monday just to touch base and make sure its normal, I am sure it is I was just looking for anyone who has been banded and has experienced a similar feeling in the few days after banding
  5. JessWelcome90

    New bandit with a few problems

    Hi all, so I am very new to this I was banded in Adelaide on 25th June 2014 (3 days ago) by Dr Leong Since the op I have been experiencing some strange things going on with my body (as expected) but I would just like to see if anyone else has experienced something similar post op and what you did to help it. Okay so I was last on the list for the day so I ended up coming out of surgery around 8:30 pm Wednesday night I was basically knocked out with morphine after surgery because I was totally freaking out when i woke up (bit of a hypochondriac lol) So the next day I was up pretty early and that's when I started to feel reaaaally awful typical stomach pain, hard to move very slow and sore I expected this but one thing didn't seem right! Just beneath my breast in the centre of my chest I have this really tight uncomfortable feeling, nothing unbearable but still sore, I asked the dr about it the next day and he basically told me what I expected to hear....you've just had surgery, relax and let your body heal... But since day one I have had this really unusual hiccup/burp but without the sound just my body getting the air out through my mouth and when it happens it's EXTREMELY Painful every time I drink I get it and No it's not a matter of drinking to quick or to much I have not over done it not even once , I have been really slow and really cautious so I have no idea what this is it hurts so much when it happens even though it only lasts a few seconds it's starting to worry me. Has anyone else experience this???? Surely I can't be the only person, and it's not just when i drink, I get it all throughout the day at completely random times my chest kinda of retracts like a hiccup and let's out air like a burp that's the only way I can explain it!!! Lol I am sorry if this doesn't make sense I have been looking online all day and haven't found anyone who has had this I just don't know what to do and feeling pretty helpless and worried about it plus my Dr has left for overseas and won't be back for two months. Also when I did mention this to dr Leong he thought the band might be to tight and took out 1.5ml because he put fluid in the band while I was still knocked out I have yet to find out how much he put in all I know is he took 1.5ml out the day after surgery. Swallow X-ray also showed no problems with the placement of band If you have had anything like this please help ease my mind, sorry for the million page essay, I just have no one else to talk to. Thank you