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  1. HotelLobbyMusic

    Little eating tricks

    I used to cut up my protein (steak, chicken etc) into tiny little pieces and put them in a lunch box and graze on it throughout the day at work - worked well and it was a way for me to eat meat without PB'ing. By the end of the day, I'd have eaten a decent sized piece of meat without feeling it.
  2. HotelLobbyMusic

    Judgement Over Portion Sizes

    I agree, losing weight and even maintaining weight is frustrating...I've never found anything as tedious or challenging. I remember when I finished my Masters degree, I had this feeling of 'Okay, it's done, that's it' but weight loss, unlike other accomplishments, never really has an end. You can't get too comfortable, nor can you get too consumed by it...you can't really say 'Lost all the weight, now I can have all the cake'. If only I had the metabolism of a hyperactive 8 year old boy, I'd be fine.
  3. HotelLobbyMusic

    removing fill

    I'm 10 months with no fill and haven't gained - I did initially, but then realised that If I was going to remain fill-free (I had complications) then I needed to pay attention to what when in my mouth and in what quantities. Contrary to popular belief, removal of fill doesn't necessarily have to equal weight gain - you just have to go back to the old fashioned methods - calorie counting, carb-watching and so forth. It won't be forever so as long as you monitor yourself as best as possible, you should be okay Oh, one piece of advice; when I had fill, I could keep all sorts of snack foods in the house without being too concerned; there was only so much I could eat and most of the time, I wasn't tempted. Doesn't work as well post-fill so try to make your kitchen a 'safe' zone; if you're a snacker, remove the temptations and replace them with low-calorie alternatives. So, apples in place of mars bars, basically.
  4. HotelLobbyMusic

    Is it disgusting?

    I can't speak for everyone but the band has pretty much destroyed most of my attempts to keep up lady-like appearances. This is how most of my restaurant experiences went in the first year with the band: Me: Have to go to the bathroom, be right back. - goes and comes back - Partner: You vomited didn't you. Me: Yep. Is my mascara running? I learned to eat at places with good soup options. There was also a time when I PB'd straight back into my coffee cup. Slime Latte. And the time when I had to keep myself from bringing some sushi up on the train...then it came up anyway. Like a professional, I kept it in my mouth for as long as possible. Then, the inevitable...too much slime...need to....oh no...there goes my Mimco handbag.
  5. HotelLobbyMusic

    Stand still

    Weight loss isn't always consistent - for example, I'll never lose 5 kilos in one week as I did in the beginning because my body doesn't have as much excess. There's also a theory that bigger people burn more calories because they are carrying more weight. Anyway, you may need to drop your calories a bit. I've never lost weight from exercise alone and I do plenty of it...I've gotten stronger/fitter but never thinner from it. I dare say it's mostly about calorie intake.
  6. HotelLobbyMusic

    Weight Watchers

    I think following some sort of diet plan or routine is a good thing because it stops you from relying solely on the bands tightness. My band was too tight for a long time and during that period, I learned nothing. I was eating whatever went down. I think some people will get a shock when there comes a time when they may not be able to rely on the band as they did in the first few years. As soon as the band stops providing that ultimate restriction, the kilos come back because the lifestyle changes weren't made. I think you're on the right track, whether it's WW or whatever - learn all you can and use your band as that added tool.
  7. HotelLobbyMusic

    Help! How do I stop the cycle of binging?! :(

    My favourite slider is peanut M&M's - I could eat a family sized pack without remorse. Instead of never having them...which doesn't work because I find myself gravitating towards the yellow packets when at the supermarket, I just buy the smaller packs and if I have a light lunch or if I know my calories are under for the day over-all, I'll have a pack and be more or less content. If something doesn't come in a small 'fun' size pack, I avoid buying it because temptation is an a-hole and even after everything, I'm still Eve reaching out for that apple. Only my version of the apple is covered in chocolate with a peanut inside. I think for people with binging tendencies, avoidance is key - having a pantry full of goodies is a recipe for disaster.
  8. HotelLobbyMusic

    Frustrated and not skinny yet!

    I lost 10 kilos in the first year. To say I felt like the Biggest Unloser is an understatement. And then the following year, I lost 30 kilos doing nothing differently. I can't explain it - my guess is that some bodies are more stubborn than others.
  9. HotelLobbyMusic

    Choosing your weight loss goal

    I'm 180 cm tall and I have never been told I should weigh 65 kilos. At that weight, I'd be at the lower end of the BMI - aside from looking like a long stick covered in saggy skin, I'm not sure what the benefits of being that thin would be, health wise. I'm 78 kilos now and don't feel I need to lose more, unless I wanted to completely waive goodbye to my boobs and butt.
  10. HotelLobbyMusic

    Restaurant fear

    Don't go to a restaurant - go to a bar instead
  11. HotelLobbyMusic

    10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know About Working Out

    Having worked with rock-climbers and marathon runners...I would not employ them. Two of them ended up on work-cover for injuries I question are a result of their work-duties but they somehow managed to swindle the system. A rock climber who has a shoulder issue claiming it's RSI? Sure. One was on sick leave for 6 weeks due to broken bones. I work for a place that can afford to pay for this sort of stuff but if it was a small business...the employers would be screwed.
  12. HotelLobbyMusic

    TV Tonight 9.40pm Nine - The Man Who Ate Himself to Death

    I was a chubby kid; I wish mum had intervened before it got worse...but having been skinny most of her life, I don't think she realised it would gradually progress - back then, there was the assumption that kids grew out of 'puppy fat'. That said, knowing what I know, there is no way I'd allow my kid to get big. While I'm grateful for the band, I'd hate for my children to have to go through this process.
  13. HotelLobbyMusic

    Excess Skin- Does everyone suffer??

    Genetics plays a huge role. My friend is Samoan - at least 130 kilos yet her flesh is firm and she doesn't have a single stretch mark. She's one of those people who could lose a lot of weight and 'bounce' back into shape, without the tell-tell signs of weight loss. My mother is very overweight and has had 2 children - no stretch marks or loose skin. I had the more fragile/soft skin type - even when large, I wasn't plump and firm, I was soft and flabby. So excess skin was never debatable, I knew I'd get it. In general, the less you have to lose, the less excess skin. Also, losing weight gradually, rather than quickly, allows the skin to firm up a lot better.
  14. HotelLobbyMusic

    ADD and over-eating.

    Hi all, Thought some of you would find this interesting. I was recently diagnosed with ADD (the inattentive type, not hyperactive). It's something I have had since childhood, more than likely, but it often goes undiagnosed in girls and women because we learn to compensate better than boys/men and we're less likely to have the hyper type. It doesn't mean you can't function but certain things (like organisation, planning, time management and so forth) do not come naturally. During my session, I was surprised to find out that ADD and over-eating are very much linked - obesity in people with ADD is several times higher than in the general population. Boredom and lack of stimulation are triggers and we tend to have a slow response to feelings of 'fullness'. I found all this very interesting and had more than a few 'uh huh!' moments. I never felt like a food addict as such...I couldn't really pinpoint why I over-ate. Will be interesting to see how the medication affects things.
  15. HotelLobbyMusic

    Band not working???

    3ml is not a lot - I didn't feel much restriction at 3ml but felt plenty at 4ml, so a bit makes a big difference. It's only been 8 weeks so they might be playing it safe - some people get 3ml put in during the surgery so that goes to show how little it is. You'll probably get more in at your next appointment.