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  1. brods

    4 month anniversary!

    Thanks so much! It's starting to slow down a bit now though. My heaviest weight was 186kg, I lost 20kg or so on my own and once I started the surgery path, I was 165kg. Just hoping to get down to 90kg :-)
  2. brods

    4 month anniversary!

    Well it's been 4 months since I had my sleeve & I've now lost 47kg since then - still have another 28kg to be at goal but really chuffed with my progress so far! Feeling so healthy these days :-D
  3. brods

    Almost Halfway to Goal Weight!

    here's another photo update :-)
  4. brods

    Almost Halfway to Goal Weight!

    thanks so much everyone, it'll be 12 weeks next week since my sleeve and I've reached 41kg lost so far. I went to my GP for results & he high fived me because I'm no longer a diabetic! I think he's even happier than me with my results so far :-)
  5. That's an awesome loss, congratulations! I lost about 12kg on pre-op but my surgeon does it slightly different - only 2 shakes per day plus lean protein & veg for one meal. Made that preop period more tolerable for me!
  6. brods

    Almost Halfway to Goal Weight!

    Thanks heaps Kazbo! xx Of course both photos are me - weightloss, contacts & makeup makes a difference!
  7. brods

    Celebrating reaching 100% goal

    You look amazing! Truly inspiring
  8. Well it's 8 weeks today since I had my sleeve, I can't believe how fast it's gone and how well I've adapted to the lifestyle change so far. Before surgery, I was so scared I wouldn't be able to do it. My diabetes has virtually disappeared, stopped meds the night before my surgery and haven't needed since. Apart from having a horrid cold right now, this is the healthiest I've been in probably 20 years! I've lost 35kg so far on this journey and suddenly the remaining 40kg to lose seems achievable & within reach. I actually comfortably squeezed into size 16 jeans on the weekend! Hubby is having his band removed next month and hopefully the sleeve will follow after that! Brodie
  9. brods

    Sleeving as a couple

    I had my sleeve done on July 24th (32kg gone - woohoo!) and after seeing how well I pulled through surgery, my husband has now decided to have his band removed next month & hopefully the sleeve will follow about 4 months later. Ideally, I'd have preferred to both be done at the same time - shared experiences & puts you both on the same path at the same time but having said that, the hubs is so motivated by me that he's doing incredibly well just with pre-op alone. Good luck!!
  10. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good personal trainer, preferably in northern or western suburbs? I'm 4 weeks post op with the sleeve & want to start looking at exercise options in the next month or so but not keen for a traditional gym at this stage. Cheers!
  11. brods


    I've been wondering the same thing myself!
  12. brods

    Optifast - yum.

    I actually enjoy it too! I add diet choc topping (suggested by my dietition) to the vanilla ones, blitz it in a bullet & its absolutely amazing! Tastes like an actual milkshake! Big Optifast fan! I definitely think the recipe has improved, I remember it back in my teens & the stuff was vile. Also love the banana & strawberry flavours.
  13. Hi all, when did you all start walking or light exercise post op? I'll be sleeved two weeks on Thursday & feeling ready to start walking (I think my dog fears she'll never leave the yard again, bless her) Cheers!
  14. brods

    Getting Sleeve,Band Detached at Port

    Good luck for tomorrow!
  15. brods

    Vitamin/Nutrichew question

    What are the mini bursts like, surgeryninja? I don't mind the taste of the nutrichews - the smell is horrid though.