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  1. StephJay

    Band out, sleeve in?

    Hey SlimDog1982 It's a decision that you'd need to come to with the help of the Surgeon. They usually want you to have a BMI over 35 to consider a Sleeve, so if you're under 35 it mightn't be an option. But then again if your Surgeon after discussing your circumstances thinks its a good choice, and arrange it anyway. Have you gone to a Dietician though to see if they can help you get your weight moving again? Or incorporated some exercise (or changed up what you're doing) to see if that'll help?
  2. StephJay

    Getting the Brain onboard!

    So it's been almost a year since my surgery now, and I'm down 45 kilos - not as low as I'd hoped I'd be, but I'm still pretty happy! However, I just can't get my brain to catch up with the change. I'm now in a Size 16-18 from 26 this time last year, but I still find myself looking at smaller clothes thinking it's not possible for me to fit into them and going to the larger sections instead. Or worse buying sizes too big because I can't fathom that I'll fit the smaller ones. Or not wanting to join in activities (like being lifted on a stretcher in a training session) because I think I'm too heavy, only to have people point out that I wasn't even close to the largest person to be involved. Any suggestions for how I can get my brain to catch up?
  3. StephJay

    I'm now on the winners bench!

    Wow! That's an awesome job! You're doing really well :-D
  4. StephJay

    Weight Loss Stall Or Am I Doing Something Wrong?????

    I had a plateau only a couple of weeks out of surgery last year and I felt the same way - like I wouldn't lose anymore that I'd already done the best I possibly could. And it lasted 3 weeks. I did the only thing I could do - I just kept following the instructions from the Dietician and eventually it broke, and the weight fell off quite quickly for a few weeks after that. I guess our bodies are going though a big adjustment, so they hold onto that weight as long as they can :-)
  5. StephJay

    My first stall! 😩

    Hey Apples123 Don't worry, you aren't alone! I had a stall within days of having my Sleeve done, and it lasted for 3 weeks with movements of 100-200 grams up or down but that's it. I was counting every milligram of food I put into my body making sure I wasn't having too much, added exercise, tried every trick I could find and nothing would make that damn scale move. Then one day I jumped on and 1.5 kgs had fallen off, and everything started back up again. It was devastating, I'd just had this major op, and I wasn't losing any weight, when others had lost 5-6 kilos in the same period. But I've since caught up, and it's travelling nicely - 25 kilos in the last 3 months or so (should really update all my stats come to think of it) and there have been no real stalls since. So I guess I just got mine out of the way early.
  6. StephJay

    *August 2014*

    Hey Everyone, Doing well here. I'm up to 18.5 kgs lost however I'm a sleever so no fills to worry about. I had a 3 week stall where I did not move at all.. not even a measly 100 grams and that started a week after surgery. And I gained 4 kilos in hospital last week while I was in for a shoulder op. So I'm pretty happy with that weightloss for 2 months with those problems. But I'm able to eat all foods now. And I don't have any problem foods. White and Red meats are all ok, as is bread and pasta. Just my tastes have changed. Things I use to enjoy like chocolate I can't stand. I can easily walk past the confectionary aisle and not give it a thought. Not bad for someone who use to eat 2 bars on work days! Foods I use to enjoy I find bland and dull. I prefer my own home made food with fresh herbs and spices which is the best feeling! I love my smaller portions, and not thinking about food every 5 minutes. So pretty happy at the moment!
  7. StephJay

    Finally Home 4 days Post Op

    Hey John, I'm in the same boat, stuck at 14 kgs on a week and a half post op. I think it might be because my calorie intake is just too low (under 200) so my body is just retaining everything I put in. So going to try and up that today.
  8. StephJay

    Healthy (besides being obese)

    I have the same family history as Brisbanenowsleeved - My family are ALL obese to varying levels. And all have Diabetes, Blood Pressure issues, Heart Attacks are common, as are strokes. I didn't want to go down the same road as them, My health has been fine - Other than Osteoarthritis in my AC Joint and Depression. My blood pressure is, and continues to be fairly low (and caused the nurses some concern in hospital :-p) usually sitting around 75/45. BGL 4-5
  9. StephJay

    my progress

    Wow Kismet! You look absolutely stunning!
  10. StephJay

    Post Op Question

    Hey Kazbo Definitely on the to ask list for my clinic. Unfortunately they just aren't getting back to me! I'm missing a Post Op med and I've been trying to get the name for days, and no help there at all. And I haven't even been able to get my Post-Op appt booked in, and my Staples need to come out by Wednesday. And Johno I'm so glad that I'm not the only person! I've started to notice that thicker fluids like some soups I get pain when I have them too quickly, or if I overeat, so I think the Mashies are going to do the trick :-) I was starting to feel really paranoid like I hadn't been sleeved properly or something
  11. StephJay

    December 2014 ops

    Hey Cooking Mama, Congrats on getting booked in! I was in the same situation as you, I gained 2-3 kgs in the 3 weeks between my first appointment, and the Pre-Op diet starting. However as I started moving through the Pre-Op process things got better and I slowed down and started adjusting to healthier eating and loved it. And you've got plenty of time to focus on healthier eating in the lead up to the Surgery so I'm sure you'll get rid of those pesky kilos in no time :-)
  12. StephJay

    Bruising Easily

    Its funny you mention it, I've started bruising really easily since I started the Pre-Op diet and began losing weight. I am clumsy, but I even started getting bruises from having my dog's leash around my wrist.
  13. StephJay

    Post Op Question

    Hey Guys, I was sleeved on Monday the 25th and have had a pretty good recovery. So much so I'll be going back to work tomorrow with Dr approval. However I'm worried because I'm feeling no restriction from the sleeve at all. I mean I can swallow an entire cup of water in a minute and feel no pain, and be completely comfortable. I can have custards and other thicker liquids again with no pain or discomfort. The only time I feel a slight niggle of pain is if I take too many large tablets at once. But the pain lasts less than 20 seconds. Have other people had this after surgery? I'm worried that I'm not going to have any restriction. It's also hard because I'm still feeling hungry and I don't know how much to limit my intake to, to ensure I'm not damaging my stomach. Other people talk about knowing when they've had too much and I just don't have that
  14. Surgery on Monday! And 7kg weight loss on Pre-Op diet!

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      Angel Butterfly

      2 days to go, best of luck for your special day