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  1. Zendaya

    Bikini in public

    congrats mate you look awsum!
  2. Zendaya

    port position

    Mine is on right. Yes it can hurt occassionaly but settles down the next day usually.
  3. Zendaya

    New bandit

    hi jess and welcome. wishing u all the very best!
  4. Zendaya

    3 weeks til my Op

    wishing you all the very best mate. Best decision I have ever made!
  5. Zendaya


    what AB said! all the best
  6. Zendaya

    Nutrimeal meal replacement

    no never used it, but wanted to wish you all the best!
  7. Zendaya

    Still a'round' after 5 years

    welcome back lovely to see you. I have my moment, l put on a kilo last few weeks but I don't beat myself up, I just get up the next day and move on - we cannot change the past but we can control w hat we choose to do today. We are only human, I have slip ups occassionaly but life is for living!
  8. I think you do what makes YOU happy, you know what is right for your body. I LOVE my band and have not regretted it for one moment. All the best!
  9. Zendaya

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    oh and I got most female visits to our gym last month, 29 days! so proud of myself, prior to joining my gym 4 months ago I had never set foot in one!
  10. Zendaya

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    finally fitted into my new pair of size 14 jeggings! woo hoo! and the waist band is not even strangling me like old days!!!
  11. Zendaya

    New and 12 months to go!!

    hi and welcome! I worried about being able to do "it all" as well as hubby and I have 3 little girls all under 10 BUT I committed followed all instructions and am going really well... its truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Big changes = big commitments but I am sure you and hubby can and will do it ..... ask away any time, this is a fantastic forum for all kinds of questions, very friendly members and supportive environment.
  12. Happy Birthday Zen!!! xo


  13. Zendaya

    BandingTogether Moderators Wanted

    i concour - go AB!!!!!
  14. Zendaya

    Feedback on new site

    takes ages to log in!!