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  1. Lily-Belle


    Wow Denzel, thanks for writing such an honest post in the spirit of being accountable, and to everyone else for sharing your challenges too! I pretty much had a 'walk in the park' with this weight loss journey for around 18 months, but I've noticed that I've hit a stall now and I need to get focused. I haven't hit my goal weight yet and with only 4 months to go until my 2 year surgiversary (which as we know is a common time for weight regain) I decided that I was going to take action. Add to that that at my last appointment with my surgeon he noted that my protein levels were low (one of the 'complications' associated with gastric bypass surgery), and I am starting to feel a bit nervous about what might happen if I don't start to focus a bit more on both my weight and my health in terms of long term nutrition. My surgeon referred me back to a dietitian, it was really the best thing he could have done as it's given me focus for the short term and the long term. I started a ketogenic way of eating on 01.01.17 and was expecting the dietitian to tell me to up the carbs etc. but it turns out she's a low carb dietician (and actual scientist) and loves the ketogenic approach, though is a bit more moderate about fat (particularly saturated fat) than the average keto enthusiast. She supports my goal of losing 8 kilos by May and has given me lots of tips both for the short term and to ensure my good health in the long term. I'm feeling pretty good, but of course there's part of me that is beating myself up for wasting some of my honeymoon period and not making some of the changes I should have by now (including being more focused on protein intake), but onwards and upwards! I've also joined the gym recently, and am trying to focus on clean eating, stopping when satiated (instead of pushing through), drinking lots of water and ensuring I'm taking all the recommended supplements (including probiotics). So yes, accountability, let's drink (a lovely glass of sparkling water) to that!
  2. Lily-Belle

    Revision WLS

    No problem! My BMI is 27 now, (I'm looking forward to it being 25 or under), but it was nearly 59 at my highest and 53 on the day of surgery so I'm not complaining! I didn't love the idea of two surgeries but I understand it's safer that way, and I'm happy with the results though I did have a fair bit of drama post band removal and then also post gastric bypass but the weight loss has more than made up for it! Good luck, whatever you decide. :-)
  3. Lily-Belle

    Revision WLS

    For me, the revision surgery meant I lost weight much, MUCH more easily. I got to 174 kg with a lap band, I'm now about 8 kg from goal nearly 20 months out from gastric bypass surgery, most of the weight being lost in the first year.
  4. Lily-Belle

    So.... i think they left something in me?

    I had this with my lap band surgery, my surgeon ended up just snipping it and it healed up fine after that. I'd suggest going to your GP, he or she could do it just as easily, but definitely go to your ED if you think it's infected.
  5. That is essentially what I was told, but that there was really only a small chance of it being open. WHOOPS! At least you know all the facts going in, and I can honestly say, despite the challenges I faced, I'm happy I went through with it!
  6. How is he doing paper_butterfly?
  7. Did they give you a reason as to why it is open not lap? I don't think I would have gone through with it if I'd known it was planned as open, and having experienced open I would have much rather it was lap. Mine was meant to be lap but there were complications *cough* the surgeon lost part of the surgical stapler inside of me *cough* hence it ended up open. Plenty of surgeons will do it lap, and I don't want to make you feel anxious but I just don't see the need for this surgery to be done open these days unless there are very good reasons, in which case your surgeon should be sharing that reason with you.
  8. Looking fantastic - like a completely different person! WELL DONE!
  9. Lily-Belle

    Opti-fast over reaction

    My doctor told me I could use any of the VLCD shakes, there are other brands available so maybe try them out and see how you go. I still have the odd shake these days, I really like (actually REALLY like!) the Optislim ones, so there's a turn up for the books! ;-)
  10. Lily-Belle

    Eating in public...still awkward.

    I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one David, I'm not seeing a trend of a need for external validation here, or even really caring what others think, I'm seeing an eagerness for people to protect their privacy, as is their right. I've only shared my journey with a very close friends and family as I like to keep my private business just that, private. As a result, I try to avoid behaviours or signs that might cause people to question my eating habits, as i just don't want to go down that path with them, as I said, it's none of their business so if I can avoid them asking questions, I prefer that to having to lie to people. I've learned a few tricks to avoid the tiny amount I eat (in comparison) coming to people's attention, such as eating extremely slowly so I'm not full before people are only a quarter of the way through their meals, offering people a taste of whatever I'm eating thus offloading some of my food onto their plates, and folding my serviette so it covers most of the plate when I'm done, so no one really notices how much (or how little) I've eaten. The only time I've really found it awkward is when the waiter or waitress (or proprietor or host) asks if there was something wrong with the food and I try to reassure them that there wasn't. In all honesty, I get a massive kick out of seeing how much I've eaten to compared to everyone else (before I cover it with a serviette!). I love eating out now as much as I did before, if not more, because I now leave without feeling overcome and about to lapse into a food coma! I'd love to hear others' tips for eating out and getting away with not eating much, lay them on me guys!
  11. Lily-Belle

    Bypass or Lapband- cannot decide!

    bec, you sound like you've got a great attitude and mindset, and have done a lot of soul searching in regard to the surgery, I'm sure whatever you decide you'll do great! I had quite a long lead up to the bypass because I had to go through the process of having the band removed, waiting, and my doctor was also very thorough in regard to health checks such as sleep studies etc, in retrospect this really was a good thing because I had to get all my "ducks in a row" practically as well as psychologically, and I definitely think I'm benefiting from that now, forewarned is definitely forearmed! I'll be honest and say that my first month wasn't great, because of the complications I was a bit of a wreck, though i did go back to work after 3 weeks (I probably shouldn't have) and managed reasonably okay in my fairly sedentary job. From about three months I felt great, fully recovered and lots more energy and a better outlook on life even at that early stage. Having said that, my surgery was open, so I'd say you've got a better chance of feeling good in the early stages if your surgery is laparoscopic, which they mostly are. As a couple of resources for you in your research phase, I suggest you check out www.theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com Shelly has had gbp surgery and is a wealth of knowledge, especially about diet after surgery, and most of what I know about "guidelines" for gbp I've learned on the Thinner Times forum. There's a high volume of gbp and sleeve patients there as it's a US site and it's been SO helpful to me in terms of what to expect, diet and lifestyle tips, expected weight loss etc. I hang out there everyday, even still!
  12. Lily-Belle

    Bypass or Lapband- cannot decide!

    Thanks Kazbo, much appreciated. :-) The main reason I decided on the bypass over the sleeve was because I already had bad reflux as a result of the band (sounds like you were in a similar boat) and had heard that the sleeve could make it worse, so that was what ultimately made up my mind. You look to have done really well with the sleeve, and I see you've lost 80% of your excess weight, that's sensational! I may end up where you are now, even with the bypass, wondering if my ultimate goal weight is just too low for me, but I'm nowhere near that yet (I wish!). And yay for maintaining! I've lost significant amounts of weight in the past (with weight watchers and the like), but never managed to maintain, that's going to be a whole 'nother challenge when I get to my ideal weight! I think we're both good ads for our respective surgeries, and for you bec vasquez, you're lucky to have choices that weren't available to me when I started out - I'm a little jealous!
  13. Lily-Belle

    Bypass or Lapband- cannot decide!

    As someone who has had both, I feel qualified to answer! ;-) i had a band for 8 years (ish) and managed to get to my highest weight of 174 kilograms while it was in, after an initial weight loss of around 20 kilograms. My mum and sister have both had bands for 10 years (ish) and both had revisions, but are both still at their goal weights after all this time, so not saying the band is all bad, it just wasn't right for me. I had a gastric bypass in May of this year (after having the band removed a year ago) and despite some complications (it ended up being open and I had a feeding tube for five weeks because of potential throat damage during surgery) I couldn't be happier at 7 and a bit months out. I've lost 54.2 kilograms as of today (71.1 kilograms in total), and my life has been greatly improved in so many ways as a result. In terms of food, I can go anywhere and eat anything, though at home I try to focus on high protein foods. I still enjoy food and I don't have an issue with dumping, but I no longer crave super sweet or fatty foods and I've now got a "hard stop" sensation which wasn't there with the band. I've also noticed that there's no longer a sense of urgency when it comes to needing to eat, sometimes I can completely forget about food for hours and hours at a time, that's a novelty! I'm pretty early out, but at this stage I have nothing bad to say about the gastric bypass, I wish I'd done it years ago and I would recommend it to anyone who has a serious weight problem and hasn't been able to lose weight and maintain a loss with diet and exercise alone.
  14. Lily-Belle

    Hubby has been sleeved

    paper_butterfly, I feel your pain (and your husband's!). Mine ended up being open too, after all kinds of drama in surgery, I woke up many hours later in ICU and also had a feeding tube which I had to have (wasn't used) for 6 weeks. I was sooo pissed off that it hadn't gone how I wanted it to and that the recovery was going to be much longer than I'd hoped, but I can honestly say it didn't feel like it was too long before the benefits were outweighing the trauma. The early days are definitely the hardest (for both of you) but fingers crossed that he starts to pick up and feel better really soon. I'm not sure if leaks are statistically less common in bypass than sleeve, but I do know they're not as a big a cause for concern, so that's good. As far as diet, the big focus seems to be on getting lots of protein in, that means lots of protein shakes in the early days but it gets easier. The other thing to watch for is 'dumping', with eating high sugar/fat foods, but unfortunately for me that hasn't really been an issue! I've joined a US based forum called Thinner Times which has been really helpful, given that gastric bypasses are much more common in the US than here, I've got pretty much all my nutritional and lifestyle information from there and it's been really helpful given that my surgeon and dietitian gave me hardly anything! I think they're a bit OTT with protein and fluids but the best tip I've gotten from there is not to drink for at least an hour after eating, it's totally saved me! Thinking of you both!
  15. I had a gastric bypass but I believe weight loss is similar whether the sleeve or bypass in the first 6 months. I lost 14.5 kilos in the first month (and 50 in the first 6 months) but had (have) a lot to lose.