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  1. tomat0mouse

    Any Protein Powders recommended for Sleeve Post-OP?

    Hi back2normal There are 2 that I use and they have no taste and no flavour I put it in my smoothies, baking, cups of tea/coffee basically everything. 1. Boomers whey protein isolate 2. O.M.A Pure protein whey protein isolate They are very high in protein low in Carbs and low in sugar.As I said these are my 2 go to's there is also a website where you can buy cheaply so message me as I'm not sure if we are aloud to mention other web sites here I am coming up to 4 years post op from gastic sleeve and maintaining a 67-69 kg loss. all the best on your journey
  2. tomat0mouse

    Melbourne support groups

    Hi Beekanz there are some great forums over on FB All the best with your journey
  3. tomat0mouse

    Melbourne help

    Hi I was sleeved by the wonderful Mr Geoff Draper at Peninsula Private, he is fantastic as well as his staff. 15 months post surgery and a 64kg loss. So so happy.
  4. tomat0mouse

    Melbourne help

  5. tomat0mouse

    how long did it take you to lose your weight?

    Was sleeved 4th August 2014 so far have lost 55.3 kgs SW: 126.6kgs CW: 68.7kgs