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  1. Halfy77

    Would you do it again?

    I would do it again. The sleeve operation has changed and saved my life. My sleep apnea has gone as has my snoring. Blood pressure normal. I have lost 67kg since December which while slow it is steady. I still have a long way to go but yes if you need this operation and work with it then it can change and save your life. Cheers
  2. Halfy77

    Today's the day

    Hope all went well
  3. Halfy77

    4 months out today

    Hi All, 4 months since surgery today. I have lost 45kg total so far. Still have 80kg ish to go. I have had stalls followed by drops and sometimes this is disappointing but the weight does move eventually to keep me focused. My measurements are all coming down and my clothes are about at the point where they are too baggy. I have been through my clothes storage and am rediscovering clothes that have been locked away for many years. I was away camping over Easter and found that I could get about a lot easier and walk uphill without feeling like I was going to die Cheers for now Halfy
  4. Halfy77

    Eating socially and anxiousness - help?

    Be upfront to those close to you. Show them the diagrams so they have an understanding that it is no longer a choice on the amount you can eat. Even show them the youtube video of the operation so they can get a better understanding. Don't forget at their age they were brought up to eat everything on their plate because if they didn't then that would be seen as wasteful / ungrateful. It would be hard to change that programming indeed a lot of us here would have been brought up with that same mentality. I know I was. Halfy
  5. Halfy77

    Should I tell my employer

    Sorry missed the last post. Good news to have that worry off your mind. Halfy
  6. Halfy77

    Being banded today!

    Hi ElleRaptor, Good luck today and I hope all goes well with you Halfy
  7. Halfy77

    Job Lotto

    Just an update... I am working for the same lot that made me redundant only 4 weeks later they brought me back on as a contractor. They are in such a reactive state that they have little to no idea what they are doing next week. Anyway was a very up and down ride for me for a few weeks. I am keeping my eye out for another role as this current company have proven that loyalty is not reciprocated. Cheers Halfy
  8. Halfy77

    At 50 % weight loss my colleagues have finally noticed

    People won't comment for a variety of reasons. True they could be jealous but they could also feel that to comment on someones weight either way could offend and cause trouble. Such is the politically correct world we live in. Halfy
  9. Halfy77

    How to break it off?

    Hi Nerms, Good luck with it all. No one in a relationship deserves to be treated with indifference. I have been with my beautiful wife almost 17 years. We got together and really haven't had more than a day without communication. I go out camping , four wheel driving or am away for work and we always make the effort to talk at the end of each day. I hope you find someone who treats you with the respect you deserve Cheers Halfy
  10. Halfy77

    Sleever's Pre & Post Op Pics

    Hi All, I just though I would post some progress shots. http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-20343-0-16278200-1422920246.jpg http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-20343-0-37523800-1422920249.jpg http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-20343-0-06599600-1422920252.jpg http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-20343-0-78449700-1422920254.jpg These were in late November when I started the Opti 231.5kg http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-20343-0-54638300-1422920257.jpg http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-20343-0-30270800-1422920260.jpg http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-20343-0-94555800-1422920262.jpg http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-20343-0-84213000-1422920265.jpg These were on the 31st January 195.0kg All in all happy with how things are progressing. PS in the before shots it was 5am and I had just gotten up lol Cheers Halfy
  11. Halfy77

    Struggling peeps..... struggling!

    Just rest and relax. Keep the fluids up. I didn't have a bowel movement till 9 days post surgery so don't stress as you are still on fluids. As far as consuming recommended fluids just do the best you can. Good luck and hope it goes smoother for you here on in. Cheers Halfy
  12. Halfy77

    Progress shots

    Ok thanks Kazbo
  13. Halfy77

    Progress shots

    Hi All, Have taken some progress shots and I was wondering how people put them side by side? What program do you use? Cheers Halfy
  14. Halfy77

    worried about weight loss or lack of

    Also take into consideration measurements dropping.
  15. Halfy77

    Today is the day

    Good luck today. Let us know how you go