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  1. Jamestp

    Revision- Alfred

    Hi jemmabell, just wondering if you’ve had your op yet and if so when?
  2. Jamestp

    Alfred consultation

    Hi Jemabell. From what I was told the sleeve waiting list is shorter than gastric bypass as there are more surgeons that can do a sleeve. I was told 8-12 months for a bypass which is what I’m waiting for however I was put to category 3 high priority which is within 6 months. I was banded in 2010 but then my port got a hole in it. My surgeon replaced the port but then I got a staph infection. So then he sleeved me in 2014. But since then my sleeve has stretched. So now I’m on the waiting list at the Alfred for a bypass as my surgeon has since retired. Ive got my pre op appointment at the end of January so hoping surgery isn’t much longer after that.
  3. Jamestp

    16 months post op, need a new surgeon.

    Thanks oz chick, yes my doc does bulk bill. And I've would give me a bulk bill referral if I asked him. I just didn't know they bulk billed the barium swallow. ill give that a go and take things from there. Thanks once aga9n.
  4. Jamestp

    16 months post op, need a new surgeon.

    So I assume my GP will give me a referral for the barium swallow? Will the barium swallow be bulk billed?
  5. Jamestp

    16 months post op, need a new surgeon.

    @ Nessa1977. i live in the south eastern burbs of Melbourne. @ Ozchick...I wasnt wanting to see a surgeon to have another operation. i cant afford it anyway and dont have private health. I self funded through super my first band op. And was lucky that my surgeon did the Port repalcement, port removal and sleeve operation all for free. I wanted to see a surgeon so he could see if my sleeve has expanded and perhaps guide me from there of what to do and if i should see a psychologist, dietician etc. Also i havent had a follow up in over a year so thought it time that I did.,
  6. Hello, I was sleeved in April last year after having my band removed due to a leaky port. My weight climbed from 75 kg to 105Kg whilst I waited for the sleeve operation. Then it dropped to about 85 post op but since then has climbed back to 102 kgs and I am pretty sure I've stretched my sleeve s I always over ate and vomited. (I posted another thread about this on this forum back in June) Anyway my surgeon Mr Steven Blamey retired this year. He recommended another surgeon Dr Liang Low from Complete weight loss solutions however I have to pay $300 for my first visit. I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment ND am worried I'm only going to be told what I already know..that I've over eaten and stretched my sleeve. Does anyone know of a follow up surgeon in Melbourne I can go and see that does not charge this much?
  7. Jamestp

    13 months post op gained 15 kgs

    Thanks once again for all the advice. I did try the cottage cheese test just to see how big my pouch actually is. I ate half of a 500gram container before feeling very sick. That stuff is horrible and way too salty eating it in such large quantities. I felt full but I think I could have fit a bit more in before my pouch was full so I'm guessing my sleeve is around 300mls. I know I shouldn't worry about the size but one thing this exercise has done is made me realise that my sleeve hasn't stretched that much and it still should be a tool that will help me, I'm just not using it properly. I've decided to cut out drinking weeknights and only drink on weekends. And when we go to Tassie we will be doing a lot of walking and trying to order healthy meals whenever possible. I actually enjoy walking and have time at night when i get home from work to do so, but I got into this rut of coming home and pouring a beer and sitting on the couch watching TV whilst surfing the net on my Ipad. So I will have to get out of that habit. Thanks once again everyone.
  8. Jamestp

    13 months post op gained 15 kgs

    One thing I forgot is do you think I've stretched my pouch too much? In the pouch rules for dummy's it mentions the cottage cheese test where you see how much you can eat and this gives you an idea of how big your pouch is. I'm going to try it tomorrow morning and will let you know how I go.
  9. Jamestp

    13 months post op gained 15 kgs

    Hi David. I'm reading your post and I know that you are 100% dead right. It's just trying to take the steps towards fixing this. I think a lot of It is just head hunger. The reason why is because during the week I eat chips before and after dinner almost every night. once I go to bed I end up going to the toilet and bringing them up at least 3-4 times before finally going to sleep. Then often I wake up in the middle of the night gagging on my stomach acid as it refluxes or with heart burn and needing gaviscon. (I'm also on somac tablets) But on the weekend I stay at my partners house or she stays at mine. She would crack it at me if I ate chips after dinner so I don't. And I'm not even hungry. I can have dinner and that's it until bedtime and I'm fine. So a lot of it must be head hunger. I found this link called pouch rules for dummies which has some really good ideas and I'm going to try and follow the rules. http://www.amylhwilliams.com/pouchrulesfordummies.html Also my surgeon retired last year but he gave another surgeon that I can see. So I'm off to Tassie for a holiday at the end off this week for two weeks but when I get back I'm going to go and see the surgeon and their dietician. Thanks for your advice and help.
  10. Jamestp

    13 months post op gained 15 kgs

    Thanks everyone for the advice and sorry it's taken me awhile to respond. I know I certainly have some issues I need to try and fix. But I just can't see how a psychologist or a Dietician is going to make me not feel hungry. I know what I should be eating. I just find that it doesn't fill me up. There is is no way half a cup of food is going to satisfy me. Often I've had a bowl of muesli at 7am and then at 10am brought a coffee and a pie from the coffee van and ate all of that. I'm gaining weight at a rate of 1kg a week and am up to 103.5 kgs now. As an example today I had an egg and bacon roll for breakfast and a coffee. At 10am had a pie and a coffee. For lunch had a pork belly sandwich a dim sim and a potato cake. After this I felt really full. Then for dinner had 2 pork spare ribs and some chips. I feel really full after eating this and just brought some food up because I'm having a beer with it. But in about an hour I will end up eating some potato chips. I just can't see how I would go eating only half a cup of food. I would be starving 5 minutes later. i really wish I could eat just that. I think I just have to go hungry all my life and fight the will to want to eat all the time. Is the problem that I've just stretched my pouch too much? How much can you stretch it especially if I've gone just over a year of constantly over eating a bringing it back up? i would consider a re sleeve or gastric bypass but I self funded my band using my super and my surgeon did my sleeve operation no charge and got me into Monash on public health. So I can't afford the operation and have no insurance. Even today when I brought the pork belly sandwich I also brought a potato cake and dim sim to eat when driving back to work from the shop as I was starving. Even though after eating all of that I was very full. Then tonight after eating the pork spare ribs and chips I continued to drink a beer so ended up bringing food back up 4 or 5 times. Then 15 minutes later I was hungry again and right now feel like eating some chips. Although I must admit as I type this I haven't bothered getting up from the couch and the hunger seems to have s8bsided a bit. I noticed this happen 0n the weekend too. I asked my gf if she wanted some lunch but she wasn't hungry. I was but wanted to wait until she wanted lunch. An hour later I had forgotten all about it. i just really wish 1/2 a cup of food did fill me up. But I think Ive stretched my sleeve too much.
  11. Well here is my story. Back in 2010 I weighed 130 kgs and had lap band surgery. Over the following years I got down to around 75 kgs at one stage. Then in 2014 went to Thailand with my wife so had some fill taken out. When i got back I had a few fills but had no restriction. Found out I had a hole in my port so had surgery to replace it. Ended up with staph infection so had the whole band removed. My awesome surgeon said he would do gastric sleeve surgery for free and even managed to get me into Monash in less than 2 months wait on public health. That was April 23rd last year and at the time I was around 100 kgs. I managed to get down to about 85 kgs after the operation but then my weight slowly started to climb. I then quit smoking in January this year and in that time have increased my weight to 101 kgs. It just doesn't seem to work If I eat too much I end up bringing it up but then a short time later Im hungry again. I know my diet is shocking but the problem is if it worked I wouldn't be hungry and would eat healthier/ I just find that if I eat healthy stuff Im not satisfied. Here is an example of my daily food intake. I know this is all junk but the problem is Im always hungry. Brekky: Coffee or Dare iced coffee and a bacon and egg roll. Morning Tea: another coffee and a pie. Lunch: Roast pork and gravy in a container. or chicken snitzel cheese avo and mayo sandwich. Dinner: curry and rice, or frozen fish fillet with chips and squid rings or pork belly and roast potatoes. I also drink 2-3 beers a night and will snack on potato chips. i eat them until Im full and have to regurgitate them then eat some more. I find I go to bed and get shocking reflux where I gag and choke on it as it nearly enters my lungs. Ive been on sumac since even before my surgery and take a lot of gaviscon. And I bring up food almost every single time I eat. But I find Im still hungry and don't feel full so i bring it up then have some more and repeat. So Im assuming I've stretched my sleeve as well which is why I am gaining so much weight. Any ideas on what I can do here because Im worried at this rate I will end up being back to my original weight and no chance of getting more surgery?
  12. Only my band was self funded and it was around $13 k from memory. But that was in 2010. Blamey did my sleeve FOC as I had complications with my band, the port leaking and then the infection after my port replacement operation. So I have no idea how much a sleeve operation would cost.
  13. Jamestp

    Define vomiting after eating too much?

    I eat with a teaspoon. But I tend to chew too quickly and swallow. And then put the next one in the app sounds good. Will check it out.
  14. Jamestp

    Define vomiting after eating too much?

    That's my problem, I tend to try to eat too much and also eat too fast. My wife always tells me to slow down especially during the twelve weeks between banding and the sleeve when I could eat anything. I also need to try to chew longer as well as there is less chance of heart burn if you chew properly.
  15. Jamestp

    Define vomiting after eating too much?

    And if it is food that's in the esophogus why won't it move into the stomach? Is it because the stomach is full so it is held back?