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    All of my family are in QLD, my english hubby looks after me. Been working in the same organisation for 33 years (different roles), now planning retirement. Love having pets, but when they go to pet heaven it tears me apart, 2014 has been hard in this area. 2015 is looking great, have two new russian blue fur babies, love them to bits.
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  1. duckie

    Spam Bots

    Hope this does not put people needing support off the site.
  2. had all fill removed, long story. why has my head gone crazy? eating like a piggy, o,d habits back with bells on! feeling angry at myself, but that doughnut at arvo tea was bloody fantastic. now re-reading posts to help me get back on track. thank you everyone for being here and bejng so honest.
    1. Angel Butterfly

      Angel Butterfly

      Duckie! You alright over there girl? You know where I am if you need me. Stay strong! Glad you enjoyed the doughnut lol!
    2. rumplebear


      I did exactly the same thing. Gobbled up all those naughty foods that I'd missed. Now paying the price, it's so slow to go the second time around!

  3. duckie

    Flip flopping

    Hi, normal feelings! I flip flopped when doing the tests. I think this is because it was no longer talk but was real. Surgery is scary anyway for every one. I have had my ups and downs with the band, BUT i have lost 32 kg that i would never had lost with out it. The key from my perspective is thst you need your head in the right place. This is a very personal decision and i had to stop listening to family who were negative. I had to do this for me, no one else. Now i just want to show them that i made the right choice. Dont know if i have helped.....
  4. duckie

    A newbie but an olide ;)

    Hi stephanie, i am glad you have recovered and are back with us.
  5. duckie

    Newbie from Victoria "please help"

    I hope that your son is doing well. Hugs and kisses to you and your family.
  6. duckie

    Almost 12 Months A Bandit!!!

    What a great attitude, reckon this is part of your success. Great work so far.
  7. duckie

    Stopping when full

    Tish is right, i get the full feeling when eating right foods. If i keep eating and ignore that feeling i feel crap for hours. Remember the post xmas lunch feeling! If i eat sliders (icecream, chocolate, runny food) i can keep eating. For me this is brain eating, not hungry eating. I am working on this even 10 months after my band.
  8. duckie

    Am I doing it wrong?

    If you like the taste and doing everything else dont stress. You may be one of the lucky few who like it!
  9. duckie

    shoulder tip pain

    Pinkkat, how are you today?
  10. duckie

    Help please!!

    I would guess too much fill. Did they test you with a drink of water after the fill? Dont stress as that could make you feel worse. Just try and sip to keep your fluids up. Never think sinister until the ordinary is looked at. Hope you feel better after the dr visit.
  11. duckie

    Hello again

    Hi boganlicious, welcome back. I did answer one of your questions. We are here to help if we can, so ask away. Everyone is different in how they respond to the band, so i try not to compare too much, however just knowing what people have experienced is at times a comfort when i feel i am not getting anywhere. Judt knowinv that a pain is normal, or similar. Best of luck.
  12. duckie

    Questions to ask at consult

    I am assuming for banding...so here we go: 1. how long will the op take 2. where am I on the list (early in, could there be a delay...the waiting nearly killed me) 3. Should I take my normal drugs the morning of the op 4. How long after the op will I need a review and have a fill 5.What pain levels can i expect and the best way to deal with the pain when at home 6. when can I drive again 7. If you have small kids, how long until I can pick the kids up, or lift anything heavy 8. Will I stay in hosp overnight If not banding I hope a sleever can let you know what you need to ask.
  13. Hi shorty, this can be normal, was for me. It could just be that your body is healing. I was hungry about this time too. Most of the post op swelling would be gone, so the band would be looser. Your next fill should help. Eat well and exercise and you will get there. My journey was ling ( 10 months banded), 6 fills with some taken out and then put back in. I have stalled right now, but with 32 kg off all together i am very happy. Still 40 kg to go, but hey, it took me a long time to get to where i was, so reversing it will take time. As for the pain when eating, could be normal but mention to your doctor. Best of luck.
  14. Suicide of my brother, he was 25, i was 23. Came shortly after my dad died. So much death in a short period...... i realised i was strong but i still needed help with guilt as i was blamed in a way for his death. I also realised thst mental health is important and easily affected. I now have an appreciation for life and health. I would address my mental health issues earlier if this happened again. Everyone has a story like mine and julie, it just depends where you are in your life journey. You are right, when i think life sucks, i just need to think back to what i have dealt with in the past and know that my now is not that bad after all.
  15. duckie

    Newbie from Victoria "please help"

    O research first to ensure you understand the difference in procedures and the changes you need to make to your lifestyle. Then make an appt with a surgeon for a chat. I think you will need a referal to do that, then if you are sure the procedure is for you, get on the list. Just remember that the band is a tool, you really need to change your behavior for it to work. Cant comnent about the sleeve as i am banded. For me the band is slow and i have had some ups and down. Best of luck.