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    All of my family are in QLD, my english hubby looks after me. Been working in the same organisation for 33 years (different roles), now planning retirement. Love having pets, but when they go to pet heaven it tears me apart, 2014 has been hard in this area. 2015 is looking great, have two new russian blue fur babies, love them to bits.
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  1. had all fill removed, long story. why has my head gone crazy? eating like a piggy, o,d habits back with bells on! feeling angry at myself, but that doughnut at arvo tea was bloody fantastic. now re-reading posts to help me get back on track. thank you everyone for being here and bejng so honest.
    1. Angel Butterfly

      Angel Butterfly

      Duckie! You alright over there girl? You know where I am if you need me. Stay strong! Glad you enjoyed the doughnut lol!
    2. rumplebear


      I did exactly the same thing. Gobbled up all those naughty foods that I'd missed. Now paying the price, it's so slow to go the second time around!