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  1. Shorty

    Any success Band to sleevers?

    It depends on so many factors. I'm yet to decide which I prefer. PM me if you have some specific quetions and I'll do my best to answer them S
  2. Shorty

    Band to sleeve.....or bypass??

    I've had a band for about 7 years, it was great till I had to have fill removed from it and it was never the same after that. Mine is coming out and I'm also going to a sleeve. I have a few friends who have successfully gone from band to sleeve. My new surgeon laid a lot of information on the table for me at my appointment so I could make an informed decision and I'm pleased (and terrified) that I'm going to the sleeve.
  3. Shorty

    Long-Term Sleevers - 2 1/2 years Plus

    Soo happy to see this post! Time has come for me to move from a band to a sleeve and intertested in how people go living with the sleeve long term. Looking forward to some more stories on here from long term sleevers.
  4. Have the same problem with my band it's been in almost 7 years. For me the issues started when I got the fill taken out before going away to a remote area. Its never been the same since. Am now waiting on revision surgery and looking forward to life with a sleeve. My understanding is that we wil no longer have issues with food getting stuck. We need to be miindful of volume of food as the capacity is much smaller. I do remember a few sleevers when I got my band having issues with sugar. Keen to know that others current experiences are too.
  5. Hello I've been banded for 7 years and time has come to revised it and move on, I can see that many of you are in a similar position. Most surgeons seem to require a 12 week wait between surgeries. I'm intersted to hear from anyone who has successfully had a band removed an a bypass or sleeve done at the same time. I have read one or two stories where there were issues (serious issues) but interested to see if there were any successful safe single operation conversion stories around. Thanks S
  6. That's one that doesn't work for me. Best ones I've found are Body Glide or Gurney Goo. I wear similar shorts when I run/walk but there is still a lot of skin tha rubs on itself or the tights. It's a pesky spot where by top of my leg meets my bottom, soo annoying.
  7. I know after nearly seven years you would think I'd have this sorted but I don't! I'm just back from a hiking trip and have the more awful chaffe, not in the normal spots although this spot is common for me. I've tried all the preventative topical products on the market and for the most part they are amazing. I've written articles about a range of preventative products but have just one spot that nothing seems to work on. So tell me what your tricks are. FWIW, I've put on a few kilos but it just means the loose skin isn't as loose at the moment and it was a problem all the way down and now back up the weight range, plastic surgery isn't an option and wouldn't help on this spot, have also tried different clothing and sizes. Need to fix it as there are too many more adventures on my list and they aren't nearly as much fun managing this.
  8. Hey Kazbo I haven't been in here for AGES so have only just seen your post. Did you end up having the sleeve done? Am so sorry that you are having such a dreadful time with it. S
  9. Shorty

    Exercising with injuries options

    Don't discount running and cycling...but you might need help to change your technique. I'm a runner, I'm slow but I love it. I didnt realise it wasn't suppose to hurt until a coach asked me if it did. Then he changed the way I run, who knew you can run pain free? There are body mechanics around that might be able to help you, you local running store is a great place to start. I have no cartlidge in my right ankle, weight related damage to both knees and a few toes that don't like the cold. I also have an Osteopath who keeps my body all lined up correctly again now which helps too. It did take a little while to iron out the kinks but I've been able to do some amazing things since my band. I'm sure my running shoes help. Check out Hokas when you next look at shoes...such a cushioned ride! I have a few pairs now for walking, road and trail running...so comfy! Pool swimming isn't my thing but I have a few friends who ocean swim and LOVE it. Totally different challenge and they do train in pools but on weekends from now to about April there are ocean swim races or days somewhere on Sydney's Beaches. Find something that works and you will be amazed at how it will grow on you! S
  10. Shorty

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    It's taken me a long time to see my legs as powerful not just big. They've carried me a long way this year through two Ultra Marathons. No way I could have done that pre band.
  11. Shorty

    Long term bandsters

    I haven't been in here for a while...I've been banded 4+ years now and have never looked back. Still less than 10 people know about my band. There are lots of people around me who are critical of the band (or weight loss surgery in general) calling it a quick or easy fix so I'm keen to keep mine a secret. I know that being banded, a bandit, a bandster what ever you want to call is it not an easy path but it was the right one for me. Over the last couple of years I've been able to maintain my weight to a range of about 4 or 5 kilos. I've considered surgery for the loose skin but the cost and the amount of time I'd be out of action have put me off. When I was banded my Doctor talked about exercise being a part of the journey and being able to run again was a key reason for me looking at the band for surgery. I've come a long way since then running a number of half marathons, and some much longer (and shorter) races too...I'm still among the slowest runners in events I enter but that's where the best conversations are! I've got a lot of weight related joint damage but the more I move the better it is...crazy! Someone who knows about my band recently asked why I don't have it taken out now. I know that I can't live with out it, I had some fill removed to participate in a remote event and was STARVING all the time. Great reminder that the band is a tool that helps me. Someone in my family asked if I would recommend it, it has worked for me. I wanted it to work, I've worked with my care team to make sure it worked and I love it. It's definitely not for everyone though. S
  12. Shorty

    Meet Up??

    Hello! I'm going to be in Canberra a bit on weekends between now and April 2015. If anyone's free for a coffee/walk/run/chat let me know. S
  13. Haven't been here in a while...just needed to vent. I am not invisible, I have feelings and being left out of a celebrations still hurts.

    1. duckie


      Vent accepted, hope you feel better :)

    2. kazbo
  14. Today a friend said I was a great roll model for my kids, not becuase I've lost weight but because of what we do together.

  15. Me too....I just want to fit into the crowd. Now I'm finding friends are sharing my story with others. I"m also a secret bandster, when asked I simply say I found the right solution for me. When pressed I tell them it's a combination of doctor, psychologist and dietitian...all true! Today I was out running and we ran past a girl out walking, my running buddy asked were you that big. Nope, I was much bigger than that, I was probably 20 kilos bigger than the girl we passed. He couldn't believe it! S