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  1. annesarah

    Band adjustment Perth CBD

    Whereabouts South of the River did you go? I live in Freo......Um, do you need to get to Joondalup Medical at where Joondalup hospital is? This is where I go.....I can get you the details if you like
  2. annesarah

    Haven't seen Doctor for a year......

    Thank you so much !! Ill get onto it right now. Girls, have you had problems with your band? A lady told me today that she got a sleeve because no one is doing bands anymore because hey aren't as good at sleeves. She said that bands don't work after a while.......
  3. Hi, How are you? I'm a fultime carer for my beautiful husband and you know.......I'm very tired. I've gained about 5 kilos.......therefore I've only lost 20 kilos in 7 years since I've had the operation. I had the lap band operation over 7 years ago when my son recovered from cancer, I decided to get the lap band because I ate for years like I was numb and when he recovered I decided to take care of myself better. I Would like very much to lose 10 more kilos but I can get the fills done in the future. Kevin Dolan did my operation, I have never had a problem with my lap band. A: Does everyone need replacements of the lap band? IS it normal or whatever that you really should go every three months to have your lap band checked? Does the lapland still work 7 years later and I want to lose the last 10 kilos? Thank you so much
  4. annesarah

    Only just understanding my weight loss

    Hi Duckie, How are you? How have you found your weight loss journey? My main concern is : though I have had no problems at all with my lapband.....do I need to get private medical again if I do get problems? I have found it very liberating not obsessing over food.
  5. annesarah

    New Way of Looking at the Lap Band

    Hi, how are you? I will write getting a band has been the best decision in my life. I didn't get a fill ....... Sorry.....I got 2 fills straight away then not another for 3 years because I was in so much shock my son recovered from a bad illness for 15 years he was in and out of hospital then got better. I lost about 24 kilos so far. It's wonderful. So, after 3 years, started getting fills. Last year I've lost 12 kilos. It's awesome.
  6. Hi, I had long term therapy when my son had big illness, for 15 years but when he recovered, he moved out of home....to another family member and I got a lapband. I weighed 97 kgs and had just started new study. Well, Kevin Dillon operated on my private medical .....I was in so much shock from my darling son's recovery.....it took me until Feb. Last year to get my third fill! I became 87 kilos at my second fillwhichstayed at untilFeb. 2014 when I began seeing Dr Yung to get more fills. I'm now 73 kilos, 10 kilos to go. Only lately, I'm listening to how people are saying.....omg, you have lost weight! I'm noticing I'm a lot more active and ......caring for myself more.
  7. annesarah


    thanks. I didn't get fills because IDE spent 15 years caring for youngest son, he was really ill, I had therapy to make sure lap band was the way to go to get my ' unmanageable life feel more manageable,' the son got totally better but I was too knackered to do anything. ......anyway, now I'm ready to lose weight more. I'm having problems though, since jan this year, it's been difficult to drink many glasses of water, exhaustion, but my appetite has been okay, then, three or four days ago, it was like my lap band kicked in. I woke with a terrible thirst, I've been drinking lots! But not hungry at all! I had to practically force down some pasta, after two days of just drinking water and not eating. Do others experience this ? Thanks ;0)
  8. annesarah

    Is a slipped band fixable

    That's interesting....I've had band since 2011, Kevin Dolan did it .....and because of things happening only started getting fills in Jan, this year. I don't have private anymore and see a wonderful doctor, Dr Yung at Joondalup. If I think there's problems with my lap band, what so I do as no more private medical insurance ?
  9. annesarah


    Hello, my name is Sarah. I got ma band in Jan, 2011.....this is going to sound feral but I only got one fill when I first had it put in and :0) started getting regular fills by Jan, 2014. I lost about 10 kilos in those years and have lost another 8 kilos since Janruary. Can anyone comment on their symptoms or.....issues on getting fills. I have a few and want to see what everyone else says.... thanx, :0)