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  1. Ladymantis

    After surgery

    Something that my husband pointed out to me was that when I was sipping my fluids I was kind of slurping so possibly sucking in gas.... I now just let the liquid pour in -if that makes sense- and that has made a difference...
  2. Ladymantis

    After surgery

    I've never had the pain in the throat but definitely a lot of chest, shoulder and tummy pain from built up gas. A degas, peppermint tea and a heat bag work wonders Someone on here gave me that advice I keep the degas handy in my bag now! That feeling of being unable to burb I find horrible. I've found you just have to relax and let it come on its own. Try lying down on the couch/bed and then sitting up a couple of times, that helps me. I used to have to do that to my son when he was a baby to help him burb!!
  3. Thank you so much everyone for your responses. It's really good to know that I will hopefully not need to do the same after each fill. Maybe this was because it was so early Any advice on good puréed foods?!
  4. My apologies if this question has been asked before. I've been having a good look through all the topics and can't find anything that answers my question. I had my surgery on 3/9/14 and was due for my first fill on 2/10/14. At my post op consultant, my surgeon decided to give me my first fill which was on Wednesday (17/9/14). I had just started on purée two days before and was going well and really looking forward to starting soft foods the following week. He did a 4ml fill and then said I need to now do 3 days liquid and 2 weeks purée My question is: Will this be what happens after every fill? I had read about 2 days liquid post fill but not the 2 weeks purée! Is this just because it's my first fill? I so badly want to chew something!!! Plus I'm back to being hungry and feeling very bloated and gassy! Thank you
  5. Ladymantis

    Items for hospital stay?

    I ended up having to stay for a second night so I'm glad I took a nightie. It felt nice to change into something else I wished I had brought my slippers and dressing own though. I went for a walk around the hospital floor on the second day so it would have been nice to have them!