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  1. Mum2three

    october 2018

    Hi Fandangle and Mouse-mum. I'm also an October sleever, although a week after both of you- 16th October. Also feeling nervous and excited! I have had a few too many "last" tim-tams, but am trying to think of the surgery not as future deprivation but a fabulous tool to reduce hunger and stomach capacity and help me on the way to healthy, sensible eating and a healthier relationship with food. I am just about to start the pre-op Optifast. Best wishes to you both :-)
  2. Mum2three

    Anyone at glengarry hospital ATM?

    Wow. New to this forum but just wanted to say that you guys are fabulous. Such a supportive group. What a kind thing to do to help out a "stranger". All the best with your weight loss journeys.