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  1. paper_butterfly

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I agree, Millymollymandy, 41kg in under 10 months is awesome! Well done! I have had a long absence (very long). Long story short, lost 40kg in the first year, put back on 20kg (almost) due to bucket loads of stress and a band that would not cooperate. The last couple of months I've been getting the usual pouch symptoms and I'm getting a gastroscopy next month to find out how much damage there is before my surgeon can decide if he'll go in and fix it, give me a new band, or if I can get a sleeve or bypass done instead. I'm leaning toward the bypass. My hubby has now lost 50% of his body weight after his bypass 18 months ago and I'm so proud. So, getting back on the wagon (while the scales were going up, there was no way I was getting on them). This morning I was 130.9kg not where I want to be but lost almost 3kg in the past 2 weeks.
  2. paper_butterfly

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Back again after a very long break I'd become a bit down about life (we found out we have to have IVF to start a family and then a week later my sister announced she was pregnant after one month of trying). I put on about 13 odd kg's. Now I've been told I need to get down to a BMI of less than 35 for IVF, so it's been a vicious circle but I'm ready to get back on board and do this. Last week started at 126.2 and today I'm 124.8 so have lost 1.4kg this week. Only 39.9kg to go for IVF!
  3. paper_butterfly

    Weigh In Wednesday

    112.8 today. Finally cracked 40kg.
  4. paper_butterfly

    Gurgling throat?

    The last few days I've taken Nexium and it has helped a lot but not stopped totally. I'll mention it at my check up and see what she says.
  5. paper_butterfly

    Gurgling throat?

    Hmm, that's a good point Elle. I've been taking nexium but not every day. I'll take it when I get home from work tonight and see how it goes. It can't hurt to try since it's driving me crazy!
  6. paper_butterfly

    Gurgling throat?

    Does anyone get a gurgling noise in their throat? Not just while eating, but any time of day? I've been having them almost constantly. It keeps me awake at night, it's loud at work and people can hear it and it's frustrating me to no end! I can drink ok and eat mostly ok (although I have been feeling pretty tight) but this noise is almost constant. Sometimes it almost hurts it vibrates so much. I have been getting a bit of reflux lately too and I've got a check up next week. Just wondering if this is something other people have had to learn to live with or if it's something that can be resolved. I've already had a couple of unfills lately due to stress so don't really want another if I can help it
  7. paper_butterfly

    Weigh In Wednesday

    115.1 this morning. Happy to have lost some considering it's my TOM but frustrated that I can't seem to crack the 40kg. I saw it briefly a while back but it remains elusive. Stressed out as we're selling one house and building another, while planning an overseas trip too. So I probably shouldn't be surprised. Considering doing one meal of opti per day to help shift a little bit. I want to be under 110 by June when I go away. It will be my lightest since my first year of Uni (yikes, just realised that was nearly 15 years ago!!!).
  8. paper_butterfly

    I'm going bald! #worldsgreatestshave

    Thought I would share some pics. Before, during and after
  9. paper_butterfly

    I'm going bald! #worldsgreatestshave

    Thanks so much @denzel!!!
  10. paper_butterfly

    I'm going bald! #worldsgreatestshave

    Over the last year I've been losing more and more hair. I don't have bald patches but I've been losing a lot of volume. I always had lots and lots of fine hair. It would make a thick braid and I'll be honest and say I loved it. Being bigger, I often thought it was the one thing about me I was happy with. When I realised it was falling out, breaking and being a general pain in the butt, I started thinking about going short. I researched pixie cuts, thinking I would 'start over'. Then one of my colleagues mentioned she was thinking about taking part in the World's Greatest Shave. It didn't take me long to decide I would do it too. One of my hubby's cousins had leukemia as a child. It was a bone marrow treatment that saved his life. I'm proud to support such a great cause, that helps those being treated for blood cancers and their families. I hope it's ok that I'm posting it here, but if it's not someone let me know and I'll take it down. If you would consider sponsoring me, I'd been grateful. I only started fundraising this week and I'd love to surpass my original goal. I'll be doing the shave tomorrow, so I'll post some before and after pics! my #worldsgreatestshave profile page Thanks, Erryn (a.k.a. Paper Butterfly)
  11. paper_butterfly

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Forgot to weigh in on Wednesday. 117.3kg this week. Only 200g loss but considering how stressed I'm feeling lately, I am glad it's a loss rather than gain. ETA: Scratch that. I forgot to update my ticker last week, so it's actually a 400g gain. Crap.
  12. paper_butterfly

    Weigh In Wednesday

    A good point, soul sister. Thanks for asking Hubby is going ok. It's been very slow going with his recovery but he's almost full time at work again (they worked him up from part time gradually). The amazing thing is that he's lost 50kg so far, since the end of August last year. I'm amazed and so proud.
  13. paper_butterfly

    Weigh In Wednesday

    116.9 so loss of 600g. Been a bit up and down this week. My band is all over the place. Having trouble eating the last few days which sucks.
  14. paper_butterfly

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Had a fill of .3ml last Wednesday. Today I'm 117.5, so down 2.2kg this week. Back on the band wagon
  15. paper_butterfly

    Preparing yourself for lapband surgery

    Good on you, Rosemary. Sounds like you're doing a great job!