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  1. melizoo

    Golf ball in port site

    Thanks! I have spoken to prof Paul o'brien and he said he can put in quite deep but it makes it quite hard to access for any fills, so I'm really at the deciding stage and was hoping to hear from anyone that had had it done.
  2. Hi Guys After losing 50kgs since having the band in Nov 2014 my port sticks out of my stomach like a golf ball!! Has anyone gone through with having port revision and getting it sewn deeper into the muscle? I'm really keen to hear about your experience. Thanks
  3. melizoo

    Reasons for revision?

    Lol.... Soooo true!!!
  4. melizoo

    Reasons for revision?

    Hi, im not looking at all, I'm just reading do much on Bariatric pal app and I'm starting to get concerned that is only a matter of time before this band on my oesophagus does something I don't want it to!!! People seem to be very passionate about either the band or say the sleeve and whilst I am stoked with my band I guess I wonder if the sleeve is much different. Unfortunately with the band I can still eat as much chocolate as I want so it falls back into will power!
  5. melizoo

    Reasons for revision?

    Thanks for your replies, I just can't shake this feeling that it's only matter of time before something goes wrong, I really don't want to sound doom and gloom as I have loved my band and even have 2 famliy members booked in this nov with prof Paul o brien, who I highly respect
  6. Hi I am 10 months post op and have gone from 103kgs to 57kgs. I am wondering, what is the main reason people are getting a revision from band to sleeve? I have had a dream run but perhaps I am reading too much and am starting to feel uncomfortable/nervous with having this band in my. Don't get me wrong, the band has changed my life and I would highly recommend it, but I just can't shake this feeling. I appreciate any feedback.
  7. melizoo

    Dry cough at night

    Hi I experienced the exact same thing after having a .3ml fill 3 weeks ago. For nearly 2 weeks I had a dry night cough and was convinced I'd have to go back and get some taken out but the cough just stopped on its own. If you are not having issues with food getting stuck etc I would suggest waiting a little longer. Good luck
  8. melizoo

    My journey thus far

    Hi BHgirl, Do you mind if i ask...Was it Duromine that you were on? My Doc put me on it 1 month before my banding. All The best Melioo
  9. melizoo

    November 2014

    Hi Henry How stressful! Can I ask, are you getting hungry with the band? Do you wake up hungry? Do you have the 3 x 1/2 cup of food per day because of hungry or because of what the dietitian is subscribing? I went to a workshop with Helen Bauzon ( Dietitian at Prof O'briens Clinic) and it was fantastic. I am happy to share any info with those who are interested. Just Message me. Henry I hope you don't mind these questions I'm just wondering what where you are sitting with the band at the moment. Mel x
  10. melizoo

    Feels Weird

    Hi zen, I'm great, seems just too easy at this stage. I have worked out the above issue is from chewing gum!!! How are you going? Mel x
  11. melizoo

    November 2014

    Hi Zen On Liquids, I did Home made Soup, Sugar Free Ice tea, had one optifast. was okay but I was never really hungry enough to have it again. Made smoothie with Skim Milk, Low Fat Yoghurt and fresh Fruit, ( strawberries & Blueberries). Peppermint Tea and water.
  12. melizoo

    November 2014

    HI Zen On Day 2,3,4 I was having a flat berocca, water, Homemade cup of minestrone soup blended for luch and dinner and say a glass of Ice tea or juice each day. Not much at all, just made sure I sipped the water. Im 2 weeks out tomorrow and I only eat once a day. I have hardly no hunger. I have a skinny Cap each morning, they at say 2pm a tin or tuna ( if I have lunch, otherwise no food until night time). Dinner is small amount of fish or chicken and a soft veggie. Water all day. I had my op on a Thursday and by Monday I was doing school run . I think having a solid 4 days of doing nothing, My mum Had my girls, really did me the world of good. I have found no issues with any type of food yet but on some days I do have that terrible gas pain in my chest. I need to find a way to relieve it before it builds up. The interesting thin was on day 3-5 I was quite hungry but then it just went away! Weird! Rest up Mel x
  13. melizoo

    November 2014

    Great to hear from you Zen. You will feel better in no time. Dont forget the Bottom in the air thing. It works!!
  14. melizoo

    November 2014

    Goodluck for tomorrow Zen, you will do great and I'm thinking of you. When you are up to it let us know how your doing. Mel x
  15. melizoo

    Hi from a hopeful bandit

    Congrats!! Awesome news, I did the same by switching to them and was banded 3 weeks after switching. Goodluck 😄