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    Any success Band to sleevers?

    Hi, Most people are telling me that band to sleeve is not going to work?? There must be hope that there are people out there that are successful in this option, or why world the surgeon do the op if it has a low success rate? Would love to hear everyone’s opinions on why it didn’t work for them if you are in the group who find it not working or if it worked what your stats are. Many Thanks.
  2. Band2Sleeve2019


    So i am looking at going from Band to Sleeve. After having my baby a few years back i feel it has never resettled as it once was. I dont want to feel vomity with it either. I'm sure people have done this so looking at if you regret doing it? Time frame? Costs? Also i have heard that your bowel system can become upset is this true? Thanks in advance.
  3. Band2Sleeve2019


    I am booked in to see Dr Mosses next month. Im definitely going to talk it all through. Kazbo do you regret going band to sleeve? Do most people who get sleeve have constipation issues.? I thought it was diarrhea like.
  4. Band2Sleeve2019

    Re doing Port Question...

    So I had my band done in 2012 did really well but last year I had it all taken out due to having a baby. Now my problem is well in my opinion lol that my port has flipped. It just doesn't feel like it did before pregnancy. So if it had I would need it re stitched. From people who have had this done with Dr Dloan, how long did you wait between finding out you needed it redone and having it done? Also I was told if I ever needed it redone I wouldn't need to pay he would just fix it.... Still the case as doctors change minds all the time?......? Also recovery time wouldn't be as long right.? Oh I am booked into seeing him in October but just a general idea would be fantastic. TIA