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    Movies, reading, hanging out with my friends, sports (prefer to play rather than watch). Generally would like to do more outdoor activities (when my knee allows)
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  1. 13 months on and I've lost 52kg and only 3kg to my goal weight! Feeling lighter and healthier than I've ever felt before. And I thought I would never say this but totally enjoying running!

    1. denzel


      Oh wow!!!  Many, many congratulations on all your hard work and achievements!  53 kg loss - that's a whole person!  AND running!  Di you ever think that this was possible pre-op? 

      So happy for you!  You GO girl!


    2. Hmk541


      Thanks Denzel :) I definitely never thought this was possible pre op. I thought I might lose some weight and take pressure off my knees before I needed yet another operation. But never in a million years did I think that I would lose 52kg! So happy and lots of people have commented how much I've changed not just on the outside but that I seem happier within myself which is nice to hear :)