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  1. Thank you for the information, as I advised I didn't think there was much avalaible and was unable to find any in my searches. missy_belle for someone who is 5'1 and lost to be exact 39kgs I would consider it pretty extreme. Her BMI was in the 50's. Each to their own though
  2. Hi everyone! I am asking this question for a friend of mine who has lost over 35kgs and maintained the weight for a year or so. She is currently suffering uncomfortableness from the excess skin. She does not have PHI and can not afford to pay for a tummy tuck outright. Can anyone shed some light on tummy tucks that are bulk billed even if these do exist ? I would believe there would be a long long waiting list but its worth looking into for future quality of life for this amazing women! Thank you
  3. Thank you for all the information! I am sticking with him and will see how I go !
  4. HMMM So finally got hold of them. Appointments are all bulk billed as a part of the Non gap payment at the start.
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to ask anyone who had an operation with Dr Chan a few things. Firstly I am not having this message to slander him or be nasty. I am honestly unsatisfied and feeling unsupported. Initially When I had my first consultation with my mum, he felt my mums stomach asked a lot of medical questions and checked her liver. When it was my turn, he weight me and said I can do it 22/09/14. - That was it. I had an appointment with the nurse at their clinic and this was the most information I was actually provided. My operation was done and I did the 2 weeks opti fast. This week I went in for my first fill. I was given no information and asked the following: How much Fill are you putting in? ( 1 ml) My weight loss of 12.2kgs in 5 weeks is this as you expected? ( answer: yeah its ok) How was the operation any issues and was the liver very fatty or healthy. ( Answer - it was fine) How many calories should I eat? ( Answer - what ever we don't count calories.) I also found out that at the time of the appointment he had put in 3mls - I never knew or was told. I just kept asking and stumbled across this information in conversation. Never the less I am feeling very unsupported and feeling that I am just a number to Mr Chan. I am considering paying more and changing clinics to get better support and Service. I have tried to call the Clinic as I would like and idea of the cost of my appointment on Tuesday and what I would get back. ( their phone keeps ringing out) What was your experience ? I live in Pakenham Victoria and Work in Dandenong Victoria ( Any suggesting of a new doctor would be great too) ( I just called a place in Berwick who seemed lovely)
  6. leese_88

    Day before surgery; the wait is over.

    Congratulations guys!!! Rest and walk around to help move the gas!!! Hope you are all feeling better in no time!!!
  7. leese_88

    Any September Banders? :)

    Hi everyone, I had my first fill last night, I went in and had 1ml. I didn't actually realise that when I had the op the surgeon had already put in 3 ml so in total I have 4ml. I'm feeling good today just a little sore at the port site but nothing major at all. I was actually really surprised how easy and pain free the fill was! Seems like everyone else is doing very well!! x
  8. leese_88

    Any September Banders? :)

    Hi Mumma Poss I was banded by Dr Chan, I found him ok a little Slap Dash to be honest. If I was so caught up in the moment I would of found another surgeon. No issues but I didn't feel that he checked me out at all. He didn't check my liver to see if it was too fatty and just said do Optifast for 2 weeks.
  9. leese_88

    Any September Banders? :)

    Hi Everyone, Its been a while since I have posted so I thought I would firstly Say... Congratulations to everyone who has had the band recently! You all seem to be doing so well! This coming Monday 13th of October is my 3 weeks post op date and recovery is going well. I am pretty much all healed up just a bit of bruising left and the main scar is tender as well as the port area. I do admit that my hunger increased as the swelling decreased and until I see my surgeon next week I am eating a lot smaller portions but using calorie counting to keep me at 1000 calories a day max. I am feeling pretty satisfied and no trouble eating solids at all. Since starting Opti fast ( 2 weeks prior to Op) I have lost 11.8kgs as of today! I do admit after the banding it slowed down a bit. ( when I went to hospital I has lost 6kgs). Hope everyone else is doing well and any newbies all the best of luck.
  10. leese_88

    Donation info for BandingTogether

    Just came across this and thought I would bump up the post! I have been on the site for about a month and the support and information is outstanding! I've just donated and wanted to say a huge thank you to David!
  11. leese_88

    Donation info for BandingTogether

    Just came across this and thought I would bump up the post! I have been on the site for about aunty and the support and information is outstanding! I've just donated and wanted to say a huge thank you to David!
  12. leese_88

    Mushy calorie intake

    Thank you ladies
  13. Hi beautiful people, So today is 8 days post op and feeling pretty good! I only have a bit of pain in 2 of the incision points. In total including 2 week optifast and 8 days post op I have lost 10kgs. I'm now on mushy food and tolerating this very well! I just want to know what amount of calories you consumed on the mushy stage and also how much when eating normally. Thank you!
  14. leese_88

    After surgery

    I had the same thing, everytime I felt like that I would get up and do laps around the house!! My husband would give me a woohoo when I let rip lol! Post op achievements were farting or burping lol! Good luck hun! I got a lot of gas in my shoulder and found heat packs instant relief!
  15. leese_88

    Day 6 post op and hungry

    Thank you some great tips. I have some optifast might have one of those.