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  1. I have gotten to the point that I want to get this band ripped out. I sit down to eat a meal, and after a couple of mouthfuls I have to head off to the toilet to bring it back up. I am at my wits end and feel like crying after each meal. I was going great guns and was steadily losing weight - despite really struggling over the last 6 months - but as the situation as gotten progressively worse the weight loss has got less and less (which in itself i was not upset about as I thought it would plateau after a while). After seeing my Specialist Doctor and having fill removed on two separate occasions the weight loss has ground to a halt - primarily because my Doctor believes my body is simply getting enough nutrition to maintain itself and nothing more. My GP says much the same, saying my body is not getting enough nutrition to increase my body's basal rate. The days of sitting down to a meal and enjoying it are a thing of the past. As a result I no longer go out for meals to restaurants or to friend's houses because I worry about rushing off to the toilet after two mouthfuls. My Uncle, who has been very supportive up until recently, assumed my low to negligible weight loss numbers were down to be being lax and eating bad foods. If only that were the case - tried to have some hot chips and got two down before me having to bring them back up. Even soft foods like scrambled eggs or spaghetti bolognese are a no go - and to even think about having a lovely piece of fresh fish and some rice and salad is just an exercise in futility (and disappointment). As much as I enjoy having some soup it is not what I want my entire diet to consist of - a liquid diet is - of course - an option but hardly makes for an enjoyable diet. I do all the things I am supposed to do when eating, and even avoid some foods like red meat and breads. My Doctor even had me get an x-ray (with a swallow element to it) when I last saw him, but I have not heard anything from him so I assume nothing was amiss with the band. I know it sounds like I am whinging, but I feel like bursting into tears and on really bad days feel like it was the worst decision I could have made. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. TraceyM

    Any September Banders? :)

    Hey everyone, Thought would check-in and see how everyone is going. (was banded on 16/9/14). For the most part I have been doing ok. Have had my first fill (cannot remember if it was 2 or 3 mls) and seemed to cope ok with it. However, for the last week or so it seems like every main meal I eat I am suffering from it getting 'stuck' and the only way to alleviate the tightness is to go and bring the food back up. It even happened with scrambled eggs today!! I am having no luck at all with red meat (except for mince) and I loved a nice piece of steak...Lol On a positive not I seem to be struggling with potato as well, chips especially, so that is not such a bad thing. I am thankfully having no issues with fish or chicken, and I really like rice, so that has taken the place of potato. Salad is also ok, which is good too! I am getting a little frustrated with the stuck issues and it makes it hard to enjoy my food as much because I am always worried whatever I eat is going to get stuck, but I am remaining positive and the weight I am losing definitely helps with that. I actually have clothes that are way too big for me now and I have started a donations bag. I actually wore some jeans the other day, and I cannot remember the last time I did - clothes without an elasticised waist have not been part of my wardrobe selections for a long time. So that was very exciting! I can finally see the results when I look in the mirror so that helps me stay motivated and positive. p.s. only just over 10 kgs till my first target weight.
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    Any September Banders? :)

    Hey everyone, Just checking in. Was banded on the 16th of September and thankfully have had no issues, except some nausea for the first week. Seeing my surgeon, I think next week or the week after. Have lost almost 11 kgs and feeling really positive. Have started on my mushies and that was bliss I can tell you, and will start introducing more solid food over the next week or so - and looking forward to that too. It is great to have a site like this where it is possible to speak and get advice from people that have been through the same things.
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    Any September Banders? :)

    Hi everybody, I had my band done on Wednesday, 16th September (in Hobart). The first night I must admit I was asking myself 'what the hell have I done?' as I had a lot of trouble with nausea. I ended up with very sore stomach muscles because of it, and had a few episodes once I got home but thankfully all that has settled down now. I must say for the first three or four days I was not even hungry, and am dealing ok with the fluid phase but getting to the point that I cannot wait to eat something that I can actually bite into...LOL Have 7 more days until I start mushies and I can tell you I am counting down the days. The order is in for either some scrambled eggs or spaghetti bolognaise. I am lucky in that my issue has never been portion control, but rather a metabolism slowed down to practically nothing due to medications and unable to exercise due to bad knees etc. It is more "what I eat and when eat it". I was swimming for a while, which was great, as it did not cause issues with my knees, but my skin decided it did not like pools with a salt water/chlorine mix - I would come out in a terrible red rash that covered most of my body and itched like hell (itching resulted in me getting some skin infections) - putting an abrupt end to the swimming as most of the small pools are salt/chlorine. I was at the stage that I was almost yelling to the universe 'really, this too' but thought it was tempting fate and realised there a people out there with it a lot worse than me - but when it's really bad it is all relative isn't it. I don't seem to have problems with a straight chlorine pool - but they are mostly big pools with lots of people and I am too self-conscious at the moment - silly I know - to put myself in that position. So, of course that makes me want some comfort food - no exercise means the food I eat (even the healthy stuff) goes straight to fat stores, which puts extra weight onto my knees, which makes me upset and depressed and want more comfort food - and so the vicious circle goes round and around. I need knee replacements but my Orthopedic surgeon will not even consider it until I lose at least 30 kgs - so the decision to have my WLS. My, I have rambled on. Sorry! cheers, Tracey