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  1. Wigml

    December 2014 bander

    My general pain levels are ok. Tried a soup for dinner. All I did was lick the back of the spoon and the pain started. Anyone have any tips? Trying to get liquids down is proving difficult.
  2. Wigml

    December 2014 bander

    I'm so jealous. My pain levels have been through the roof!
  3. Wigml

    December 2014 bander

    I had my surgery today. I have serious shoulder tip pain! All in all it went well.
  4. Wigml

    December 2014 bander

    That's fantastic Tina. In 2 days time I'll be on my way into hospital. I'd better pack my bag today!
  5. Wigml

    December is here

    I'm being sleeved on Mon 15th and I can't wait. 2nd week of optifast is proving more challenging than the first, but I'm pushing through. Love reading everyone's stories. Keep posting as the stories inspire us all x Shell
  6. Wigml

    December 2014 bander

    8 days to go!!!! I'm feeling a bit anxious as I'm 1 week into my 2 week pre op diet and I haven't lost as much weight as my doctor wanted. I have followed the instructions to the letter. He wanted me to lose at least 5 kilos within 2 weeks. I think I will only have lost 2 by the time I see him tomorrow. I know I have another week, but it looks unlikely that I'll drop 3kg in the next week. Did anyone else have this happen?
  7. Wigml

    December 2014 bander

    So great to read about everyone's journey. I'm being sleeved on 15 December at Ashford and am on my 2 weeks pre op optifast. Have had a few headaches but think it's from the caffeine withdrawal. Tracy, so pleased it has all gone well. Keep posting as I can't wait to hear more x
  8. Wigml

    December 2014 bander

    So exciting. So happy for all of you. I am booked in for the 15th December and cannot wait!
  9. Wigml

    Taking my first step today

    Hi HMK I am seeing Dr Yaeger tomorrow. A bit nervous about it. How did you find him? Did he give you any idea about timeframes? Shell
  10. Wigml

    Surgery Booked at Ashford!

    Wow very exciting. I have my first appt tomorrow at Ashford and am hoping that I can be sleeved before Christmas. Fingers crossed.