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  1. flab-to-fab

    Morning of Day 2 Post Op

    Great work Golfer! Welcome to the sleeved side! So glad you are going well and you will feel better each day
  2. flab-to-fab


    Hi everyone Well it's finally done! I was sleeved on Dec 4th I had a pretty good run - was first cab off the rank on surgery day thank god so it didn't give me much time to sit there and freak out - it all happened so quickly! Woke up after surgery feeling ok, a bit uncomfortable but no real pain. Had to do a CT scan barium swallow on day two to make sure there were no leaks - that was an interesting experience... All good - no leaks! Got my drain and my drip removed on day three and was allowed to go home once my blood test results had come back. It was such a relief to be home - the lady I shared a room with in hospital snored like a freight train lol. Am still on fluids, start purée on Friday - can't wait! I have been so fortunate and haven't had much pain or trouble drinking (touch wood). I have lost 4.5 kg since surgery so pretty stoked with that as it put me into double digits I just wanted to thank everyone on this great forum for sharing their stories and all their wonderful advice - you guys are awesome
  3. flab-to-fab

    Hit my goal....

    Congrats Skeeter!! Wow what an amazing effort, you must feel amazing!!! You are an inspiration
  4. flab-to-fab

    Sleever's Pre & Post Op Pics

    wow you guys are all looking fantastic!! Well done everyone, you are all such an inspiration
  5. flab-to-fab

    veteran sleevers advice pls

    Hi nicnic82 My surgeon doesn't require his patients to do the opti diet prior to surgery - you will be fine Wow congrats on your surgery - how awesome you got in so quickly!
  6. flab-to-fab

    Pre sleeve diet ? Post sleeve diet

    Such a great idea to start modifying your diet pre-op... My surgeon doesnt require his patients to do the optifast shakes beforehand but I learnt the hard way when I had my lapband op that not modifying my diet pre-op made it soooo hard to adapt afterwards! It was torture!! I will be hitting the optifast at least a couple of weeks before my sleeve op even though its not required so I don't go into complete melt down after I have been sleeved. Golfer - I too struggle with that little dude in my head telling me to eat everything in sight! He is mortified that I would even consider getting the sleeve! You are right - we can do it! And we will be much better off for it! This is our chance to regain control over our weight and although the sleeve will help us with food quantity, food quality is still up to us! Lets be nice to our bodies for a change and feed it delish healthy food so it can start to repair itself after years of abuse. I cant wait to feel and look amazing! I know its going to be a hard journey but its going to be so worth it
  7. flab-to-fab

    Are there any December Sleevers ?

    Hi Melbournegirl I am getting sleeved in Perth on Dec 4th... the countdown is definitely on lol!! Feeling nervous... and excited to start my weightloss journey Look forward to following your journey
  8. flab-to-fab

    Almost Halfway to Goal Weight!

    Wow you look amazing! Congrats on your awesome weightloss so far and I'm sure you will have no trouble reaching your goal weight
  9. flab-to-fab

    Hi everyone.

    Hi Golfer Best of luck for your big day and look forward to following your journey! I am booked for surgery in December also (4th)
  10. flab-to-fab

    Got my surgery date today!

    Went to see my surgeon today and I am booked in to get sleeved on the 4th of December!! I am super excited and super nervous at the same time..... Still doesn't feel like it's really happening.... It's quite the early Christmas pressie to myself huh! Fingers crossed the next 8 weeks go quickly!
  11. flab-to-fab

    Finally under 100, 99.8 today!

    That is awesome!! Congrats on getting down to double figures and keep up the good work!!
  12. flab-to-fab

    Progress head shots - 6 months post op....

    wow Kazbo you look fantastic! Well done, you must feel amazing
  13. flab-to-fab

    Date set!

    How exciting! The big day will be here before you know it! I get my surgery date next week (cant wait!!)
  14. Hi all you lovely people! I have been reading all your posts for quite a while and I thought it was time I actually got on here and joined in I was banded in 2011, it worked perfectly for the first couple of years and then I started having issues... bad reflux that wouldnt go away no matter what I did and the dreaded night cough (worst ever!!). Couldn't eat at all one day, the next day could eat a five course meal!! What the!! Ended up having to have a barium swallow which showed no major issues (frustrating!!) and in the end just had to have my band emptied as that was the only way to solve the issue With no restriction, Im not going to lie... all my food demons came racing back and I went into a food frenzy!!! There was nothing I didnt eat (so disappointed in myself!) and I ended up gaining most of my weight back over the past year (what the!! Who would have thought that was possible.... turns out its REALLY easy to do). Anyhoooo, after some great chats with my wonderful surgeon, we decided the band needed to come out (no point it staying in there if it wasnt going to be my friend and play nicely anymore) so I had it removed at the start of August. It all went well and my stomach is looking in great shape for the sleeve. I go back to see the surgeon in October to set a date for the band (yikes!! Pretty freakin super nevous I have to admit!). I still have so many doubts with the sleeve... what if I fail... what if I lose weight and gain it all back yet again!! God I would never forgive myself.... But I am getting stronger and more committed each day with the help of this wonderful forum and reading everyones posts - they make me feel more positive and after everything I went through with the band - I now understand that the sleeve isnt going to do it all for me! I still have to concentrate on eating healthy and exercising! Just cause you cant eat as much doesnt mean you cant put on weight (how cruel is it that the easiest food to go down is the most unhealthy... well played junk food gods.... well played!) I look forward to following everyones journeys and hopefully it wont be too long before I can share my own sleeving experience with ya all