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  1. Neat


    OMG I LOVE my nutribullet……..just bought myself one for xmas (from gumtree ) its been the best thing for me especially post fill when I struggle to keep anything down. I've been doing green smoothies every morning to make sure I get some nutrients in, it might take me a long time to drink it but it is so so awesome. In the extreme heat yesterday it came in handy, rather than buying a super expensive smoothie at the markets I made my own …watermelon, strawberries, fresh mint, lemon and lots of ice - so refreshing & tasty.
  2. Neat

    summer work lunches

    1/2 small can tuna cottage cheese half a potato (microwaved) fresh herb mix yummm!
  3. 2 weeks down, still having too many "stuck" meals :( Still learning what I can and can't do and keep reminding myself to go slow, go slow…..For now I'm best to eat alone, too distracted my other and conservations to focus on my food haaaa! Been back to the clinic (was meant to be for more fill) but went in knowing I wasn't ready for more and they agreed, had a good chat to dr & she reassured me I'm going ok & hitting the same hurdles that many do….so f...

  4. Neat

    4 month anniversary!

    WOW!! Fantastic effort Brods
  5. Neat

    Green Smoothies

    humm not sure zendaya, I've thought about it but never been game enough to try - the opti's are almost too creamy for me not sure I could handle creamy and spinach in a smoothie, I much prefer the coconut water but I never thought I'd even like green smoothies at all so who knows! Worth a go
  6. Neat

    Green Smoothies

    I'll also mention my other super favourite lazy / quick way of getting lots of nutrients and vitamins is a powder called "Vital Greens" (created by a couple of Sydney naturopaths and always in my local chemist warehouse stores). Its a powder you mix it up with water or apple juice & down it very very quickly - its pretty gross - but makes me feel better straight away - This and green smoothies are like a big hug for my body
  7. Neat

    Green Smoothies

    I'm a big green smoothie fan too - my naturopath got me onto them & I wasn't so sure at first but once I'd tried one I was hooked! I still call them my grass clippings I think one of the greatest things about them is they keep really well in the fridge for a few days, so I make a big one up and store in a glass bottle for the days ahead & have it in the fridge at work. I tend to use: a whole bag of baby kale (from the supermarket) a few sticks of celery a whole lebanese cucumber big hand full of parsley few sprigs of mint about a cup of coconut water & then I just add a bit more water if i think it needs it sometimes I throw in lemon, chia, ginger or avocado too!! when I was starting I used 1/2 apple but now I cut it out once I got use to the taste I think it could be time for me to get back on them - Thanks Trish & Missy Belle
  8. First fill & first stuck / PB all in the one week - yikes!! The pain of the stuck food I never ever ever want to experience again .

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    2. kazbo


      breathe, relax, enjoy, slow.it.right.down.

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    4. Neat


      Thanks Kazbo & Duckie!!

      I'm struggling with this slowly slowly - all great advice :)

  9. Neat

    Melbourne - South East Catch Up

    Oh no! Sorry another one who can't make it tonight I'm very disappointed - I'd love to attend another time though. Have a great night
  10. Neat

    Weight loss prior to first fill

    Hi Valka, I was banded on the 14/10 & have had very little loss post the surgery…..and I'm hungry again now - oh no!!!! Seeing the surgeon next week, and hoping for my first fill - then things should start to change Hang in there, I am ….just!!!!
  11. Neat

    ♡ October 14 ♡

    Yesssss Milly, so true the food does goes cold too quickly. That reminds me of another of Helens tips, it eat the protein whilst its still warm!! I think I need a plate warmer too ;0
  12. Neat

    ♡ October 14 ♡

    Hi Zendaya, I had some tiny frozen homemade meatballs already in the freezer …..I had 6 in the bag which is what I would normally eat - but I could barely manage two I had them with some quick instant gravy to help it go down and about a tablespoon of mushied up veggies (sweet potato, zucchini, broccoli and carrot)……..one hour later I was over eating it & didn't feel anymore anyway. I saw the dietician Helen Bauzon yesterday (a requirement of my clinic CBS) and she gave fantastic advise which really helped: "Use a small plate with tiny cutlery and taste your food on your tongue, mush it, then taste it again" So different to how I usually eat and was tricky but I really think it helped me. Same dinner again tonight, but took about 30 minutes and I'm still feeling full & satisfied (with no stickies ) Good Luck too xx
  13. Neat

    ♡ October 14 ♡

    OMG i know what you mean Milly37, I'm on day two of transition and I'm completely paranoid - took me nearly an hour to eat my first solid meal heeeeeee!!! Going slow, but going strong Good Luck to all
  14. Thank you Ladies all fabulous answers and great to know how you are coping & still enjoying food in your lives. Thanks again
  15. This may sound really strange but I'm hoping others can relate and share their experiences……….. I'm 1 week and 4 days post band, still on the liquid stage and already I'm feeling quiet confronted by the need to adjust to life without such an everyday focus on food. Since I decided on going becoming a bandit I have been wondering how I'd deal with this complete change of lifestyle and now I'm here its really hitting home. In the most recent years of my adult life I've always considering myself to be a "healthy foodie" (albeit an overweight one). I've always put my life long weight issues down to lack of exercise, yo yo dieting since the age of 10, lack of body confidence & what I now see as really bad eating habits growing up (a child of the "low fat", diet soft drink 80's over drive craze). In my adult life enjoying good food (and wine) is a major part of my everyday & social life, its how my friends, family & I relate. Its what I enjoy reading about, talking about, watching on TV and love to travel for. I cook for me, I cook for friends, I cook to release stress, I cook to explore new worlds, tastes and adventures. I know it won't be out of my life forever & I'll still be able to do that to a certain degree (but to a smaller portion size extend) but I'm not sure this over extended foodie focus will fit into my new lap band life?? Post banding, I'm already really really having to adjust to try and make a deliberate effort to not think so much about food, not wondering what I'll whip up for dinner, what I need at the supermarket, what I'm cooking on the weekend, the latest restaurant we are going too…. I think I'm now realising it was/is an addiction that was doing me more harm than good. I'm feeling a little lost to tell you all the truth….I'm an almost secret bander only my close family & friends know - I'm ready to lose this weight for good and find a new life but really don't want to lose the good parts of my old life - sounds odd I know, but I don't want to lose me? Do I need to find a new something for me & break up with food altogether and try and see food fuel only??? Maybe things will change when I've more fill in and I'm on solids but now I'm not so sure? I know there are so many of you out there who have been through this weight loss journey & I'm sure someone has some pearls of wisdom for me pretty please?? Thanks