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  1. brizkate


    Cellulite update... So I'm a size 10 now and my cellulite has minimised but it's still there still down to my knees. I'm only 64k now and in the past I never had cellulite on my legs. I still have a bit of weight to lose and it is improving but I'm suspicious that I will always have some cellulite. Might also be because I'm only 5 months in and skin might tighten up a bit as time goes on? Don't have loose skin as such...
  2. brizkate

    November 2014

    Hi everyone! Everything is going really well for me, so happy with where I am right now I feel heaps better, more energy and a lot happier
  3. brizkate

    Sleeve Diet

    I'm not that far in, but I eat exactly how I used to but just eat smaller portions. I only weigh in once a month and the losses are starting to slow but I am still losing weight. One of the things I love about the sleeve, at least at the moment is that I don't worry about calories, what I'm eating if it's 'good or bad'... it's just the portion sizes. For example I had two of those little solid easter eggs at easter time and that is all the chocolate I felt like having, whereas last year I probably ate enough to sustain a whole village.
  4. brizkate

    Eating socially and anxiousness - help?

    I think it's important to understand if they know you have had a sleeve or not.
  5. brizkate

    How many days needed off work for a sleeve op?

    I thought I could take only a week off, I work in an office. On the second week I had to go back to the doctor and he was angry that I went to work because he told me two weeks. Maybe you can push in with only a week but listen to your body. I needed the extra time and the first six weeks are the highest risk for sleevers. You should do as little as possible.
  6. brizkate

    5 days post opp weight gain??

    Hi I didn't weigh myself for two weeks after surgery. There are heaps of stories on here about people who didn't lose weight to start and then it did start you just have to be patient. My friend recently gave birth to a baby - she gained 30kg in the pregnancy and when she left the hospital she could not believe she had only lost 2kg. She was saying how the baby weighed more than that, what about the placenta, fluid etc... It did seem to defy logic. PS - she has lost 10kg since
  7. brizkate

    Should I tell my employer

    Hi Up to you what you do. I was upfront at work and didn't hide it from anybody. It made having time off easy, people were understanding in recovery, nobody questions how much I eat. I would prefer to tell the truth than be caught up in a lie somehow later down the track and have my integrity called into question. Denzels situation seems very unique regarding an employer using health situations against her. Employers will generally only ever move to terminate an employee in extreme circumstances on the basis of health if they are not capable of performing the job they are required to perform - over a long period of time (often it is years)! Disclosing that you are having an operation is highly unlikely to prompt an employer to treat you adversely. As a HR Manager when people disclose this sort of information about medical issues or mental health problems (this happens a lot) it means that as a company we can confidentially make allowances for the employee in the organisation, and if nothing else understand that there is something going on that could impact their normal behaviour, needs and performance. From what I'm reading you seem more concerned that you are asking for time off for an op so soon after starting a new job? I agree it would be difficult to ask for a couple weeks off after just starting at a new job. Why don't you just be honest and say you have been on the waiting list for a very long time and didn't mention it when you started because you thought it would be a lot longer before you went in. Now you need the time off and ask how you can work together to minimise any impact of your absence?
  8. brizkate

    How many days needed off work for a sleeve op?

    You should have at least two weeks. If you work in a physical job, not sitting behind a computer I would take 3.
  9. Hi It must be so frustrating for you to see someone you love self sabotaging. You sound like you are doing everything you can to try and be supportive but Missy is right he has to help himself. Your feelings are completely understandable and normal - I'm sure I would feel the same way if I was in your shoes. I agree with the suggestion of maybe seeing a counsellor to talk about what you are going through - ultimately you need to recognise you can only change the way you respond to your partner - you can't change him.
  10. brizkate

    drs in brisbane

    If you search the forums you should find another thread on this. I think there is someone at a hospital in Chermside that can do fills. I used Reza Adib but he is at the Wesley and I think that's too far for you if there are closer options.
  11. brizkate

    Not loosing weight

    I'm a person who lost weight pretty easily after the surgery but my surgeon never set goals for me. He said indicatively I would probably lose 15 - 20k in the first couple of months. If you see my signature I'm still losing but the rate is definitely slowing down as I get closer to goal weight. I'm now just a kilo outside of 'normal' weight range so I expect for it to be a lot slower. There are plenty of people for whom the weight drops off easily after surgery but just as many stories of people who lost nothing for a while. Long term though for sleevers I have noticed from posts that people mostly do lose weight. Some people it just takes a little while for their body to start losing. Don't stress about the timeframe and kilos per week - just trust your body and know that eventually you will keep losing if you keep your diet right.
  12. brizkate

    Surgery on 23rd March - Any Tips?

    Ask for an adult diaper after a barium swallow. I cannot emphasize this enough.... Better that you suffer the indignity of wearing depends rather than involuntarily pooing yourself - trust me you will have NO control and NO idea of when it's coming.
  13. brizkate


    Hi I have HEAPS of cellulite at the moment, almost down to my knees and I'm a size 12. I do think it has improved a bit losing weight. I will make sure to report back when I lose a bit more weight. I notice people a lot bigger than me don't seem to have any cellulite on their legs so I might just be unlucky. I never had it before I gained the weight in the first place but I sort of thought it would be less noticeable than it actually is now.
  14. I didn't have the typical shoulder pain that other people get, instead I had really shocking pain in my stomach region it felt like it was so bloated that I was going to pop. I walked and walked around the hospital after the 2nd day to try and ease the pain. On the first day from surgery I was in pain and so out of it, I regretted the surgery and wanted to die! After the 2nd day things got a lot better and by the time I went home on day 3 I felt heaps better. Nausea for me lasted for about 2 months, just lethargic, no energy, feeling queasy all the time, no appetite etc. I look back now and I would totally do it again though
  15. brizkate

    I think it's not working for me?

    Hi Missy I don't take it as you having a go at me at all, and I have thought myself that it can't be this easy forever and that I could be in the honeymoon stage (only 3 months). I really didn't expect it to be easy because I have struggled so long before the surgery. Having said that I do hope it doesn't change I suppose I should feel very lucky at the moment.