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  1. Inactiveaccount

    November 2014

    Wowwww, what a roller coaster. The last few days have been so intense. I might write a blog post about my experience. I'm barely drinking much at all, just trying to keep hydrated. I went for a walk around Carindale yesterday which went really well. I've also got Endone for night time. Shoulder pain has subsided and I'm feeling heaps better. I've been sleeping and tucked up on the couch most of the time when I'm home, so happy that it's all done. Eeeeep, hope everyone is well. xxxx
  2. Inactiveaccount

    November 2014

    Finally settling down in my hospital bed. The nurses have been wonderful and I was given a little bath before hopping into a fresh gown and brushing my teeth. Gas hurts like I've got a ballon being pumped up inside me, but other than that, I'm perfect.a little drowsy. So about to have a sleep xxxxx @zen I hope you're doing well!
  3. Today's the day!

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    2. Caughtbetween
    3. duckie


      Let us know how you go. Thinking of you

    4. Inactiveaccount


      Thank you all so much. I am just fine. Very gassy and that hurts, but that's the only pain I have.

  4. My surgery is in eight days. I can't believe it's finally here!

  5. 12 days to go. Oh my gosh,

  6. Inactiveaccount

    November 2014

    Hi all, was so excited to find this thread, I'm booked in for November 17th at the Wesley and can't wait! Best of luck to all xxxxx
  7. Inactiveaccount

    Pre op!

    What hospital are you with?
  8. Inactiveaccount

    Pre op!

    oh my gosh. How exciting!!
  9. Surgery moved up to the 17th of November! So excited!

    1. duckie


      Counting the days? Good luck.

  10. Surgery moved up to the 17th of November! So excited!

  11. Inactiveaccount

    Pre op!

    I am officially pre op! My surgery has been moved up from December 2nd to November 17th and I am over the moon! Any advice for pre op and getting ready for hospital would be amazing. xx
  12. 38 days until my surgery. I am over the moon!

    1. Mike5779


      Good for you mate! It's a tough road to go down and I am still early days but I know it's gonna be worth it! Good Luck and keep us posted on your progress :)

  13. My DHS application was approved! So excited for my super to be accessed for my surgery!

    1. duckie


      Full steam ahead. Congratulations.

    2. Mumma Poss

      Mumma Poss

      Yay that is great, how long did approval take? I am waiting to hear about mine

    3. Angel Butterfly
  14. Tomorrow! I spoke to SuperCare and tomorrow is apparently the day that I hear back about my application. Eep, too excited to find out!

  15. Inactiveaccount

    December 2014 bander

    Wheeeee!! Congratulations! I am so excited!