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  1. mrs kaje

    Quality Scales?

    Oh, I also remembered that mine gives odd readings if there is hair/fluff/dust underneath (I just slide them out from under the bath to use them, and slide them out of the way to mop the floor, so the feet do collect stuff). This has only happened a couple of times in several years because they don't really get very dirty, and I freaked out thinking they were busted, but all they needed was a wipe down on the underside. I'm not talking about caked on grime, it was seriously just a few hairs and a couple of balls of fluff.
  2. mrs kaje

    Carbs vs calories

    I have never been able to stick to a diet but last year I thought I'd get a head start during my PHI waiting period, and I lost 25kg in six months. I was only able to do this because I went high protein, low carb, and controlled calories (I didn't care about fat content). I didn't feel hungry or deprived, or crave carby stuff, like I used to when I only monitored calories and fat. So, as much as I hate to jump on health bandwagons, low carb definitely works for me.
  3. mrs kaje

    Quality Scales?

    I also have WW ones - about $60 from Target. I don't use all the other readings (water and body fat % etc). They measure in increments of 50g, which I like. I have only noticed an issue when the batteries are going flat - if it starts giving dodgy readings, I know it's time to change them.
  4. mrs kaje

    Adolescent Daughter to be lapbanded

    I'm guessing they don't want to do anything permanent at her age.
  5. mrs kaje

    Need to Revisit Optifast

    No problem :-)
  6. mrs kaje

    Need to Revisit Optifast

    It's on its way to the post office for sending right now :-) Didn't have as much chocolate stuff left as I thought, but there's chocolate bars; old recipe chocolate shakes; new recipe vanilla and caramel shakes; lemon and chocolate pudding, and; vege soup.
  7. mrs kaje

    Need to Revisit Optifast

    I think the new chocolate shakes taste better than the old version. I think the new version also has more 'good stuff' - maybe fibre or vitamins and minerals or something... I forget. Anyway, I have a stack of leftover stuff - if you PM me your address I can send some to you. When do you need it by?
  8. mrs kaje

    March 2016 Gastric Sleeve

    Not that I know of. I didn't have any tests afterwards whilst awake, anyway.
  9. mrs kaje

    March 2016 Gastric Sleeve

    I was in Newy Private for two nights. Slept a lot the first day due to the medication, but I stopped using the button during the first night. Was up to the bathroom on the first day. Second day was just like hanging out in bed; only had discomfort when I tried to sit up. Had a shower on the third day, I think. The rest of that day was boring, just sitting there waiting to go. Was up and about really well that day. They didn't let me leave until I was able to drink a reasonable amount of fluid within a certain period (I kept track of intake on the second day, then the morning after they said "You had a decent amount yesterday, if you can finish this cup by lunchtime, you can go home today" so it wasn't super strict or anything). No pain other than when trying to get up from lying down or sitting. Pretty much completely back to normal after 10 days. I went on holidays 18 days after the op and besides being in the puree phase, it was as though I hadn't had an operation at all. (Note: If you do the online admission, you still need to take the paper copy to the hospital as Tim uses it to make notes for himself).
  10. mrs kaje

    March 2016 Gastric Sleeve

    Tim did my sleeve, too. He was great and everything went really well. Good luck with your op
  11. mrs kaje

    March 2016 Gastric Sleeve

    Hi Tracey, I'm in Newcastle, too? Who's your surgeon?
  12. mrs kaje

    3 weeks post & stopped losing weight

    Google "3 week stall" and you'll see it's extremely common.
  13. mrs kaje

    What were you eating 7 weeks in?

    I'm 12 weeks out and I couldn't eat this much, either (which isn't necessarily a good thing, as it also means I have trouble getting anywhere near a decent amount of protein in).
  14. mrs kaje

    feed back

    Holy crap, Naomi, you're killing it! Claud, I also had the sleeve in December and I'm loving it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. So glad I didn't get a band years ago when I was considering it.
  15. mrs kaje

    Considering wls

    Hi Deb. I also recommend getting PHI. For me it was more about having backup afterwards (I could maybe afford the procedure, but if something went wrong, no way could I afford to go back to a private hospital to get it fixed), and the fact that my surgeon has a long waiting list anyway, and the process took ages. The second six months went more quickly than the first - the wait wasn't so bad. I think my surgeon estimated costs of around $20k without PHI. I know some surgeons won't even operate on patients who aren't insured.