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  1. I'm sorry i dont think you should praise someone who has literally said i need help. I am here to help anyone who wants any question answered, but telling me im not normal. isnt fair when sleeves are so new. as well as me adding i have been forever sick since i can remember. i wanted to stay on this forum to help others but comments that i received telling me what i should do. yeah IT WASNT HELPFUL, YOU DONT KNOW MORE THAN I DO ABOUT ME. I TRIED TO SAY YES IT IS UGLY BUT IT WAS WORTH I IT. TELLING ME IM NOT NORMAL WHEN I ALREADY SAID i GREW UP WITH THAT. is why people dont stick around. my normal i promise wont be your normal, however i it worth it of course it is. telling someone who is 3 years out what they should do, when i already have tests one to me is NOT OK.
  2. Don't really think the sleeve is normal for anyone we are all different. I clearly noted that i had issues before hand. Don't really think you can say reflux isnt normal when its one of the main side affects of sleeve.
  3. The truth is yes it is ugly, its not easy. But being over weight was harder. It really is that simple. I got it done at 24 im over 3 years down, i have reflux now, i go to the toilet all the time, i can't drink and eat, not the you should but i dont even get the choice which doesnt seem hard but it really is. I was always a sick child/person, so i was always vomitting this was my normal, so even though i do, for me its a continuation of my norm, my body as soon as something feels yucky up it comes. So i am lucky and never had the pain of the over eating, but i have had the digestive, bloating, intergestion pain. Not gonna lie my skin is AWFUL, i really refrain from wearing short sleeves, but when i was 70kg heavier i didn't wear short sleeves anyway, at least now i can go on a trip overseas walk 20,000 steps and its nothing, its a long day but my shins/ankles dont start killing me after 100m. i will get surgery one day, however not my priority considering i want kids and my boy will change again. You live with being fat you live with excess skin. Its your life and you have to be willing to live with your choice. Its not going to fix everything i still look at myself as massive, buy a size 14 dress online get it in the mail and go argh shit im not going to fit into that, and then i do. Do whats best for you and goodluck.
  4. youngbelle

    Sleeve Scars

    depends on you, if you normally scar in general then you are likely to. I scar so yeah mine are still there.
  5. youngbelle

    Plastic Surgery

    would you recommend your surgeon?
  6. youngbelle

    Plastic Surgery

    2.5 years post sleeve, ive stabled out with slight loses. Not looking at getting all done at once, just want to get the consult to get an idea of prices best insurance to go with. Just really looking at m options. I ideally want my arms, would like my legs, tummy, boobs quoted as well. Its really just to get a baseline to look at getting it in about a years time. Just want recommendations for a good consult at this point in time i will heavily research it but you need to start somewhere.
  7. youngbelle

    Plastic Surgery

    looking for good plastic surgeons in melbourne area. Just looking for a consultation for a full body and then decide what i would like.
  8. Highly recommend reading as many positive stories as possible, but also read the negatives. You need the negatives to know what will come. only you can decide on which way to go. As for permanent, really whats to say something doesnt happen where it gets taken for another reason. Reality this is a disease, this is a a tool to help. You can live with it, i dont think you will care when you are 70. It's hard but not many people regret it. You need to start eating better foods for sure, but its not like you can't have it ever again either.
  9. youngbelle

    Turning 40 and I don't want a party

    Not odd at all. i never had a 16, 18, 21, just family things i have 30 coming up and dont really want anything. Do you, if you want to possibly do a dinner do dinner another day with your friend, it doesn't have to be on your birthday for it to be for your birthday.
  10. youngbelle

    70 Kg Before and after

    just want to encourage others, as before and afters are what really motivates you. thank you all i must say, one of the things i hated before, not being able to wear boots. I love that i can wear normal people boots and not worry.
  11. youngbelle

    It's not going to solve all your problems

    ah ok, not to worry. i think im going to aim for my arms first.
  12. youngbelle

    Update on me

    well done it will keep changing your life.
  13. youngbelle

    It's not going to solve all your problems

    did your arms cost you a lot?
  14. youngbelle

    70 Kg Before and after

    70kg + difference
  15. It's funny i was talking with my friend, only one of a few that know about my surgery. As she has just had the ESG. A question she asked me was, you must feel amazing. To that i answered no. It's funny how im the smallest i've been since before i can remember definitely would be at least 15 since i was this weight. But i still feel MASSIVE, i know i can fit a size 12-14 but the skin is such a deterrent that it adds to your appearance where you cover up, like my arms are sooo bad that i never have them up or having them uncovered. I have attached a picture of my arm to show, its not in my head. However i have not, not once regretted what i have done. I just thought it funny when my friend asked who has known me since highschool who says i look amazing and doesn't remember me as small as i am now ever that i still dont feel that small.