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  1. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Tips for faster weight loss!   

    25kg is amazing, the old saying slow and steady wins the race. People who tend to lose it faster struggle to maintain it. Keep puddling along youll get where you want.
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  2. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Sleeve at 22yo & Sleeve buddies - ops in June 2017?!   

    very very manageable, tiredness is harder i think. That said i still will never forget that bloody nasal tube. That was the worst part for me.
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  3. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Sleeve at 22yo & Sleeve buddies - ops in June 2017?!   

    Im 26 but was sleeved 2 years ago now so i was 24, similar age. So if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask  
    good luck
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  4. youngbelle added a post in a topic: 2 Years On   

    Hey All,
    I don't post much anymore but i still lurk around, occasionally replying to comments. Just noting that i am always available for a message if you ever have any questions.
    First up i can say 2 years later not once not for one day have i ever regretted my decision, no second thoughts.
    Today i can say with 100% confidence i still don't know everything im still learning everyday.
    At 2 years i am sitting at 60+kg lost, i have not stabled out, i am still ever so slowly lose weight but it definitely fluctuates up and down. The reality is i know i will put on weight, but if i never did this imagine how big i would be before. 
    Even today i still feel massive, i dont know if i ever will feel smaller. As the reality of it i never realised how big i got. It really does go both ways. But its little things, i always loved the look of winter of long boots over jeans/leggings and could never ever in a million years wear them as they wouldn't fit over my calves. I can now get boots and they fit. It is soooo bloody amazing to be able to. I have also learnt my left calf is bigger than my right. i love being able to order a 14 online and it comes in and it blood fits, instead of ordering a 24 or a 26 and receiving it and it still doesn't fit. 
    As much as its been amazing its not been perfect, it does get hard being 26 and going out with friends and having drinks and food, as i can not eat and drink. So more often than not i just dont eat, which i could never have done before i would always have to eat. That said one of my problems before this was not eating all day and eating massive dinners at night, i can honestly say i am hungry all day, eat at work but now dont really eat a lot at night. Also 2 years later being a woman my cycle has not regulated i have tried multiple birth controls working with my doctor on resolving it. But honestly it is a small price to pay. i have a lot of excess skin, however i know im not as bad as a lot, and if i was rich i would love a tummy tuck, my arms done and a boob job, however i know i would like kids one day and my tummy isnt that bad and neither are my boobs. I would still love my arms done though. 
    Where i am now, my life has change so much in 2 years. I without a doubt would not have been where i am now. I have a new job, i live with my partner, i went to hawaii by myself. Now i can go for a 3km walk and it be nothing. I couldn't do that before, i would walk less than 1km and my ankles would start hurting my back would be killing me. 
    Anyhoo thats all i can think of for the moment, but i thought i would just post something that even if for one person they are one the edge and can't decide you can do it. I went from 146kg+ to still losing at 79 to 82 kg.
    Love to you all and do not hesitate to message me if you ever have any questions.
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  5. youngbelle added a post in a topic: 168kg Clothes to Throw or Keep?   

    keep an out fit, for you to have as comparison. Once it doesn't fit throw it.
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  6. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Foods after sleeve   

    my honest opinion is anything any of us tell you should be taken with a grain of salt. We are all so different, take advise as FYI don't take as the strict instructions. fizzy drinks yeah can be an issue, however i have never had a problem. But me i cant drink anything after eating with out having a problem for over an hour but others are fine.  Some people can eat everything some can't eat heavy carbs. You will learn what is good for you and what isnt. Most likely you'll be able to have pasta and rice. However you might not. None of us can actually tell you how you will react to the sleeve. But no matter what you will make it work.
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  7. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Ladies that started at 150kg?   

    i started at 146 and am currently at about 83 fluctuates but am still losing slowly 2 years out.
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  8. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Length of stay in hospital for a sleeve?   

    i went it friday morning out monday
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  9. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Healthy Weightloss rate?   

    Honestly you wont ever get 2 people losing at the same rate, me for example i didnt really stall out until i hit digestive issues.
    Where as others stall at 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months 1 year. Some people will stall any time their diet needs changing up.
    We are all so different and thats what makes it exciting and scary, as long as you are doing right by you, you will lose however much you lose.
    16kg is awesome hopefully it keeps up for you.
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  10. youngbelle added a post in a topic: One whole year   

    One year, its safe to say i wouldn't be where i am now with out this surgery. 58kg down and still going.

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  11. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Hi from Ballarat   

    I was in hospital 3 nights, wishing you luck on your upcoming surgery.
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  12. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Secret sleevers   

    i know people are talking behind my back, very few people know, i just let the others talk they dont know and reality is people who say are just jealous.
    Just so you are watching what you eat as recommended by your doctor. 
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  13. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Secret sleevers   

    You could say that you are trying to watch what you eat and by doing so you are eating a lot smaller meals but more frequently through out the day.
    Reality is if its regular they will come up with there stories anyway you just need to rise above it and be happy with your new fabulous life.
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  14. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Excess skin surgery   

    I am at a similar age and have currently lost 50kg, i already know my arms will need to be done, i was thinking i would need a boob lift but thinking against it the reality is i would rather my arms done over my boobs, you can wear bras you cant hide your arms. but i still have another 20kg to lose so i may change my mind. Just thought id give a comparison as i have just turned 25. As for costs i don't know what it is but you can't really get anything done until you are at goal and are stable for a year. So im just saving kitty and won't look at exact costs as it may change in the next few years.
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  15. youngbelle added a post in a topic: Why sleeve over bypass?   

    My surgeon wouldnt do a bypass on me, as i am young and dont need to deal with malabsorption for the rest of me life.
    It comes down with what you are most comfortable with in the end.
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