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  1. Henrywashere

    Banded 4 yrs and heavier now.

    Hey jewel I became the queen of vomiting at xmas time. Didn't matter what I tried nothing stayed down but at night I could eat sorta a smallish meal 1/2 cup or less without throwing up. I was stuck there for about 3 weeks same thing day after day. Eventually when I couldn't take it anymore I went back to my doctors and saw the nurse practitioner there. Her suggestion was to go back strictly to fluids like at the beginning because the stomach around the band was very swollen from all the throwing up. I did that for 3 days and then went to mushies then back to solids and it worked for me. Now I still have stuck times when I have no chewed enough and I cant eat in the morning but I have found my place with the band. If I feel things don't feel quite "right" going down I just switch to fluids for the rest of the day and that normally sorts me back out. I haven't lost the weight I hoped for but I am still 25kg lighter than when I had the band. With my history I would have put on 20 by now so I am happy with where I am. Its a tool still that you have to use correctly so food choices are still a big part of the equation. So my suggestion to anyone in the sorta same boat is go back totally to fluids.
  2. Henrywashere

    Help! Affording lap band

    If you get private health insurance then you have to wait for a yr before your can claim. That's shorter than waiting on a public list. You can save for the procedure in that time and maybe use some super (if you have it).
  3. Henrywashere

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Hey Tish congrats on your new girls hope the healing goes smoothly for you.
  4. Henrywashere

    I'm confused and worried

    I got into a cycle of stuckness and weeks of throwing up - the nurse manager at my surgeons told me to go strictly onto fluids for 3 days. I was stuck every day and throwing up at night. Worked a treat because I had swelling and by eating at night it wasn't getting a chance to go down and it just kept perpetuating. I was almost getting ready to have a big unfill which in the end was not necessary.
  5. Henrywashere

    Taking Medication post lapband

    Jane can you put your medication into a protein shake maybe I also take a lot of medication and within about 2 weeks I was back to being able to swallow it without crushing. I find it best to take it with a hot drink I make a cuppa tea make sure I can swallow 3 or 4 mouthfuls before I take the medication and then take 1 at a time and wait for the its gone down feeling before I take the next 1. Its all a learning experience but you will work it out. Has your surgeon told you when to try taking it whole?
  6. Henrywashere

    Possible Port Leak

    Ive never had a leak but from what I understand is you may need a replacement of the tube that goes from the port to the band. Seems like its day surgery. You will have no restriction while you have no fluid in. What a shame but it would explain why you have put on weight if you have no restriction.
  7. Henrywashere

    New diet - new life - turning vegetarian

    I very rarely eat red meat - eat more vegetarian since banding - but still eat chicken
  8. Henrywashere


    Nicki - try putting your hand over where the port is just to give it some support when you get up down - it should hurt less. Give that muscle a rest while you are healing.
  9. Henrywashere

    Still getting stuck

    Goody - I am queen of the stuck and throwing up. Anyhow after a bloody horrible couple of weeks when I couldn't stand it another minute longer I went to see the surgeon's consultant nurse. She told me the best thing to do when the situation came up was go back to only liquid for 2 days - no yoghurt custard etc just liquid so water juice cups of tea coffee optislim. Like just after your surgery - low and behold the stuckness and throwing up stopped. Its happened again since then and did I follow her advice straight away no - hmmmm slow learner me. Anyhow I have done it twice now worked both times. Next couple of days go onto the mushies. When you get into major stuckness and throwing up you end up with quite a bit of swelling so it needs to settle. You may be hungry for those couple of days but its better than being stuck and throwing up for weeks on end.
  10. Henrywashere

    "I wish I was fat again"

    I saw the piece on Sunrise yesterday morning and the young girl's journey has not been a happy 1. I suppose as a lot of us always say everyone's journey is different so can only say what has happened with us. I have a friend with pretty much a sleeve tragedy and for that reason alone I couldn't consider it. Dental surgery and cosmetic surgery is financially something not everyone can entertain. What was reported was her journey and yes we don't seem to see reports on the more success stories - but news stories are much more controversial and suck in the viewers if it has a negative connotation.
  11. Henrywashere

    Plastic surgery after sleeve

    and they told you ?????????
  12. Henrywashere

    Excess skin surgery

    Last time I went to my surgeon after they suggested to me the abdo I mentioned about the number being revoked the surgeon said I would still be covered if he did the surgery - dunno really what that means. I have to ask again I figure there is no point getting your hopes up for them to then say you are not covered I am still paying for top hospital and if wont be covered I may be like specialized and go what is the point.
  13. Henrywashere

    Sleeving around ouchtown

    Hey Blnx (or not Blnx as the case may be) and Random Cat - welcome aboard jump around the forum ask some questions hang out get to know people. Its a good bunch of people who are happy to help out with questions.
  14. Henrywashere

    Hi there (just had a lap band)

    Hi Kaylarnee welcome aboard. Maybe try sitting up a bit to sleep propped up on heaps of pillows that is what I find is the best for me when I am having trouble, easier getting up in the morning also. I think you need to just go at it slow instead of having a huge aim of loosing 100 hanging over you head just concentrate on a bit of a time. Make yourself some mini goals.
  15. How did the appointment go Leigh - in the early days its best to be guided by your surgeon they are the professional.