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  1. ellen14

    Delicious smoothie recipe

    I have a Thermomix so I use a frozen banana and strawberries, blueberries and baby spinach, optifast, Greek yogurt and protein powder (wpi) makes way too much but I just pop the rest in the fridge for later... I'm 12 days post op (sleeve) so this is perfect for me.
  2. ellen14

    NO weight loss 4 days post op

    Well I'm 12 days post op now and I've lost 7kgs! Happy happy!
  3. Haha I didn't put a state no, as I'd read a few posts about the hospital already. But yes good point.
  4. Well nobody replied, so I will for other peoples reference. The only place close to the hospital is the pub "the ritz". Street parking only which is extremely hard to get. Rooms are clean but old and for the price, pretty poor. Staff there are very helpful, but you wouldn't stay there unless you had to. On the upside, my husband said the meals there were fabulous, and the pub itself is lovely. Haha
  5. ellen14

    NO weight loss 4 days post op

    I was sleeved on Tuesday and stayed in hospital till Friday. On Saturday I was 3kg heavier than Tuesday, (103kg). Now Sunday, which is day 5, I'm down 1kg. Haha I was a bit concerned seeing as all I'm eating is liquid,...but 1kg down is better than 1kg up!
  6. Hi I'm looking for a Motel close to the Hurstville hospital for my hubby while I'm in hospital. I don't know the area at all as I'm from the country. TIA
  7. ellen14

    Any regrets sleevers?

    When I had my band I suffered socially...I felt bad when I ate out and left food on the plate or didn't eat the nibbles. I wanted to eat them and join in like everybody else. I didn't want the host to feel that I didn't like what she had served. Or I would just not go. That's what I'm going thru today. I'm on optifast for surgery on Nov 4th and I'm meant to be going to a concert weekend with friends this weekend. It's easier not to go. They don't know about the surgery.
  8. ellen14

    Any regrets sleevers?

    I'm booked in for a sleeve on 4th Nov. I regret having a band for 5yrs earlier. Shouldve gone the sleeve first.