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    I'm confused and worried

    I recently had similar problems as I got closer to my goal weight. I saw my surgeon and he removed some fill as the 6ml in a 7ml band was no longer needed for my 65kg frame and I took a course of pariet to ease the inflammation of my esophagus. I'd suggest talking with your surgeon and let us know how you go!
  2. BHgirl14

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi everyone, I've been away busy with life - changing jobs and moving across the state. My waist line has suffered with huge fluctuations in my weight up and down and back up. I reached a really happy place at 63kg but with the absence of my busy exercise schedule I haven't maintained it and ballooned back up! Today I have made a strong commitment to do the things I love again including running and sports and to get my clothes fitting comfortably; they're really tight with the 4kg I've rediscovered. Here's to accountability, hardwork and determination !
  3. BHgirl14

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi everyone, sorry I've been quiet. Still no return of energy so no exercise or weighloss! I'm having a go at maintaining between 63-64kg which has been good considering I'm not exercising at all! I'm moving over the next few days so that'll keep me well exercised and I have a couple of dr appointments next week. Keep up the great work!!
  4. BHgirl14

    Life is a whirlwind

    Life has been a whirlwind for the past few months, so much has been happening in my personal and professional life and I feel as though tonight I have hit my limit and consequently I am channelling this anarchy into my blog for relief and your enjoyment or at least some night time reading. A few months ago I returned from my usual Saturday morning Step class absolutely exhausted, I went to bed and slept for 4 hours, woke up, ate and then returned to bed for another 4 hours, again woke up, ate and returned to bed for the night. Exhaustion. I eased up the exercise which has led to a complete absence of all physical activity as I just don't have the energy and have stopped calories completely until I see my doctor next week. 12 months of severe calorie deficiency has finally taken its toll. I really wanted to hit my ultimate goal of 60kg by now but that is on hold and I am maintaining at 63-64kg. The band and I are becoming increasingly less fond of each other and I am fed up with the dietary limitations and unpredictability so my fingers are crossed that a surgeon will agree to revise me for all sorts of reasons when I see him next week, fingers crossed! Work has been completely insane for the past few months as well which has substantially affected my functioning, now that Christmas holidays are here I am looking forward to establishing a new routine after I move to my new spot and become acquainted with my new town and workplace- got to find the gym. I am really struggling to find peace with my new body at 63-64kg, I'm already wanting to have my tummy and thighs done. No thanks to superficial, moronic, self indulged boys not men - one of whom told me I needed to lose weight from my legs! Something I already felt true and didn't need to be said! The plan is so see the doctor, get a revision - hopefully band to bypass in one, find my energy and get running again and get hot just to prove to these idiots. Then save for a new tummy!! Just be yourself; you are wonderful
  5. Hi Sleevers, I'm looking for surgeon recommendations in the Bathurst or Central Coast area who have performed band to sleeve or bypass please? My story: I've been banded not quite a year and I'm adamant that I want to have my band out and become a sleever (or very unlikely get a bypass). For lots of different reason including: *My port is now getting in the way of my day to day life, painful under clothes and limiting exercises. I figure if I have to go under anesthetic again I want it to be for the sleeve *I'm worried about the future of my band and am realistic that it will have to come out so the sooner the better now that I know wls is what I want. I want to work overseas so the follow up of the band isn't convenient *All the issues to do with food, stuck moments and regurgitation, enough said! *I also want to have a tummy tuck but I'm not doing that with a band in! The only problem is that my surgeon is not willing to do a revision as I've been 'too successful'. Even though I don't think the way I've done it has been healthy. I live 1200km away and spoke with him this week on the phone so I'm going to see him before Christmas and attempt to convince him.... Thanks
  6. BHgirl14

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm back to 64kg but am struggling with extensive exhaustion. I've cut back the exercise and dramatically increased my calorie intake but not feeling better yet. Well done to you all, keep up the hard work. I look forward to rejoining you with the weight loss when my energy returns
  7. which closed groups are you in Goldilocks? I would prefer B2B if I can have it done in one but not sure if at 64kg it's an option? Would love to have a few names of who is doing this procedure. From what I've read B2 Sleevers do have a slower weight loss but now I'm within a few kgs of my goal it really is a maintenance tool unlike the band - my surgeon called it that as he didn't expect me to lose any more weight! Thanks for your support Goldilocks, I will be very eager to update you in a few weeks!
  8. Dr Talbot's next appointment was in March however, my surgeon has squeezed me in just before Christmas so the best case scenario will be that he agrees to revise me. If he declines I have an appointment with McDreamy the following day! I'll err on the side of caution, I'll be stoked to revise full stop!! I'll be worried just like everyone about the 3 month wait. I'll let you know how I go. A month to wait until I know!!
  9. oooh Kazbo if I could jump through the computer to hug you I would!!! Would Talbot do Band to Bypass in one? I know it's not the done thing but I'd prefer to go under once! Guess who I'll be calling tomorrow :-* :-*
  10. Thanks Kazbo!! I have booked into the Oclinic with Dr Taylor for a second opinion as I couldn't get a suitable appointment in Dubbo or Orange and I'm very hopeful he will weigh up the problems and decide to sleeve me, I really want it out!! And thanks to the others who shared their experiences and concerns I appreciate it
  11. Thanks Princess! Can you delete the whole thread please as I have found the surgeons who service this area? Thanks
  12. BHgirl14

    Weigh In Wednesday

    caught a glimpse of 61.5kg however due to exhaustion I was advised the ease up the training and eat more... well I'm seeing 62.7kg again today and having difficulty refocusing on my tight regime... look out 61kg then 60kg you should be scared because I'm coming for you...
  13. I'd go the sleeve in a heartbeat - I've asked my surgeon to revise me but he won't - I've been too successful.. As I said unfortunately it wasn't an option for me in the beginning. Had my gp referred me when I was 100kg then I may have been.
  14. BHgirl14

    moving to Orange-help please

    Katy, I'd love to know how you're going? I'm also moving from Broken Hill but to Bathurst and seeking a second opinion.. my surgeon is on the Central Coast but I can't see him until Feb due to moving and him taking 7 weeks leave so I'm looking for a surgeon in Orange!
  15. BHgirl14

    I went and got married!

    Congratulations Kazbo!! So romantic <3 <3 I wish you both all the best for a long prosperous and happy marriage
  16. BHgirl14

    Big decision from band to sleeve! Eek

    Yes I'll be seeing him before Christmas, I'm living 1200km away at the moment! I noticed you're in Penrith, who is your surgeon? I'm moving to Oberon next year so Penrith isn't too far away Hopefully in the short time you've had the band there hasn't been too much scar tissue develop, definitely keep me posted with how you go. Thanks for your advice and kind replies to my post!
  17. I started my journey at just over 100kg (bmi 40), I saw my surgeon when I was about 80kg and banded at 78kg. It was my only option then and I love my new lifestyle. If I had the option to be sleeved and with the hindsight I do now I wouldn't have hesitated. However, being banded felt like the right decision then and my surgeon is still sure it is currently haha Read extensively and ask lots of questions. Consider the lifestyle you want, keep us posted and good luck!
  18. Hi ladies, thanks for your advice. I can see where he is coming from too. The reason for having the band installed was as a maintenance tool - I can loose weight but I've always put it back on and then some. He offered to do an unfill to help with the food situation but I'm apprehensive about it. Since my operation in December I've lived mostly on Optifast.. knowing I can have it and not be sick is a relief. I'm also a vegetarian and have struggled to eat simple salads and vegetables without being sick! Often meat replacements are too dry unless drowned in fatty sauces... I definitely need to do something about my port, not only is it prominent and in the way but it's definitely not secured to the muscle... I want the peace of mind that comes with the sleeve/bypass after the initial big ordeal and recovery. Not having to worry about foods getting stuck, having regular follow ups, flipped ports, leaking/eroded/slipped bands and therefore future removal. Yes it's costly to the health system but I have private health insurance and I too pay taxes, my health and wellbeing is important. By changing my lifestyle now and having this done will save the government a fortune when I get older as I won't need the medical interventions for the health conditions of an obese person. Thanks heaps though
  19. BHgirl14

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Down half a kilo this week to 62.7kg, it's not a big loss but it's the expected amount given where I'm at.
  20. BHgirl14

    Big decision from band to sleeve! Eek

    How are you going Rach?? I just had a discussion with my surgeon via phone and he won't even consider my desire to revise Even with a port sticking out which is getting in the way and my desire to not want to have this thing in me he won't.... I hope you have better news?
  21. BHgirl14

    What a year!!

    WOW! What a year it has been. It's just ticked over to my 1st fit-versary - a term I coined to celebrate the anniversay of the day I decided to get healthy. Here are some accomplishments I've achieved since September 2014.... - Running: I joined my school's running group this year. If you had told me last year that I'd love running I would've laughed at you!! So far I have completed 3 races!! 2x 5km runs (local run and Orroroo) and then 10km in the Gold Coast. Planning is underway for 2016 so stay tuned..... - Sports in general: This year I have tried to give everything a good go, leading to my first Grand Final ever playing AFL in Broken Hill. I've also dabbled with social basketball, gotten back on my bicycle, bushwalking and finally getting good use of my gym membership. -My buddy the band: We have a love-hate relationship at times, it certainly hasn't been easy and it really is a tool not the solution. I'm still learning to live with it, I make mistakes and get frustrated but I am committed to never going back to where I was. - Most importantly, I feel in control of my life, I'm so healthy and really am very happy! Picture below: Left:Footy Ball June 2015 @ 66.9kg Right: Basketball Ball Sept 2014 @101.8kg Other photo: stoked to have completed the 10km Gold Coast run 2015
  22. BHgirl14

    New progress pics

    13 months since my journey began and I've ditched over 38kg. I'm noticing lots of stretch marks and loose skin which is losing it's elasticity. Also my head is not believing the mirror - I'm struggling to accept a positive attitude towards myself - who'd have thought that it'd be so hard??
  23. BHgirl14

    New progress pics

    Thank you all very much, I really do appreciate your kind words of support. Today was another tough day personally and professionally. Last week I scored a heap of brand new skirts (for work) from Vinnies which I desperately needed. However after losing a couple of kilos since they're all too big in the waist. I went shopping tonight to buy 1 skirt at least and had the same problem with most of what I tried on. Looks like my trusty Targ├ęt shorts will have to do or I'll be a professional dart seamstress by Sunday!! I love this healthy me but todsy felt as though I've swapped my big girl problems for other issues. #lifeofapear Tomorrow is a new day xoxo
  24. BHgirl14

    Big decision from band to sleeve! Eek

    I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who is thinking and feeling the same, I'm only 10 months banded and feel very strongly about revising already! All the best for your band removal and sleeving! I'll be having the same discussion with my surgeon when I see him next xx