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  1. Hi leigh, i also was the same as specialized a didn't have any fill until 3 mths after the surgery. And the amount of fill was 2 ml my first time. Definitely don't sound right what your going through atm.
  2. Rick

    band vs sleeve

    I agree with 29er totally, I'm now 1 1/2 years banded and was the best thing I've ever done.....I can eat most foods as I did pre banding. The important thing is to exercise, I walk and bike ride which had really helped me with my weight loss. Good luck with what ever choice you take.
  3. Rick

    follow up surgerys

    Thats what we like to hear 29er, touch wood I'm also the same.
  4. What round2baby said is 100% correct. The band is definitely no miracle cure to loosing weight, it's a tool to help you. Is a completely up to you to be dedicated and committed to the new lifestyle change The change of food you eat and exercise is also very important.
  5. Rick

    length of time

    I have really gone back to eating most foods that I used to eat pre banding, just remember you will have chew, chew, and chew your food for the rest of your life...........
  6. Rick

    pre op diet

    Hi LJ, I was on optifast for 2 weeks pre surgery and had optifast 3 times and day plus allowed 1/2 cup of steamed vegies lunch and dinner. I guess every Dr and dietitian have different ways pre op If you like I can send you the pre op meal plan my dietitian had me on. Cheers Rick
  7. Rick

    Burning calories

    Yes Boganlicious the nice weather is on it's way and the days will only get better from here on. So no reason not to go for nice walks. I walk and cycle regularly which has been a big benefit to my weight loss.
  8. Rick


    Great page Trish.....has lots of good info and great recipes. Keep up the good work. Rick
  9. Rick

    Burning calories

    That's a top effort.......well done You no doubt will sleep well tonight.......
  10. Rick

    Burning calories

    I thought you lived in sunny Queensland lol. Yes have a giant Talon 2 and love it. Best thing I've done for years is to take up bike riding. Has done me great on my weight loss. I'm really addicted to riding now.....
  11. Rick

    Burning calories

    Yes 29er the good old bike is definitely my fat burner, I'm hooked on riding now days since being banded. It has helped me greatly through my weight loss journey. I rode 32kms today and i lost 1056 cals according to the bike monitor. I use either samsung health or Strava on my cycling trips. Both these are very good apps. Attached is a pic of my fat burner
  12. Rick

    Stretched skin?

    Hi Trish, That's a incredible weight amount of weight loss, you look great for it......well done. I agree with henry you look fine in your clothes that's all that matters. I'm guessing you have combined some exercise during your weight loss journey Rick
  13. Rick

    Flinders privet hospital

    Hi J _N, I had my gastric surgery at the Flinders Medical Centre in October last year. They were great, Dr Kow and colleagues are fantastic. I believe the private hospital it attached to the FMC Rick
  14. Ozchick I read in a post back in Sept 2013 you say you were taking Lyrica and put on 6kgs in 6 weeks, would you put it down to the Lyrica?