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  1. Wolf

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi all. Long time and not doing good. Back up to 83kgs. Will try my best this week to pull it around. Have good week everyone!!!
  2. Thanks Ada and jan. Really appreciate the replies. And yes I have got back on track, nearly!! And yes have started doing bit more exercise, play golf 4 times a week, but starting to walk now also. Jesus it's hard getting back again. Was totally caught up in the equality referendum here in irl, as my daughter is gay. But it was a yes vote so time to get back on track. Thanks again ladies, we stick with it. Xx
  3. Really fed up, just can't get it together. Have lost no weight for a while. My own fault totally, eating crap constantly, and can eat as much as I want. Won't be getting a fill until July. But what's really depressing me is making the bad choices that I've always made!! Still paying back for the op and will be for a long time and I keep eating crap. F..k, just sick of myself. Sorry just needed to say it, otherwise I just disappear from site. 🌻
  4. Wolf

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm the same again this week, making really bad choices. Must put the work in this week. Have a great week everyone!! 🌻
  5. Wolf

    Difficulty getting back!!

    Glad to be back on site, had great day yesterday with food and felt much better head wise!!! Being an emotional eater needs a lot of work. But so happy I had the band done. So just need to keep going and stay positive. I am working at the moment on the yes equality campaign for marriage in Ireland. My daughter is gay and find people saying no to this very difficult to take, as they are basically saying she is not an equal citizen, so bit stressed!! But hopefully the referendum will be a yes vote on the 22nd of May. But need to mind myself in all of it, as can get too involved and then bad food choices take over. Have great day everyone, onwards and downwards!!
  6. Wolf

    Difficulty getting back!!

    consider chocolate, desserts and all sliders as bad choices!!! Think I need to work on my head, and the more I eat crap the worse the thought process is!!!!! I would hate to spoil it all for myself as I have been doing really well!!! Ya must make more of an effort on the web-site. Got this quote today:Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~ Dale Carnegie So I better start posting!!!
  7. Wolf

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Back up to 81.3. Fed up, was so close to the 70's!!! Have good week everyone. 🌻
  8. I find since the site went down I'm finding it difficult to get back into being on the site. Also the food seems to have got worse, making bad choices. So must get back into checking in once a day. Anyone else find this? Hope everyone is good!!
  9. Wolf

    Weigh In Wednesday

    80.7 today! All good!
  10. Wolf

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Down to 81.5 last wed. Very happy. And so happy the site is back. Really missed it.
  11. Wolf

    AB's Bandiversary

    Fantastic, well done. ðŸ‘
  12. Wolf

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Same again this week. God it's really slow, starting to get impatient and then I start eating badly. But on wards and downward hopefully this week. Have a good week everyone. 🌻
  13. Wolf

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Me the same, doing a happy dance too😄 as I ate my own weight in crap over wkend. Have a good week everyone. Sunshine here for the first time this year so really enjoying it and back golfing 3 times a week. So very happy!!!
  14. Wolf

    hello everyone :)

    Hi tamara. I was banded in dec 14. Hope all going well for you. Me mom to 4, all grown up. Tina