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  1. Hi. While I had sips surgery not sleeve I hope you don't mind me posting about the benefits of the weight loss. I can have fun at the park with my kids eg go down the slide, etc. I can go swimming instead of making excuses not to go. I can walk into my favourite shop Ice Design and fit a Medium or Large in most things unless the style is too tight for my curves or belly. I am a 12 - 14 now and I love clothes shopping. I can go running. Outings are no longer painful for me from just walking eg the zoo. Yes I have excess skin which I hate as well as a hanging fat roll on one thigh. I am having plastic surgery in 2 stages once I get to goal weight. Also when people look at me in public or catch my eye I no longer feel self conscious like they're looking at me with disgust. I actually had a young man catch my eye and smile. I couldn't believe it. Not to mention my blood results were great whereas pre surgery my cholesterol was high as was fasting insulin and fasting blood sugar. My surgeon told me I was headed for type 2. Hope this helps. Yes there's risks and negatives but for me the positives outweigh any negatives. What do I hate the most? Being hungry from not getting a lunch break then around 2pm when I get home wanting lunch AND coffee but having to choose. Not meant to eat and drink but even if it was recommended it's either one or the other. A coffee will fill my tummy and leave no room for lunch. The new portion sizes will become the norm for you. Most things still taste the same but for me the majority of the time steak tastes rubbish. It's a head disappointment because my head says it's craving a steak then it doesn't taste good. I can live without steak tasting good though.
  2. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Yes! I have that wrinkly bit there too! I'm planning a lot of plastic surgery in 2 stages. 360 body lift, breast work, arm reduction, thigh lift with lipo.
  3. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Yes it includes 3 weeks pre Optifast. I get most of my exercise at work climbing stairs and I do minimum 10000 steps. I drink protein water. I have only just started thinking about exercise. I went for my first run last week and was pleased with how far I could jog non stop. I also did some hand weights. I had a body scan today and was pleased with my muscle mass and body fat percentage. Body fat 30.3% and the target range for females it said 20 - 30%. I'm 72.1kgs at home. I was 73kgs there. Visceral fat was in acceptable range. I still want to reduce it further. Im hoping to get to 55kgs but also build muscle. I don't want to be skinny fat.
  4. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Surgery was May 17th. I will be 6 months next Saturday.
  5. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    55kgs end goal. So close!
  6. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    I have now lost 46kgs. I'm 72.1kgs. Feeling pleased.
  7. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Great work Zaruse!
  8. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    73.7kgs today with under 20kgs to go. Feeling amazing.
  9. Boganlicious

    Nearly there

    So far I'm down 43.3kgs and I have 20kgs to go. Technically 19.8 to get to my personal goal but I'm not sure how to change target weight on the monitor my weight app. My weight loss has definitely slowed down but I am still losing. It seems so close yet so far. I had to share as I'm so happy with my progress.
  10. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    74.8kgs today. Very happy with that.
  11. Boganlicious

    Checking in

    I saw my surgeon today and I have lost 88% of my excess weight. He is very happy with me. I have just over 20kgs to my goal weight.
  12. Boganlicious

    Another milestone

    Hi Kylie23! Sips was my first wls. I'm down to the mid 70s. My surgeon was Dr Ravi Rao and I was more than happy with him. Energy wise I am still living on coffee some days I have more energy than others. I started back at work in July and I'm on my feet all day. Considering I was so tired I was constantly napping pre surgery I'm doing well.
  13. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Yesterday 75.7kgs. Today 76.1kgs. I'm sticking with the weight of 75.7kgs the extra 400 grams is probably just bloating and will go. I'm 5.7kgs off my pre pregnancy weight with my firstborn all those years ago. I'm 10.7kgs off being a normal bmi. I was using the calculator last night and worked out my pre pregnancy weight of 70kgs I was technically overweight although I looked alright.
  14. Boganlicious

    Have Put on Weight

    From what I've read on fb support groups when starting purée and soft foods it's very normal to stall or even gain weight. Don't stress it will start moving again. I've had stalls and even gained a couple of times (which did come back off) and I'm almost 5 months post op. Hang in there.
  15. Boganlicious

    Pregnancy after Gastric sleeve and gall bladder removal

    I had my wls post kids but suffered heartburn and vomiting the entire 9 months with my son. I tried maxalon, ginger tablets and Zofran but nothing helped and it wasn't particular foods that set me off because I could eat something one day and not vomit, eat it again the next day and vomit 2 - 3 times. Wish I could help with some miracle cure but I didn't find it.