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  1. Boganlicious


    Interesting what Jachut said about having babies making some women fat. My surgeon said obesity was in my genetics and people are predisposed to it and then something happens to trigger it eg pregnancy. That's exactly where my issue with obesity started. Yes I've been overweight as a child, lost it as a teen, yoyoed a bit in my 20s but nothing over 65ish kgs, managed to get quite thin 57 - 59kgs. Got to 55kgs with Duromine but suffered psychosis and was hospitalised. Went up to 60kgs. Still slim looking back but was so unhappy at the time. Met my husband. Gained 15kgs and felt disgusted and ashamed. Got to 68 point something msg with Jenny Craig. Fell pregnant with my daughter. Ballooned to 103.5kgs. Got down to 85kgs within a few months after her birth. Started to put on weight even though I was still eating the same, weighing portions but not exercising as much as I was constantly tired/exhausted. Blood tests. All normal apparently. Lies. Thyroid was borderline. Gained back and was 104kgs and ashamed. Started looking into the lapband. Full bloods. Surprise surprise under active thyroid. More blood tests. Hashimotos Disease. Started Thyroxine and had several blood tests over the years which always showed tsh in normal range but weight wouldn't budge. Special occasions would gain 1 - 2kgs. Weight slowly creeps up slowly but surely over the years. Highest weight (not pregnant) 118.1kgs. Fall pregnant. Suffer miscarriage. Get down to 112kgs from being so sick with an infection in my womb. Go back to 117 - 118kgs. Get married. Disgusted by wedding photos. Take out private health insurance just for me so I can have weight loss surgery and am on public wait list. Fall pregnant with rainbow miracle baby. Give birth. Get down to pre pregnancy weight (only gained 9.6kgs this time around). Can't lose more. See photos of myself at my daughter's birthday party and feel awful. Have appointment in public system and am told I will be waiting at least 2 more years before I'm operated on. Eff that. Convince hubby to let me access my super (didn't have much, long story and not worked since having my daughter in 2013). Go on consult and he is the surgeon for me (had 2 referrals). Sips surgery May 17th 2017. Baby boy is 6 months on surgery day. Currently down to 60.3kgs. Goal weight is 55kgs. Journey not over yet. 2 x consults booked for February and March for plastics. Likely 2 x lots of surgery so will be a long time til my body is almost normal (will have lots of extensive scarring) but I am happy with my body now and have been for a long time on my weight loss journey. Sorry my post was so long but have never shared how I became the way I was and the comments on pregnancy compelled me to share. Definitely go see your surgeon. He or she will hopefully not be harsh and judge you. They are there to help. Likely you will be referred for a barium swallow or other tests which will show if something is wrong with your sleeve and the best course of action. My surgeon does not believe a resleeve works and bypass or sips a better option in the case of a failed sleeve. Lastly please do not judge yourself too harshly. Also keep in mind some weight regain is normal so I would speak to a dietician who is knowledgeable in bariatric surgery patients and their needs. I hope everything works out and hoping for the best possible outcome for you.
  2. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I haven't weighed in lately as I'd been naughty and had maintained or even fluctuated a few hundred grams. I'm back on track and have had a small loss which takes me down to 60.9kgs. Total loss 57.2kgs which is an entire person! 55kgs goal weight. Unsure if that's too low as my bones are starting to really become visible. Don't know if I've already mentioned it but my bmi is finally in the normal range.
  3. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    I haven't weighed in for a couple of weeks. I have been naughty lately but I'm back on track now. After being stuck at the same weight or even fluctuating a few hundred grams I've finally lost a little more. 118.1kgs starting weight 60.9kgs currently 55kgs goal weight I have mixed feelings. Sometimes I love how I look while others I feel too skinny as I have visible bones now. My ribs and collarbone stick out, when on my side my hip bones jut out, my upper arms while a little flabby from the excess skin are the smallest they have ever been even when I weighed less and the back of my shoulders are boney. My husband said it's just because I'm not used to being this size as I was big for so long. I don't know. I've even been called skinny a couple of times and I'm now smaller than others who I used to think were slim. That's a weird thing to get my head around.
  4. Boganlicious

    Loosing weight

    I second Opti to try and kick start everything. If you aren't already fill up on free veggies. How far post op are you? My dietician told me some weight regain is very common at 12 and 24 months post op and diet may need tweaking eg less carbs. I'm almost 8 months post op so not an expert. Are you eating enough protein? Drinking enough water?
  5. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    I'm down 52.1kgs and I have 11kgs to get to my goal weight. I'm wearing size 11 jeans and I'm 6kgs off weighing what I did when I first met my hubby. Life is good. I'm wearing things and shopping at places I never would have thought of before.
  6. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Good luck with it.
  7. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I weighed myself yesterday and am 66.4kgs. So close to my goal now and my rings need to be resized again. I'm down to a size 10 - 12.
  8. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    69.3kgs. I had surgery Sunday for a female problem. I'm ok just sore and really tired. I'll be honest I've been eating comfort food, time to knuckle down.
  9. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Just wanted to update I'm 200 grams away from losing 50kgs. That's an entire person! I'm down to 68.3kgs as posted in weigh in Wednesday and couldn't be happier. My little boy recently turned 1 (how time flies) and I'm so happy with the photos taken at his party. I didn't have anything to pick apart except my weird facial expression in one of them but I had a good laugh about it. I was 6 months post op on the 17th November. Would love to get down to 55kgs but will see what happens and how I'm feeling. The best part is even though I'm not at goal weight and haven't had my plastic surgery yet I'm just so happy with how I look and for the most part feel comfortable in my skin. My husband is thrilled too. I can't keep his hands off me and of course not just the physical changes that he's attracted to but he loves that I'm happy and confident. How are all the other May people going?
  10. Boganlicious

    Too much weight loss

    Best bet is to speak to her dietician. I'm slightly worried I could end up loosing too much as I had sips surgery which means a slower weight loss however it's falling off and I'm almost at my goal. My dietician said it would be a matter of upping carbs in particular and she would work with me to stabilise my weight if it came to that. She also says your body stops when it's comfortable. What is your friend's bmi like? Is it normal, underweight, etc.
  11. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    68.3kgs. I made it to the 60s!
  12. Hi. While I had sips surgery not sleeve I hope you don't mind me posting about the benefits of the weight loss. I can have fun at the park with my kids eg go down the slide, etc. I can go swimming instead of making excuses not to go. I can walk into my favourite shop Ice Design and fit a Medium or Large in most things unless the style is too tight for my curves or belly. I am a 12 - 14 now and I love clothes shopping. I can go running. Outings are no longer painful for me from just walking eg the zoo. Yes I have excess skin which I hate as well as a hanging fat roll on one thigh. I am having plastic surgery in 2 stages once I get to goal weight. Also when people look at me in public or catch my eye I no longer feel self conscious like they're looking at me with disgust. I actually had a young man catch my eye and smile. I couldn't believe it. Not to mention my blood results were great whereas pre surgery my cholesterol was high as was fasting insulin and fasting blood sugar. My surgeon told me I was headed for type 2. Hope this helps. Yes there's risks and negatives but for me the positives outweigh any negatives. What do I hate the most? Being hungry from not getting a lunch break then around 2pm when I get home wanting lunch AND coffee but having to choose. Not meant to eat and drink but even if it was recommended it's either one or the other. A coffee will fill my tummy and leave no room for lunch. The new portion sizes will become the norm for you. Most things still taste the same but for me the majority of the time steak tastes rubbish. It's a head disappointment because my head says it's craving a steak then it doesn't taste good. I can live without steak tasting good though.
  13. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Yes! I have that wrinkly bit there too! I'm planning a lot of plastic surgery in 2 stages. 360 body lift, breast work, arm reduction, thigh lift with lipo.
  14. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Yes it includes 3 weeks pre Optifast. I get most of my exercise at work climbing stairs and I do minimum 10000 steps. I drink protein water. I have only just started thinking about exercise. I went for my first run last week and was pleased with how far I could jog non stop. I also did some hand weights. I had a body scan today and was pleased with my muscle mass and body fat percentage. Body fat 30.3% and the target range for females it said 20 - 30%. I'm 72.1kgs at home. I was 73kgs there. Visceral fat was in acceptable range. I still want to reduce it further. Im hoping to get to 55kgs but also build muscle. I don't want to be skinny fat.
  15. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Surgery was May 17th. I will be 6 months next Saturday.