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  1. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Pre op prep/tests   

    Dr Ravi Rao in Mount Lawley. 
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  2. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Trigger foods   

    I've read somewhere else about how some people avoid trigger foods. Do you avoid them? Or are you satisfied with a small portion post wls? Do you find alternatives instead? 
    If I eat chocolate it's like I have zero self control. It hits the spot but doesn't. I'm thinking post surgery if I'm really having a craving occasionally an Atkins chocolate bar with 0.1 grams of sugar may be ok depending on carb content. I know normal chocolate should be a no go for me because once I have some it's like something happens to me and I'm not satisfied and keep eating. 
    I appreciate all the advice. I had my last supper of Indian last night just in case I end up with food intolerances and can't eat it anymore or my tastebuds completely change. We had butter chicken, chicken korma and prawn jalfrezi. My super paperwork has been completed by the surgeon and I have an appointment with my gp Monday to fill out his paperwork. 
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  3. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Breakfast ideas   

    I need low carb breakfast ideas! I'm trying to make changes to my diet pre surgery and I'm stuck for ideas. I have 2 x coffees first thing with 3/4 of it being milk. The last 2 days I've had oats with chia seeds and pepitas. So far my ideas are omelettes, blueberry smoothies and stuffed mushrooms. For those post wls who watch their carbs what are your go to breakfast ideas? 
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  4. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Feeling apprehensive/scared, is this normal   

    I'm awaiting my paperwork so I can access my super for the gap. My surgery will hopefully be in May but could be June. I think about mine all the time and can't stop talking about it hence all my posts here. 
    I'm excited but part of me is scared too. I have 2 kids and don't want to die on the table. My husband said there's more chance of me dying in a car crash on the way to surgery than during the op. I know it's scary, I'm a bit scared too but think why you want/need this done. For me I'm not the mum I want to be. I can't go down slides with my daughter because I'm too big, I make excuses to avoid us going swimming which means she misses out and I am very low on energy. I can jog 1/4 of the oval some days but I want to be out there chasing her. 
    I also got my bloods back and my cholesterol is high which puts me at risk and the surgeon said I'm on my way to becoming a type 2 diabetic based on my fasting insulin results and also fasting sugars. I know I need this for health as well as the vanity part because honestly I am not happy with the way I look. Good luck with everything. 
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  5. Boganlicious added a blog entry in From boganlicious to glamorous   

    Pre op prepping
    I had my consult yesterday and was given the choice of the sleeve or SIPS. I am choosing SIPS. It's a sleeve however the intestines are also bypassed while preserving the plyrus. I've send my paperwork off to super to change to my married name. I'm just waiting on the quotes and completed paperwork from the surgeon before I see my gp for his paperwork.
    Not much else to report except can I keep saying how excited I am? Ask me the week before op how I'm feeling though when I've given up coffee. Will keep everyone updated as I make the transition from boganlicious to glamorous. Not that there's anything wrong with being boganlicious but I'm sick to death of trackies and leggings since not much else fits. Also I'm in denial of my size I think. I can get away with 18 if stretchy but if I was to wear jeans, etc I'd say I'm bigger. That and I don't like much of what's on offer in my size. Can't wait to go from the plus size sections to shops such as ICE and Valley Girl, Dotti, Cotton On. 
    2018 I'm going to be a successful transformation story. 
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  6. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: All systems go!   

    I actually know 3 people having weight loss surgery. 2 as public patients but it has taken them 2 years of waiting. The 3rd is also accessing super for the gap. I just couldn't wait any longer. 
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  7. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: All systems go!   

    Soda water, etc is ok. It's diet soft drink that is artificially sweetened eg Pepsi max, Diet Coke, etc he doesn't want me having as he said it has a bad effect on the body. I also heard that from someone else as well. I don't know why no red meat or pork for 4 months, maybe he has found it's too heavy for some patients. I can live with chicken, turkey and seafood. Oh and beans, legumes if they don't cause me problems. 
    The hardest thing for me will be not being allowed coffee for the week prior to surgery. Also post surgery de card is recommended but not sure for how long. I am hoping weight loss will give me natural energy. Oh I'm excited. Scared yes a bit mainly because it's surgery and any type of surgery makes me nervous but so happy for this change. 
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  8. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Weigh In Wednesday   

    It's Wednesday! I was weighed at my consult yesterday. 116.9kgs. So I'm staying around the same give or take a few hundred grams depending on the day. Just waiting on my quote and paperwork for super then need gp to fill out his forms and I can submit it! 
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  9. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: All systems go!   

    I had my consult yesterday and was so impressed. What a lovely man. Very honest a straight shooter but kind. 
    Move been given the choice of sleeve or SIPS bypass. I am going the SIPS as he feels the weight loss would be greater for me and he said I have 50kgs to lose (I want to lose approx 60 or just over 60kgs). I have enough super without draining the account. I'm off the have my marriage certificate copy certified today so I can change the name on my account to my married name. I'm going to the gp to fill in my paperwork as soon as I get mine back from the surgeon. 
    I've read my book from the surgeon and taken a lot in. I will re read it a few more times though. Can I just say how excited I am for this huge change. I don't really have anyone else to talk to about it. My mum doesn't want me to have it done. My husband's away working ATM so we talk when we can due to the time difference. I've been trying to make changes already long term healthy ones eg sushi for lunch (yes I know carb heavy) rather than grabbing something fried. I know my entire diet will change and carbs are restricted. No alcohol until I'm at goal weight. No more diet soft drink so I have to change my alcoholic drink of choice. No red meat or pork for the first 4 months post surgery. 
    I'm ready for this. 
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  10. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: No loss . I want to feel good too   

    I'm pre surgery just met my surgeon today. Please don't get despondent. You are already down and the scales will keep going down. I've read that stalls especially early post op are normal. Your body is in shock right now. 
    Do not give up and keep your chin up. You've got this. 
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  11. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Pre op prep/tests   

    I saw the surgeon today and what a lovely man. A straight shooter but nice. I'm awaiting the paperwork for super along with quotes. He said I can have sleeve or SIPS. My decision and I'm going SIPS. 
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  12. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Clothes   

    I've thought of buying some stuff in my goal size (6) but I'm too embarrassed to. I have a pair of ripped faded jeans from Supre in size XS and I refuse to bin them because I desperately want to wear them again one day. I have a variety of sizes here in bags but as I start shrinking I plan on going crazy buying stuff as long as it's cheap. 
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  13. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Pre op prep/tests   

    I had all my bariatric blood and urine tests done and have a copy for my surgeon next week. 
    What other tests did you do? I had an ultrasound of my abdomen when I first started this process but it's from 2015. Might be too long ago. 
    Also Purée stage. Did you puree protein mixed with veg? Eg soft fish and veggies puréed together? Or is the puree stage more so soups blended? I know all dietician and surgeons will be different just starting a shopping list. 
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  14. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Lifting restrictions   

    I've been told by the surgeon no lifting more than 10kgs for 4 weeks because of the risk of developing a hernia. I'm looking into in home care and cost. 
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  15. Boganlicious added a post in a topic: Lifting restrictions   

    I may not be able to lift my son for 6 weeks post surgery. My husband can only take 2 weeks off work. 
    We can't afford childcare even with the 50% rebate and all our family works. My mum is very unsupportive and told me to go back on the public wait list and wait 2 effing years. 
    Will super cover childcare costs if I get a written quote and letter from the surgeon? 
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